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    Hrmm, well, I just hope it does not mess it up. I don't watch too many series anymore and would love for this to continue. Please don't let that be a bad move.
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    Another article talking about the whole writers thing - this one makes it sound like he hasn't fired everyone. I don't really know much about how TV shows are made, hard to tell what to make of all this.


    So I was a huge Lost fan, and couldn't help but notice some similarities in the last episode: Drunken, suicidal man trapped by himself in a hopeless situation, throwing liqueur bottles around.

    Desperate survivors outside, beating on the door based on blind faith alone, hoping for some form of answers to be inside - then a bright light shoots out from the building (hatch.)

    Not that it's a bad thing, I loved the scene
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    I have read the first Omnibus and i'll be honest, I was addicted to it, I have been wanting to watch the television adaptation but just havn't had the time to.

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    My friends made me watch this show, I love it.

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    So what do you think the CDC guy whispered into Ricks ear?

    I'm guessing that someone in their group is infected, and he didn't want to make a huge fuss about it since they were all about to die anyways.

    Wish next season wasn't a year away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samalas View Post
    So what do you think the CDC guy whispered into Ricks ear?

    I'm guessing that someone in their group is infected, and he didn't want to make a huge fuss about it since they were all about to die anyways.

    Wish next season wasn't a year away.

    Either that, or his wife is pregnant by his friend, or the location of another safe place. One of the three is my guess.

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    I was thinking another safe place myself. Or a place where lots of guns and ammo are.
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    I thought previous episode was the last one of the season! I was wrong! Watching last night's one now!

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    now I am just bummed gotta wait almost a year for next season. heh. But lastnights episode was pretty good. It's refreshing that there are not always zombies in every scene, I am not too much on dramas, but Walking Dead has me hooked.

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    Last episode was real good. Though the show is most known for its great special effects, but that last explosion scene looked so fake. All the gun and zombie scenes look great though.

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    Explosion was horrid, but good for a low budget show already spending so much on having dead bodies everywhere. Episode itself was great, can't wait for the next season!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    the location of another safe place.
    Mabey they'll follow the Safe behind Bars through to Fear the hunters faithfully? Who knows.

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    ZOMG I want season two NOW

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    Totally loved this Series, pitty the series was only 6 episodes long

    I love me some zombies

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    I read the comics, the show changed a lot in this first season. I hate when adaptations do that, but I'll watch season 2 to see how it goes.

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    I wonder where it will go frmo here with the writers and all.

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    I'm absolutely loving this show. I pray they keep the momentum.

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    Since the seasons are so far apart I believe it would only be right that they release a movie between each season.

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    Walking Dead

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    In a matter of months society has crumbled.

    No government,
    No grocery stores,
    No mail delivery,
    No cable tv.

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    I would be able to go around killing things for the fun of it, literally hope zombie apocalypse happens in my lifetime.
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