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    Looking for Recruit for RAF.

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a RAF partner to level a few toons with.

    Server - Moonguard (RP) US

    What I will Provide:
    - ALL costs on ALL toons from 1-80.
    - Game time for 2 months.
    - Level 25 guild.

    What you will need to provide:
    - Dedication to leveling a number of toons.
    - An account upgraded up to WOTLK.

    If you are interested send me a PM.


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    I'm looking to Recruit-A-Friend so i can obtain the new RAF mount!

    Server - Zuluhed (PVP) US

    I will supply you with unlimited enchants, bags, and mounts for leveling and 397 epics for when you hit 85. I also have *ALL* the mats to max alchemy 1-525 so you can start right off the bat with a profitable profession. You will be apart of a top lvl 25 guild that clears HM DS in a day once a week! Nice perks for faster leveling and you will have no needs. I'm willing to help level on another server if that is your wish. Once i receive the mount i will pay for fast flying for you and a handsome amount of gold to help with anything you want.
    If your interested PM me
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    My husband and I are looking for TWO PEOPLE (or the same person twice, if you want) to buy the entire game (Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm expansions) +two months or more game time after we send the recruit-a-friend invite to your mail.

    After the delivery of our recruit a friend mount from Blizzard, and as your newly recruited friend, we're paying for your mounts and mount training expenses, gifting you the netherweave bags your new character will need, and helping you with your spell training costs and gear decisions. (and of course leveling new characters with you!)

    Don't worry, we won't just ditch you. If you need any kind of help as a new player to WoW just ask! We've all had to start somewhere and we'll be more than happy to aid you on your new journey so you get the best new experience possible. We're on a highly populated and great US server, so the action never dies, too!

    As an added bonus, we're being even better new friends by buying you your epic flying when you hit level 70! After all, what are friends for?

    One last thing not related to the above post.

    People who are looking for a nice instant level 80 character on an old or dead account, we're looking for someone who is interested in a scroll of resurrection as well, just ask and we'll gladly deliver!

    If you think you qualify or you're interested feel free to post here or send a PM! (preferred). Questions are fine if you're not sure about something, just ask.


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    Looking to "Recruit a Friend" on the US server Thrall Horde side. Thrall is an EST PvE high population server in the top 40 of all servers.

    You provide:

    - You pay for your own WoW account
    - Buy 2 months game time immediately

    I provide:

    - A spot in our top level guild (for all your characters on the server), very active, social guild, all perks/rewards unlocked, 6 raid groups (highest is 8/8H), rated battleground groups
    - (maybe eventually a raid spot in one of our raid groups)
    - Guild Ventrilo
    - Guild repairs
    - Plenty of time to level with you or boost you
    - Experience. Been playing since BC. You do not need experience, I can show you everything
    - Enough gold for all riding skills and bags on one character and other expenses that might come up

    You can either play with me (I have a lot of experience) or if you just want the perks I mentioned above that I provide that is ok too. I have a lot of time if you wish to play with me. But once MoP hits I will be focusing on my main.

    A bit about me. I am 28 years old, female, and the leader of a successful all around guild. I am currently job less >.< so I have a lot of time to spend with you. I have a working headset and we can use our guild ventrilo to talk, but I might be a bit shy at the beginning :P

    Please E-mail me carryleagan at hotmail dot com

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    Im still looking for a RAF so i can recieve the obsidian nightwing mount,i dont offer 50k gold or a high end raiding guild like all the others on here are,i offer my time and trust,i own a level 1 guild on Bronze Dragonflight EU but i have multiple alts on 3 other realms if you wish to change,be it alliance or horde.

    It may not be a fantastic offer but if your that greedy to want 50k and a level 25 raiding guild then i dont really want you with me because there is no fun in being bought it makes the game 99% easier and thats not how i play,at least im honest....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindlessMelon View Post
    Looking to recruit someone on Darkmoon Faire - EU.

    You provide:
    CD keys
    Time Card

    I'll give you:
    Bags upon character creation and 1000g for training.
    Good knowledge about the game as we adventure through
    Tips for the character you are playing (I have played every class and have 5 level 85s)
    Social status in a level 25 guild so you can have all the perks

    If you use a time card so that I get the mount immediately, then I'll also give you 10k gold. If you don't want to use a timecard, then I'll give you all of the accumulated gold as soon as I receive the mount (happens when you pay for the second month).

    I have finished school for the summer, so I have quite a bit of time to play. I do raid on some nights, so we would be playing during the daytime and/or after my raids, depending if you're a late night person or not.

    Send me a pm here
    ther Thanks for reading, looking forward to leveling with you
    Still looking

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    Quote Originally Posted by HalseyUS View Post
    Looking for Recruit for "Recruit a Friend"!

    Server - Mannoroth US (Primarily)

    What's up everyone
    So with MoP around the corner I am looking to get Two characters up to 85 with professions to be my support characters for my main, So Tonight (Or whenever it is for you depending on when your reading this) I'm looking for a person to recruit to achieve this goal!

