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    [TV] Continuum picked up for six episodes for fourth and final season

    The show has been in purgatory for the last few months, and they finally announced within the last few weeks that it will be picked up for the fourth and final season in which only six episodes are scheduled. The creator originally planned for 7-10 seasons, but says he will stay true to the ending.

    Anyone else stoked about this? I'm pretty excited. I've been worried (since no announcements since September) that they would not finish it. Nothing is worse than a story that gets pulled before its time .

    Either way, does anyone watch this?
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    I like the show, but it's lost some of its initial identity that made me like it in the first place. It has changed a lot this last season, with only 6 episodes to finish it, it will be interesting to see how they resolve everything left, especially after that last season finale.
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