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    MW2, IWNet, and the players

    So, the problem with MW2 is this little thing they call IWNet. Having no dedicated servers isn't usually such a big issue, but this game makes it out to be. I'll go into it more at the end.

    If i manage to find a Domination game, it's one or more of the following;
    - Clans rolling Pubs
    - Laggy as Hell
    - Hosted by someone who's actually not got internet access

    However, i find the biggest problem is the players. Yes, the players. You see, if you're using any sort of unlock, you're a noob. For example, i tend to go ACR ACOG on long range maps since it allows me to have the precision of a sniper rifle, but the damage of an assault rifle. Combined with the scope and it's quite deadly. However, beating someone using a dedicated Sniper Rifle (i personally hate the sway you get on them) and you're instantly called a noob.

    In one of my other loadouts, i have an ACR Grenade Launcher. However, even if i pull off those 100+ yard kills with it, i'm instantly called a noob for killing someone using tactics and logic (i.e. launching one in their direction and strafing away rather than staying in full view of everyone). On the odd ocassion, i've done close range kills with it, but usually, it's only used for long range kills where recoil would majorly screw me over.

    I've been called a noob for putting down a claymore as i'm running away from someone pursuing me. I've been called a noob for calling in an AC130. I've even been called a noob for knifing someone.

    I've just been in a Domination match on Quarry. It was against a clan who basically came to roll pub players. Every time one of them died (i was personally using ACR-Heartbeat with Marathon, Lightweight and Ninja Pro and just going around knifing), they'd spout out "noob". At the end of the match, despite us losing, i see that all of them had more deaths than kills, while us, the pub players, were doing decently, yet didn't feel the need to even speak in chat to them.

    Is it me, or is the FPS community these days more caught up what they hate, than whether people actually use tactics and logic? I can appreciate there's some big no-no's when it comes to FPS', but really, if you use anything but a stick to kill someone with, you're called a noob by the person you killed.

    Moving on; Hackers. The bane of every gamer out there. I have seen so many "bullshit shots" in MW2 that it's getting to be the new CS. I've seen people randomly aiming at walls, getting kills, people randomly turning a full 180, and getting a headshot on the guy who's 50 yards away. I've personally seen one who's just got a headshot on the guy in front of him, and as i'm about to go in for the knife kill, he spins 180 to face me, and gets instant headshot, followed by killing another that was over 200 yards away less than 3 seconds later. I realise, there are people that have some major skill and know where their enemies will go based on patterns, but on something like Wasteland, there's no real patters out in the field between A and C.

    I do know there's a lot of places you can climb to in the game too and as such, haven't seen any noclipping (yet). However, the amount of people who are in prestige, and clearly wallhacking and aimbotting is beyond a joke. Because of this, i'm refusing to prestige, since without having something i feel comfortable with like the ACR, it'll just feel frustrating to do it again. I'm seeing people at rank 10 prestige level 70 (that's the coin with a "skull" over the top as the icon), who clearly didn't legitimately earn it. They're kinda unable to aim, and will even resort to "noobtubing". They've got these weapons, but don't know how to use them or what unlocks to use. I've even seen one camping the bunker near B on Afghan map, and just one-shotting anyone that comes round the corner, even resorting to 20 yard Nade kills and noobtubing. Rank 10 prestige and still using explosives at close range. I realise this is a little ironic in comparison to my post, but someone with that rank shouldn't be struggling that much that they need to resort to that. Even i have my standards.

    Now, i'm not great at FPS games. I will be open about that. But i don't feel the need to call people noobs for using valid, and often funny, tactics, or even resort to hacking and exploiting. I guess i use the logic of "If you call someone a noob, you're basically admitting you failed". Tha's basically what it is. They've basically said "i just got beaten by someone using a tactic i wasn't ready for". When it's a hacker, people tend to call it out as such, and i honestly don't try to say they're just really skilled because i know that there's a good portion of hackers in the game.

    Last point, IWNet. Oh boy. Lately, it's been taking me 7+ attempts to get into a game, because either "Could not migrate host", it's laggy as hell and times out while connecting, or it's basically clan rolling pub. It was fine for the first few months, but now i'm feeling more nad more time wasting away say waiting for a lobby or a game.

    What's everyone's thoughts on this? Am i imagining things, or are there so many non-MW2-in-game problems (e.g. IWNet, The Players, etc) that it's making the game go downhill fast?

