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    How does bad luck protection works when you have maxed spec legendaries ?

    So, say i have maxed frost legendaries.
    I switched to unholy to luckily get of the good ones and i don't need anything there anymore, just waiting for 7.2.5 for the new legendary ring (which is non spec specific).
    What happens if i'll keep loot spec as frost ? Do i still accumulate blp or since i can't technically get legendaries at all, there should't be blp to begin with ?

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    I doubt anyone can answer this question because no official numbers or explanation of the bad luck protection have ever been released. The only things we know are estimations from the data available.

    So with that in mind, no one has ever reached max legendaries on a spec and then been able to get another legendary for that spec so far... so there's no data to work with.
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    I wish Blizzard would clarify this.

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    I'm pretty sure you still get blp, and the legendary you will get is going to a random legendary that you don't currently own.

    I don't have a source on this, but I do remember seeing this mentioned somewhere, either in a blue post or one of those Q&As.

    Edit: Actually, after some digging, I found that currently on 7.2, you will NOT get any legendary after you got em all. In 7.2.5 you will get a random legendary you don't own. Still, no source, so take it as you will.
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