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    Wink But first, let me take a...


    But seriously, when I saw this, I remember why I prefer World of Warcraft over other MMO's.
    While other MMO's have this serious, dark, epic gameplay, WoW has the best sense of humor, while also keeping a rather serious tone.
    They want Kung-fu Pandas? Boom. New continent full of them.
    They want to make you go around throwing flags in piles of shit? Already done.
    They want to give you the ability to take a Selfie in-game? LET'S JUST THROW THAT IN WITH THE JUKEBOX PATCH.

    Sometimes, Blizz just doesn't care and just puts fun little things in-game because WoW isn't supposed to be a serious story like Game of Thrones, Elder Scrolls or what have you, it's just supposed to be a fun game, with a wide open world you can do literally anything you want in it, be able to take it as seriously or not as you want, and still have fun.
    Blizz panders to neither serious or casual, because they're some kind of strange combination of both. Caserioual. ...Alright, need to work on the name a bit more.

    *Rant over* Anyway, back on topic, what do you guys think of the S.E.L.F.I.E Camera?

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    Seriual is the word you were looking for.

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    I bet the selfie camera will let u snap pictures and upload them with the twitter UI function. You can guarantee that

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    I love it. I can't wait to get one. I'm hoping it'll allow me to take more close up shots of my chars without having them go all transparent like currently happens when you zoom in too far.
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    The pictures in the comment section made me LOL so hard

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    i wept for the downfall of humanity

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    We downfalled a long time ago.

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    I wanna kill myself holy shit

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    Heh taking the World of Warcraft srsly.

    I take raiding seriously but when it comes to the lore vs joke stuff, I know where my loyalties lie. In the 'lol this world is silly' - Camp.
    Quote Originally Posted by savutitus View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekrotix View Post
    WoW has the best sense of humor
    Luckily tastes are different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tublerone View Post
    I wanna kill myself holy shit
    You realized how much you are overreacting? No one is forcing you to take selfies, it's an added toy to the toy box to have some fun with. If optional toys make you want to kill yourself, I bet you wouldn't survive long in the real world.

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    I think it's goddamn hilarious and everyone who doesn't is a hipster killjoy who isn't fun at parties and doesn't get laid.
    If we aren't supposed to drink and drive, why do bars have parking lots?
    Where do they get the seeds to grow seedless watermelons?
    Why is a red light called a stop light but a green light not called a go light?
    Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?

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    It's prolly integrated with the Twitter thing..
    Why can’t a bike stand on its own? It’s two tired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tublerone View Post
    I wanna kill myself holy shit
    this. wow encouraging schizophrenia

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    an item to represent how retarded and egotistical the current generation is

    sure, why not

    at least it makes identifying the kids whats next, npcs telling me to check my cis privilege or other tumblr nonsense?

    where is the "I need feminism because..." npc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dredglol View Post
    this. wow encouraging schizophrenia
    I am unsure schizophrenia is the word you are looking for :P

    I think its crazy silly and I probably wont use it, but I laughed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tublerone View Post
    i wanna kill myself holy shit
    jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!

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    maybe they put this in as more incentive to play on pvp servers

    if people taking selfies doesnt make you want to gank someone, what will

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holyyoloswag View Post
    You realized how much you are overreacting? No one is forcing you to take selfies, it's an added toy to the toy box to have some fun with. If optional toys make you want to kill yourself, I bet you wouldn't survive long in the real world.
    If the "real world" is about taking a stupid ass picture of yourself then id really shoot myself. Because fuck that.

    I play WoW not only because its fun, but it also takes me into a fantasy world. Theres a reason I love Ulduar so much, becuase its a mystic place with Titans and an old god.

    But let me tell you something.

    I'm born without Internet, I don't use Facebook or Twitter or all that garbage that people seem to be absorbed in. I prefer other sites, all this "meme" shit on sites like 9shit and reddit is for me old. People are literally forcing "epicness" for the attention and "approval" of others. That is absolutley disgusting. And sad.

    I see children that are like 10 year old and have smartphones, use facebooks, call each other words that I didn't knew until I was a teenager. They dress like theyre 16 and try to diehard copy young adults because they insecure about thier identity. I work as salesman and I had once a costumer and his son, not older than 7, used heavy swearwords because he was bored waiting for his dad that I showed some goods. His father probably didnt hear it, but he owned a smartphone and his father bought him some Bang & Olufsen earphones so he could watch cartoons on his iphone. This is just how spoiled this generation is.

    Now what has this to do with this stupid ass game?

    Because it just shows me where the minds and developement goes of Blizzard. They want to pander tho those people not even indirectly, they literally called it "SELFIE Camera". I dont want "the actual world" shit in a fantasy game. It just confirms me how terrible Blizzard actually is doing. And I fucking hate it. If I'd be employed there id slap the shit outta that guy that was thinking thats a good idea and everyone that agrees with it. But i'm not, which im pretty happy about. Maybe 10 years ago, hell fucking yes working at Blizzard would be the most amazing shit EVER. But now? I pity those people.

    Hearthstone, Diablo3, Heroes of the Storm. Those are not games by Blizzard standards. And I understand more and more why with shit like this.

    I'm glad, my friends are not like that and I'm hoping this shit will fad and die off.

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    Seems like something that should have been in Wildstar instead of WoW imo!

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