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    I didn't find the MW2 community much different from any other FPS and indeed the internet in general. On CS if you use one of the useful sniper rifles, you've got a "noob stick", if you and your friends run around with HMGs your "HMG tards". Its the same on WoW with all paladins being "facerollers" and "flavour of the month" classes. Once the anonymity of the internet gets involved, people tend to be come asshats and will grab at any excuse when they lose. I have taken to muting anyone I don't know because they rarely have anything interesting or useful to say.

    I havn't played for about a month, but the hacking was never too bad, maybe its got worse and thats a real shame, for me cheating in any game has the initial "lol" factor which lasts about 5 minutes, followed swiftly by boredom. I genuinely don't understand why people do it.

    By far my biggest gripe with the game was the lack of dedicated servers. As you said taking several attempts to simply join a game, only to have it pause mid action to pick another host. The logic used to pick a new host is so flawed, apparently it works on CPU speed and doesn't take net speed into account. My brother was home over christmas and we we played together, he has a beast of a PC (some quad core monstrosity) but living out in the country we only have a 1Mbit connection. Every time a host dropped it would invariably pick my brother as the new host, 1Mbit is fine for playing as long as the connection is relatively clear, but you havn't got a hope in hell of hosting.

    Joining a game is a major hassle when you're grouped as well, sometimes it will take several attempts to find you a game then just give up and stick you in separate games, so you have to quit, regroup and have another go.

    I hope the developers recognise that the experiment has failed and go back to proper servers for future titles. Oh and add a longer single player, I enjoyed it but it was all over in a flash, even the Half Life 2 episodes seemed longer!

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    Yup, the hosting sucks. about 60% of the time you get "unable to connect to hot" or "server client timed out". It's a fun game, specially with other people, but the hosting just ruins it.

    Plus, can people stop renaming themselves mid-game? When you do, and you're the host, it automatically migrates <.<
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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    I haven't found the problem with servers to big, well since yesterday when Steam got updated and crashed the whole lobby serveral times. But maybe I'm just lucky or something.

    But what I feel is the usage of the word Noob and people shouting in the gamelobby. Like for instance theese 12 y.o. russian kids that screams and talk in the lobby. They never get an aswer and even midgame they use the textchat to speak whatever they like.

    But for my hope, MW1 had a cheating filter, hoping for a second. Because, like you say, there are some kills that are just bullshit.
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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    For me the biggest problem with IWnet is that it supports hacking. If they bypass the VAC security check they can roam around freely as you will end up on a different server every time. That way there's no real way to stop the hackers. Had a hacker yesterday with 105/5 in a domination game. If it would have been a dedicated server an admin could have banned him but as they creators of cod find it to hard to live with someone else making money off the game than them we have to live with it. I play PC btw, don't think it's that big of an issue on Xbox or PS3.
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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    Unfortunatley it is becoming a big issue on ps3 and x box.

    Aimbots are taking over. I was watching my killcams the other night and noticed i was getting killed by a guy the other end of the map on favela, all he did was hit L1 then R1, whenever he hit L1 the scope would come up ping to a target and then when he fired it killed me everytime, regardless of the 40 buildings in the way.

    also the thing i hate the most is people hacking scores to be at the top kills or top score or number 1 in the world, omg get a life people, i think infinity ward should remove all those scores.

    lag switching is back and bigger than ever, nearly every game i play on PSN has a lag switcher in it if i'm not hosting (50mb Connection btw)

    the problem is, is even a 5yr old now can tune into yourube and find out how to mod the ps3 or x box and then rofl stomp around with their aimbot on.

    WE need a way to report them and not just from Cod but PSN or Live, why bother plaaying it if it isn't your skill doing it. you may as well watch a movie that prompts you to press a button when some1 else is about to talk.

    however i would call you a noob for using a noobtube, WHY? clues in the nickname dude its called a noob tube cause you can land it a mile away from a guy and kill him.

    i dont care if i watch your kill cam and your playing well with any gun any loadout. if your resorting to hacks, then plainly dont buy the game if you aint gonna play it properly.

    i have gone back to cod 4, WHY? the M40 sniper rifle, the most fun you can have in an fps imo, and there are less cheaters on their now cause they have migrated to mw2.

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    The PC community warned this would happen.
    IWnet was a bad idea, no dedicated servers was a bad idea and now the whole game was a bad idea.
    This is what happens when a game studio forgets its fans who put them in a position to make such a great game and then piss all over them.

    Depending on what Treyarch does, the C.O.D series may be dead forever.

