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    Blood Guard Taisha

    Name: Taisha

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female Troll

    Class: Shaman

    Taisha has the temperament of a volcano. Through long periods she can be silent, subtle and understanding, however under the surface a looming fire awaits all that would trespass her personal space. Taisha is generally fast at judging people, and wouldn't ever stand down for a good fight! The few that actually know Taisha, know her for dedication and devotion. This burning devotion is also known by her enemies, as she will stop at nothing to get back on them.

    Taisha enjoys spending time with people of knowledge and power. People that can teach her how to increase her talent.
    In general she dislikes being interrupted, be it anything. Even interrupting her line of thought can be fatal for the interloper.

    During the skirmishes at Ashenvale, Taisha was under direct command of Grommash Hellscream. Cutting through the woods of Ashenvale, and dispersing the Nightelven forces, she rose through the ranks of the Horde. Not long before the discovery of Demonic Blood, she was sent as the leading guardsman, of the Caravan destined to meet up with Thrall. Giving reports of the unruly Nightelves, and the possible encounter with the Demi God Cenarius, Thrall joined the Caravan as they turned around. Taisha herself disbanded the quest. Instead, she tended to the matters of the Horde, helping rebuild Orgrimmar. It was during the Ashenvale campaign things had started to change. That is also why she did not go with the caravan back.

    Taisha had originally sworn her mind, soul and body to the elements, letting them use her as their medium. For many years she was subtle as the wind, one with the earth, sworn through fire, and calm like the ocean. However, deep inside her very core, a lust for power started to decieve her senses. Taisha has become a torn personality, between lusting for power, and lusting for salvation. The powers that have been luring her closer, was Fel Energy, excatly like the Warlocks.

    Every day, she is fighting to remain the balance, seeking the aid of the elements to guide her path. Currently she is assisting Vol'jin, and the remainders of the Darkspear Tribe to reclaim their isles. The question remains, will she remain friend, or turn into foe?

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    Re: Blood Guard Taisha

    bah i need to edit the "guide"... need to put down the race....

    Is this character an orc or troll? From the fact that she was under Hellscream, I'd think she's an orc, but from the point that she's now serving Vol'jin makes me think she's a troll.

    Other than that little anomaly, I find this character to be nice. She seems brutal, honorable, and straight to the point.

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    Re: Blood Guard Taisha

    Oh, forgot to add Troll after Female

    My bad! Seems like I forget things too often, plus I am new at this

    Fixed! Hoping you'll like her : ))

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    Re: Blood Guard Taisha

    Quote Originally Posted by Taisha
    Oh, forgot to add Troll after Female

    My bad! Seems like I forget things too often, plus I am new at this

    Fixed! Hoping you'll like her : ))
    haha its quite all right, we were all new at one point.

    Yeah I think she's a pretty good design. We'll have to wait and see how you RP as her in the topics to come.

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    Re: Blood Guard Taisha

    Quote Originally Posted by Taisha
    Once I can enter o0
    yeeeah my bad forgot that you cannot post in there till you're an official roleplayer... well this character looks fine to me, just wait for a mod/admin to promote you.

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