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    [TV] Defiance Season 2

    So this friend says to watch this show on SyFy. He says don't watch the first season, just the second. Have to admit, I'm pleasantly surprised.

    It's a futuristic dystopian setting like Fallout 3. You can tell the show doesn't have much money but somehow or another they found some really good actors and writers. I mean it's not Mad Men or The Wire, but for this kind of show, it's done pretty well.

    Anybody else been watching this?

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    I'm not sure why he said not to watch the first season. It isn't any better or worse than the second.

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    Got bored pretty quickly during season one, think I lasted 5 or 6 episodes. Can't imagine I missed out on a lot.
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    I'm seriously surprised that this show is still on. The first season was kinda bad, the second season wasn't much better. They aliens are still weird and we don't really know much about them making the whole backstory weak -- I guess they explore it alittle now and then but it's only bits and pieces. It got a bit more interesting in the last four episodes, the end of the second season, that was shown in pairs. Could be intresting to see where it goes from where the season ended. But it's not something you watch for the awsome effects, acting or story line. For me it's a window show -- I play it in a nonfullscreen smaller window as I'm doing other things, that is sort of how much I care about it.

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    Yeah, I really dig the setting. I don't think the actors are particularly bad either... and while the writing isn't as absurdly bad as some scifi stuff around recently (here's looking at you NBC & WB), the story overall isn't as deep and meaningful as I was expecting. I was hoping for 'the next Firefly' (or at least Farscape), but the show isn't comparable to either.

    I watched the first season, and have kinda dragged my feet on the 2nd season.. like 1 or 2 episodes so far.

    I still love the setting... and the possibilities... i mean, future dystopia with political infighting and alien cultures to explore ? sounds great...

    its just the way its presented is repeatedly lacking.

    there was a time when I would have gone crazy over shows like this, but now... AMC has spoiled me.

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    didn't feel like making a thread for S3

    S3 E04:
    My gawd i hate that tommy's gf bitch, she can only look as far as her nose.
    hope someone kills her off soon

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    That was the lowest graphic effects I've ever seen in a TV series ( when the ark blew up)..every.single.frame... was so bad.

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