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    Question How old is your guild?

    How old is your guild?

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    Fluffy Kitten Gehco's Avatar
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    Well, the core and belief of my guild (RP guild, that is) is about 10 years old. As for my raiding guild, unsure. I met them through a friend and then did cross realm raiding in through Mists of Pandaria till I leveled a character on their server.
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    My guild started somewhere around WotlK Naxx. We had some rebuilds on another server... and nearly everyone from the old days left... but some remain.

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    The Patient
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    Denver, CO
    my guild will be 9yrs as of Dec 7th 2015. Been running it since it was created-- love all my guildies, past and present
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    The Patient
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    Aug 2007
    very very very old.

    the first one is my first guild ever. with the rogue i am still in it. but the guild itself is pretty dead, only two/three active players, including me^^.

    the second guild is my "real" one, i raided with then during tbc to cata. then i turned into a filthy casual. they are on mannoroth(m) atm

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    incarnate around since KT 40. So pretty old and legit.

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    I guess it kinda depends, the guild has existed for a while now but essentially became a different guild at a certain point and there's been so much turn over etc over the years that if you were someone from say... 5+ years ago you wouldn't recognize it as the same guild.
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    Almost 9 years now. But there are only 3 people left of the original crew.

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    founded somewhere late 2009, making us the oldest high-level pvp guild in Europe
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    My guild disbanded at the end of Cataclysm, but until that point, it was the longest-standing guild on my server and had been around since early Classic WoW. I believe that put it around 8 years old.
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    More than 10 years. It was founded shortly after the EU release in february 2005. I got to it at level 60 during the Easter holidays in 2005.

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    Epic! Aori's Avatar
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    All of mine died in the Cataclysm.

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    My guild these days is my alt guild which I created in January 2008

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    I am currently guildless. I hope to find a good guild when the expansion comes out.

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    Its older than Time.
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