    What YOU Provide!
    1.) Game-Time (At least 1 Month / 2 Month's If your actually wanting to get into the game)
    2.) Game-Keys (BattleChest - 20 Dollars + Wrath (20 Dollars)
    *Note* - You only need to get what I posted since it goes up to level 80 with RaF BUT If you want the full game experience you will need to buy Cataclysm (40 Dollars)
    3.) A player that is willing to put in a good amount of time to achieve Both of our Character Leveling Goals

    What I Provide!
    1.) Veteran Player (Playing since 2004) to Help and Teach you along the way (If needed)
    2.) Level 25 Guild perks! (You don't need to stay after the RAF is over, But I'm sure you could until you want to get raiding with another guild or just stay a casual / Friend
    3.) Gold Costs (Glyphs / Training / Start-Off Gold / Mounts / Mount Training / etc...)
    4.) 10k Gold once my Character Leveling Goals are completed (IF you decide to stay on my server)
    5.) After my Personal Character Leveling Goals are completed... I will level one more character on the Server / Faction of YOUR Choice (If you want to)

    Thanks for Reading!

    If you are interested PM me via MMO-Champion PM OR email me at bnovakowski94@gmail.com
    Morning Bump!

    Halsey - Semi Retired | US[/URL] | Signature made by i4ni

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    Proudmoore alliance, i play 10+ hours a day can supply you with mounts/bags/ and a 25 guild that does rbgs and raids and anything in between. I am offering 15k gold when I get the mount. Am interested in lvling as many toons to 80 as possible also want to lvl a few horde toons on Illidan. You have to provide your own keys and game time and ill provide the time/gold.

    Please PM me if interested.

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    Looking to RaF US Mal'ganis.
    For RaF I will provide:
    20k (When I get my mount)
    Level 23 guild perks

    You provide:
    Game Keys

    Available Weds/Thurs/Sat from around 1AM EST til 8AM EST
    I only ask that we level one character to 80. If you want to level more, I'd gladly do so.

    Shoot me a PM, or message me on Skype (cantfocus)
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    *bro fist*
    Main - My Youtube Channel - Useful PvP Items - Hunter Pet Spreadsheet - Music and Stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavlet View Post

    Will be Leveling atleast 2-3 80s on Twisting Nether Horde side.

    Twisting Nether is one of the best Horde Populated realms and home to many top guilds such as Method and Quantum.

    You Provide:
    - Battle Chest.
    - 2 Months of Game Time straight away.
    - Experience in the game.
    - Plenty of free time to level up.

    I Provide:
    - Top level Guild.
    - Fast leveling experience (Can have an 80 in 2 days).
    - WRATH AND CATACLYSM KEYS. (These will be provided after our first level 70 is done so i know you are serious)
    - Endless gold for whatever you need.

    PM me on here or add me on Skype at "vishal.shah1305".
    Still looking.

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    Looking to ressurect someone[EU]! Can be done on any server/faction of your choice, but if done on my realm i will give you 10,000gold once i recive the mount PM with your email and what server you want it on!

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    im looking for a raf partner i will recruit u and i will lvl as many toons as u want i will pay for in game expenses gear and what not i play almost everyday and am on most of the day i play on kt and illidan and i am open to lvl on other realms also

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    Scroll of Resurrection SOR available. I'm on Horde US-Hyjal. PM me your email address for invite.

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    I can SoR or RaF if anyone wants to be recruited im on US my realms are; alliance realm-blackhand horde realm- illidan. I have gold and can pay for your armor, abilities, and mount, i know what im doing and i have 3 85's, i can help you out with everything, PM me or reply to me if you want to be recruited

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffaloBill View Post
    I, as well as everyone else posting on here, am looking to recruit a friend. US server on Frostmane. If you are a new player or even just wanting to start fresh i would be more than happy to help your out. let me know.

    Will also do SoR

    PM me here

    Still looking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulverize View Post
    Looking to recruit you on Horde side Illidan-US!

    What your provide:
    -2 months of paid time
    -Expansions up to Cataclysm
    -At least one character to 60

    What I provide:
    -Experience in RaF and leveling
    -Unlimited availability
    -As many characters as desired
    -A pleasant leveling experience
    -4x 16 slot bags
    -1k gold per character leveled to 60
    Still looking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by S@thi View Post
    I'm looking for a RAF partner to level with me on my home-realm
    My main(s) and alts are alll playing on the same realm Earthen Ring (EU) which is in dire need of fresh blood.
    I'm planning to roll a monk alt @ some point in MoP currently my lowest character is 71.

    Come to the dark side (horde) we have cookies!

    What I offer you is:

    * 20 slot bags x 4 for all your chars on my realm.
    * 1 month subscription fee (I will give this to you when you reach lvl 80*)
    * 1 pet store pet (your choice or another month subscription, same rule applies as the above*)
    * spot in our guild (maybe eventually a raiding spot) a fun, social and casual environment.
    * I will boost / help out whenever I can
    * All my professions will be @ your service.

    I'm online most of the time due to health issues.
    If you want to know anything else just let me know via PM.

    edit 1:When MoP hit's Azeroth I plan to level my farmer first and then my mains.
    After that I plan to roll my monk.

    I have a second account with open character slots.. so if you want to level with me we can do that too.
    I prefer to play either a healing or a ranged DPS role. ( I suck @ melee :P )

    ** If you don't want the free month(s) i'm offering i'm also willing to pay for you the battle chest + either a pet or 1 month when you reach level 80!**
    Spot given to Dakz.
    I'll keep the ad open for future recruits.

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    i am looking for a raf partner im on everyday and ive done this multiple times so ik whats the fastest to lvl i will pay for ur in game expenses
    REALM: illidan horde/kel ' thuzad alliance
    i am open to lvl as many 80s as u want

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    hey, looking for a RAF/SOR partner, willing to help level up your characters, and pay for mounts, training, etc.
    sent a message if u are interested =]

    eu-realm =]
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