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    < dual weild gnomes inc > i lold very hard

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    the BEST one has to be

    <Haala at your Naga>

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    <My Brother is Fat IRL>....horde on Hydraxis.....LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zamph View Post
    <Must Farm or Famiry Die>
    Best name I've seen in the entire topic.


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    Back in bc when people were just starting ssc and tk on illidan we had a guild named <lincoln wiped on opera>

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    Couple funny ones that I have seen on Mal'Ganis
    <Got Cancer Need Epics>
    <And All the Cute Boys>

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    <Dsylxeic> made me lol the first time I saw it.
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    soooooo why are people posting guilds with numbers and symbols?

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    <meep meep ima jeep>

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    <i hope this name will fi>
    Milk was a bad choice.

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    My most favorite LK guild name I ever saw:

    <Blah blah blah Malgalnis>

    It's so "...something something something the force... something something something dark side."

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    I dont know if it's been said or not. But back in vanilla we had a guild on my server called <Cardboard Tube Samurai> I know its taken from a comic, but I just laugh everytime I see it.

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    <Exalted with your GF>
    <Team Wtf>

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    omGAWD. I should have read some of the thread before I posted.

    This is 34 pages of even more evidence that the wow community is terrible for so many reasons. Mostly it's the blatant lack of taste for funny things that's most offensive.

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    <Hate Plow> - I loved these guys from vanilla, they were top ofthe top with naxxramas, and were always getting asked how to join so they would direct people to (theguildsname).com lolol - don't recommend visiting the site, btw. Its contents can't be unseen.

    <Lordaeron Philharmonic> is a recent one I enjoyed seeing, super classy.
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    Can I give you +1k internetz, Chokaa?

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    Hordecore Pwnography
    Mom stop interupting me
    Sorry im black
    We wiped cos lagg
    BRB wife escaped from me
    Hodir dont even try that
    The wifeslayer
    CC my wife or wipe
    Take it and leave it
    Save dragons stop Pve
    I saw your mom at AH
    Dont stop make it pop
    A Gnome Stole my Dignity
    Less QQ More PewPew
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthDonut View Post
    <We Were not Repaired>
    A winner is you, good sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irgoodatstuff View Post
    Fucking win
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    You do know what islands in the ocean do right?
    They float
    true story

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