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    Lightbulb Another Class idea: Tinkerer

    I know there are many of these ideas and dreams about new classes and you don't have to read it.
    But if you would like here is my view. :)

    The Tinkerer

    Armor type : Mail armor, agility & intellect
    Resource : Phlogiston Gas
    Extra Skill: : "Tinker" Turn a ranged weapon (gun,bow or crossbow into a Pistol (new weapon type) retaining the secondary stats.
    Usable Weapons : Engineered Custom Pistols, offhand items, (intellect) shield
    Downside (minor) : Engineering is locked as a profession

    Specs: Steamwarrior, Gunner, Combat Medic

    Heavily focuses on protecting the party and distracting the enemy with a Phlogiston-powered armor-suit, self-improvement inventions, a flamethrower, and many other useful inventions.

    Example skills:
    - Phlogiston-powered armor-suit* (tanking stance)
    - Saw blade Slash
    - Rocket Blast
    - Tractor Beam
    - Personal Force-field
    - Deploy: Laser Beam

    Mastery: Self-Repair, each time you prevent damage with 'Deploy: Force-field', you gain X% of the amount instantly healed. Also increases your attack power by 8%.

    * Armor changes with chosen race, (similar to the druid bear-form).

    A gunner that uses dual-wield pistols, grenades, flame-turrets and crawler-mines to deal heavy damage to their enemies. And many other combat ready useful inventions.

    Example skills:
    - Blazing Barrage
    - Piercing Shot
    - Stun Grenade
    - Explosive Grenade
    - Deploy: Flame Turrets
    - Deploy: Crawler Mines
    - Rocket Jump

    Mastery: When you damage enemies with your Blazing Barrage, excessive gas is captured in an empty container.
    Up to three gas-containers can be stored. Using a grenade skill will trigger all the containers and amplify the thrown grenade effect by X%.

    Combat Medic:
    A healer type spec, that uses most all inventions to prevent damage with force-fields and restore life with Healing shots, group healing by throwing down some Holy Light Grenades.

    Example skills:
    - Healing shot
    - Holy Light Grenade
    - Deploy: Potion injector turret
    - Force-field
    - Deploy: Time distortion device

    Mastery: Nanobots, these little machines increase your healing by x% and your healing skills and some inventions trigger a Nanobot effect on the target.
    Healing an additional X% over # seconds. Any over-healing creates a force-field on the ground that lasts for # seconds.

    Comment if you feel like it and thanks for reading!

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    Sounds like existing spells/effects/roles with a different skin
    "This is no swaggering askari, no Idi Amin Dada, heavyweight boxing champion of the King's African Rifles, nor some wide shouldered, medal-strewn Nigerian general. This is an altogether more dangerous dictator - an intellectual, a spitefull African Robespierre who has outlasted them all." - The Fear: Robert Mugabe and the martyrdom of Zimbabwe, Peter Godwin.

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    A tinker class concept?

    We're getting into new and uncharted territory now.

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    Goodie, we get to see another thread on this until it finally dies its deserved death. Couldn't you at least necro the old thread? Now everyone will feel the need to re-iterate what they said before about tinkerers and then the demon hunters will have to have thier say, and on and on. Thankfully christmas vacation starts today and I won't be looking at these threads for two weeks.

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    If they added a tinker class and didn't include a draenei magitech spec I'd be disappointed.

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    Roll engineering and just imagine you're a tinker with 5% uptime. :P
    In all seriousness...
    I like the prospect, but it's the most dead of horses(to me personally), ruined by people shoving it in my face with their hardcore steampunk fetish.
    However, I have read it and respect your opinion. I also appreciate your willingness to spend time planning this, thinking about something that you love and having fun with it, something that most of us don't do.

    Whatever the next class may be, do you believe that is has to be heal/dps/tank like the monk just for the sake of role equality(which is admittedly important)?

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    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO.

    Actually serious answer? Dumb idea.. It's a class revolving around being a gnome/goblin engineer, nothing more.

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    This is absolutely a new concept and very exciting to see.

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    The 'Tinker' seems to be a all-to-common additional class being added to MMO's recently...
    Just to name a few...
    Aion: Gunslinger (Pistol / Aethercannon)
    A Realm Reborn: Machinist (Pistol / Steam-punk shotgun)
    Guild Wars 2: Engineer (Pistol, Flamethrower, Grenade Belt, Traps, etc)
    Vindictus: Kai (Some weird Machine Automatic Crossbow, I think?)

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    I want to play a Warrioror.

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    As un-unique as the idea is, I can actually get behind a Tinker class. There's a big difference than a few toys you can make with Engineering and a full Tinker class. It would functionally completely differently both in terms of flavour/lore and gameplay. And a Draenei and/or magitech spec would be awesome.
    Disclaimer: No I'm not Alliance. I reserve the right to bat for both factions thank you very much.

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    Well, FFXIV just let us take a peek at the Machinist, it's a ranged DPS class with gadgets and guns. I'm seriously rerolling for Heavensward so I would reroll in WoW is something like this came out. The idea is not new but it's popular and I've always liked the concept.

    Big thanks to Shyama for the sig <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumbasta View Post
    Sounds like existing spells/effects/roles with a different skin
    almost like most other classes out there.
    Quote Originally Posted by inboundpaper View Post
    The short answer is nope, the long answer is noooooooooooooooope.

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    Nice try Teriz.

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    I think it's a cool idea.

    Screw the haters.

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    This class idea is not going to happen. All of its concept is already wrapped and folded inside the Engineering profession in the game.

    Also: countdown initiated...

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    Good Job, Teriz.

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    Give me a chemist class like professor putricide.

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