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    I've actually been called a "burst-fire noob" for using an M16 and a M93 Raffica. Like... really.

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    There are 2 things I hate about MW2 on the PC.

    1: Lag and lag switchers who claim they aren't doing it and they aren't the host (even though they are the only one with full signal bars).

    2: Snipers who are so obviously aimbotting/wallhacking, when you see the kill cam they are looking straight into a wall or TV monitor and they headshot you.
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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    banned 5 times and still counting

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    i haven't had so much troubles with the lag and stuff, and rofl the CoD series ain't dead because of IWnet,Treyarch is a shit producer and they nearly killed the series, and just by saying that the whole game is bad because of IWnet, well you're just following the stream of the endless hate bro. if you really sat down and had a few games with your pals you wouldnt be saying this. some days there's no lag at all. PC player here btw
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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    Sadly I have sat down and played a few games of MW:2 Loerk.
    I really wish I hadn't asthe game is a travesty to the Call of Duty series.

    IWnet in this case is the route of all evil.
    Treyarch's first stab with Call of Duty 3 sucked, it sucked majorly but World at War using the CoD 4 engine was quite good also.
    But I don't assume you play it.

    I say that Treyarch are the saviors of the series for one reason.
    They haven't betrayed the fans of the series in any way and instead still continue to give out FREE patches and such updating World at War instead of Infinity Ward and their DLC bullshit.

    Infinity Ward is dead in my eyes, long live Treyarch.

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    <--- M16 Iron Sights with Grenade Launcher. (I know, I'm crazy)

    FPS community's are never the best, only conversations I see in them is people calling each other noobs for using a legal game mechanic and "OMG VETO VETO VETO, damn noobs, you didn't veto, wtf".

    I have no complaints over the networking. It isn't perfect, but I am not in a clan or anything of the sort to care.

    The Gameplay is great. It's even better when you have a stinger on your back, I find getting killed by air support annoying as hell.

    I HATED the Model 1887. Because one, it had a long range for a shotgun. Two, 120 year old weapon in MODERN Warfare. For three, duel wielding it and shooting is a GREAT way to break your wrist. Just too damn unrealistic. But it was nurfed, and they went to Ranger Akimbo first day of nurf, so I'm happy.

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    Modern Warfail is apparently one of the most hacked and cracked games, if rumor is anything to go by.

    It was almost instantly hacked atleast, cheating went rampant, something they were trying to prevent by not having dedicated servers etc.

    Oh and this match-making stuff, blame that on the consoles. They want the stupid average Joe to not strain his mind by having to think.

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    i dont really like pc FPS because they are PACKED with hackers, on the 360 it isnt bad at all (there is no hackers, and IW fixed the infected lobby mod) only hackers are name changers or 10th prestige ext, which i really dont care about cause that meens there terrible and end up going 5-32, thank god there are no aimbots ext. a HUGE problem though is geting constantly spamed messaged about people doing 10th prestige lobbys for 1600 ms points or 3month cards, it gets really annoying.
    also i big feature i want is a MLG varient type lobby (u can google the rules), the biggest thing of it though is a mode without killstreaks.

    otherwise the game isnt that bad, its actually an amazing game, but needs some major improvements
    hahaha. no.

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    Quote Originally Posted by Lusei
    Sadly I have sat down and played a few games of MW:2 Loerk.
    I really wish I hadn't asthe game is a travesty to the Call of Duty series.

    IWnet in this case is the route of all evil.
    Treyarch's first stab with Call of Duty 3 sucked, it sucked majorly but World at War using the CoD 4 engine was quite good also.
    But I don't assume you play it.

    I say that Treyarch are the saviors of the series for one reason.
    They haven't betrayed the fans of the series in any way and instead still continue to give out FREE patches and such updating World at War instead of Infinity Ward and their DLC bullshit.

