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    ArmoryBot: A discord bot to use data from Armory,WarcraftLogs and WoWProgress

    Hello, I've been working on a discord bot on my free time. It is currently usable and working and you can see it here: Home server of the bot to test.
    Current Features
    • !ar help To get the syntax guide and features in discord.
    • Get a summary of a character armory with !ar character
    • Get a guilds ranking info with !ar guildrank
    • Get the WarcraftLogs page of a boss with !ar ranks (Doesn't have to be exact, it links the boss with closest name so !ar ranks botanik will link to High Botanist's page)
    • When a WarcraftLogs report is linked to discord it will give a brief summary about the log.
    • When an Armory page is linked to discord it will give a brief summary about the character.
    • And most importantly !ar feedback command to give feedback and suggestions so I can add wanted features to the bot.

    Please keep in mind it is still early in the development and I plan to support and improve on it as long as people use it. Reddit Link
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    Hi Tuvan, You have an awesome bot my guild would like to use, I added the bot to my server but the Bot's not there can you walk me through how I can get this working?please and ty!

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