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    1. BTBAAAAAAAAAAAM!!, also known as "Between the buried and me". Its by far my most played band(233 hours in total in the past 11 months). The most amazing prog metal in exstince.
    2. Protest the hero, its more of a hybrid between prog post-hardcore and prog metal, but they are amazing.
    3. Heaven shall burn - Melodeath

    Hellscream - EU<Altoholic Anonymous>
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    Got too many to link, but these are my current top 3

    Blinded by fear by At the Gates (i live one block from the singer, best band EU)

    Somberlain by Dissection

    Hail murder by Dark Funeral

    as a bonus, heavy metal rudolph the rednosed raindeer


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    Tech Death time

    A one-man tech death band

    In my top albums released last year

    Thought this was pretty cool

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    Cant post links yet, but you should checkout www youtube com watch?v=iJ6aUPtMg0A

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duilliath View Post
    Same reason people find it easier to listen to Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir or Children of Boredom. The melodies are easy to follow, making it easier to latch on and from there develop onto more extreme sounds.
    I'm a couple days late to this discussion, but thought I'd throw in my two cents. I enjoy Melodeath because a lot of everything else sounds like wankery to me. Not everything, but a lot of it. So much of other genres is just seeing how fast they can riff, how fast they can drum, how loud they can play. I don't enjoy that. I enjoy melodies and structure and progression. A lot of the more so-called 'extreme' stuff is just noise to me, and while sure they might be talented and good at what they do, I don't enjoy noise for the sake of noise.

    So, I guess in that respect, maybe melodic death metal is more 'entry-level', but they can still crank out face-melting riffs while actually sounding musical, so I'm fine with that. :P

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    I'm really liking some of these songs that have been posted. I like threads like this, I often discover a new band to like and it gives me a chance to beef up my music collection. After i listen to more of the songs here I'll post a song or two as well.

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    That was the basic idea behind the thread, I think, Harry Botter

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    This page needs some hevy devy
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    Decided to post this, a fairly recent band and only new

    Another fairly good band with amazing potential in the future, it seems different and great.
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    Vorum - Carved In Dead Flesh

    Death/Grindcore, i don't really know/care about genres, close enough and so on.
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    My worthy discoveries of the week.

    Diskord - Doomscapes [sample]
    An album for people looking for some strange, unique technical death metal (not show-offy stuff) that still has a bit of that old school sound.

    Tyrant Trooper - Insane Sickness [sample]
    Nothing unique about this one, just straight, pure old school US DM with some pretty great catchy riffs.

    Dødsengel - Mirium Occultum [sample]
    Very solid black metal album; it's raw but still has great production. The song I linked above is 20 minutes long but despite it's length never gets boring, that's gotta say something. Recommended to any black metal fans out there.

    Rites of Thy Degringolade - An Ode to Sin [sample]
    I love the production of the drums on this one. Great death/black metal albums with a chaotic twist.

    Bongripper - Satan Worshiping Doom [sample]
    Instrumental doom metal, sounds boring but it isn't. Music you can lean back and enjoy while smoking a doobie.

    Thantifaxath - 2011 Demo [sample]
    Intense, riff based black metal from Canada. Great stuff considering it's their first demo. I like the fact that you can clearly hear the bass in their songs.

    Brocas Helm - Defender of the Crown [sample]
    This band has been around for sometime now (31 years to be exact) but this is the first time I've bothered to listen to any of their songs; I'm glad I did; this is cheesy, epic heavy metal at it's finest. Fans of the genre should check this out if they haven't already.

    Pretty good week, wouldn't you agree?
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    Is it just me or Black Metal bands don't make much use of solos in their songs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    Is it just me or Black Metal bands don't make much use of solos in their songs?
    Depends on the band really. Early black metal like Mayhem, Burzum or Necromantia occasionally used solos, but generally most bands don't. I think it's important to understand that black metal is a lot about atmosphere and that solos can often ruin or break it if used wrongly, so most bands avoid it.

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    That and a lot of the musicians simply weren't capable of doing solos.

    Not that that's saying a lot - quite a few Death / Thrash solos consist of nothing but whammy bar divebombing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    Is it just me or Black Metal bands don't make much use of solos in their songs?
    You're either new to Metal or you've been living in a cave mate, hehe. [no offence]

    You don't really see solos in the genre, it's actually one of the main things that help categorize it as BM.

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    Actually one of the resons I don't like Drudkh that much is because they do have solos (Bloon in Our Wells). It just seems wrong to have them in BM.
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    There is a band that i can never get enough of. This band is called Alexisonfire. Whenever i listen to this band memories of when i was younger and my high school years just come up. Such a strong nostalgic feeling from these guys. They broke up not too long ago (sadly). But their older stuff is genius. The clean vocalist ( singer of city and colour) has a voice that cures cancer :O.
    I strongly encourage anyone that hasn't listened to them before, to do so.

    Also the most epic intro i've ever heard in any type of metal song-

    Damn, i love this band.

    And all around most epic song ever.
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