    Infinity Ward is dead in my eyes, long live Treyarch.
    I did play World at war single player, and the game was full of graphical flaws and glitches, And i know that im right about this because of some of the mediocre reviews it recieved lol the graphics was stale and the AI was really stupid and it wasn't even near MW1, MW2 is a really great game and it received GREAT reviews, And The Core every game in the world is cracked like one day after release or even some day before release and as for hacks, there is alot of hackers on every online FPS, there was hackers for BFBC2 after the first day to and there still is because they can just bypass punkbuster i guess
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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    Yep, quite alot of players are either retards or just can't play the game so call you a "noob" or likewise if they get killed. MW2 has definetly got to be the laggiest CoD I've played so far, the phrase "Looking for the best connection" really has no meaning in MW2. >

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    Quote Originally Posted by TartanArmy
    Yep, quite alot of players are either retards or just can't play the game so call you a "noob" or likewise if they get killed. MW2 has definetly got to be the laggiest CoD I've played so far, the phrase "Looking for the best connection" really has no meaning in MW2. >
    I have to agree, the matchmaking is very much based on luck. IWnet would work fine if everyone had a decent connection but sadly that's not the case in the motherland russian coalmine
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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    I have to say, the hacking has got worse these past few weeks. In the past 3 days, i've seen at least 7 VERY obvious hackers, and 10 or so "a little bit TOO good" players. The last match i went into (Domination, Underpass) had 1 of each. The first one was, well. You know the warehouse that's next to where C would be, where there's the Windows where all the snipers like to watch over A? Well, i went into there, from the carpark outside C, meaning i didn't have to pass the windows at all. I climbed up to the railing above and went onto one of the support beams/girdirs above in an attempt to catch anyone going past to C (ironically, we had no bases).

    Out of nowhere, i was shot dead. Looking on the killcam, it was someone near the stairs facing towards C. There's a little "hidden room" near there where you can see into C, but also up towards B (although you can't see B itself because of the flags). As you can imagine, there is NO WAY of seeing me where i was from that spot.

    The other one happened almost directly before. It was someone at the top of the stairs that face towards C. I was in the carpark behind C, hiding behind the door since i'd just spawned there. With an assault rifle (a SCAR-H IIRC), he was able to almost kill me off by "aiming randomly". Yeah, random for sure.

    The game finished and i moved on to the next lobby. Of course, it was a "clan rolling pub" type game, and constantly getting spammed by air support made me ragequit there and then.

    A few days ago, i got into one where i couldn't.... i couldn't believe what happened. An obvious hacker, REALLY obvious hacker, ended up getting a nuke. However, this isn't the main issue. The main issue is that he went 43-3 by the end. I killed him at around his 22nd kill, and again at around his 41th kill. Someone else killed him somewhere else in the match. See what the problem is? Despite not having any possible chance of having a killstreak longer than 22 kills, he still managed to get a nuke.

    I've never felt such hate for a game. When i get into a game that's good, it's awesome, really great fun. However, getting into a game with hackers... no, just... no.

    I've had some awesome games. I mean, sometimes, i'll go in, people are chatting, it's all pub players, we're all equally skilled, and there's no hackers. It's heaven. I went into one yesterday. After a shaky start of 0-3, i pulled ahead and got 27-3 by the end. Yes, i had a nuke in my killstreak. No, i didn't have hardline. FFFFFUUUUUU. However, even though i came so close to my first nuke, i felt happy i wasn't against hackers or a clan that just came to roll pubs and then complain about being killed. Inevitably, the lobby soon got corrupted when a player left and a hacker joined.

    VAC is one of the worst pieces of sh*t to ever meet a game like MW2. Delayed bans do not work. Since they keep developing new code, and VAC only uses full signatures, it means they can simply trade this code for a new key and be on their way again once they get banned the first time.

    No dedicated servers is ridiculous, and to be fair, i'm hoping that one day, one of these code-monkeys does something good and makes a patch that allows dedicated servers. I'd be happy if it bypassed VAC for this purpose since the end result is that we can go to moderated games where hackers can not prosper for long. It's apparent IW don't care about it. I'm just hoping that someone we'd usually consider to be the scum of gaming does actually care enough to make a patch for it to allow dedicated servers.

    Most of my guildies are playing BFBC2 for now. Heh, after playing the Single Players, it's fairly obvious that the handling on it's so weird to me. It's just a little bit different, but enough to put me off. As such, i can't even convince them to come back and have a few private matches.

    Actually, to be honest, we need to get some of the MMO-C users together for a few private matches. See, my theory is that it'll be a lotta fun if there's no hackers and i dare say, there'll be very few players who are out in areas with crappy internet like Afghanistan and such (yes, i know US - UK connections aren't always great, but they're not terrible either).

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    Re: MW2, IWNet, and the players

    Playing MW 2 for over 3 weeks now, and i can say, i like the feeling of the game / the graphics etc.
    Basicly everything, but as stated above, the hosting isnt what it should be. i mean, for a game played this much dedicated servers would do very well.

    Its annoying to join a game, waiting till it starts and get: unable to connect to host.
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