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    Chaos Orb - What Price?

    Hi guys, I've made my items for myself now, and my guildies don't need them until they come back from holiday, so, what should I charge for Chaos Orbs, if I were to charge to make say, the epic chest that uses 3 orbs.

    Someone offered 500g each, now, don't get me wrong, that's not bad, but considering just the Pristine Hides are nearly 300g now, that seems WAY off compared to the effort you go through to get them.
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    I'd say around 1000-1500 each.. Just look at the price of a simple flask or gem atm.And you don't even have to do an hour long heroic for that, let alone that you have pug them :x

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    Been keeping them in 2.5k each. Sold about 10 or so. Havent tried for few days so price have prolly gone down a bit. - The true nature of finnish people

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    Aren't Chaos Orbs soulbound? :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sfidt View Post
    Aren't Chaos Orbs soulbound? :O
    Same thing i thought, am i missing something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sfidt View Post
    Aren't Chaos Orbs soulbound? :O
    Yeah... I'm pretty sure they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shalaman/Cataclysmus View Post
    Same thing i thought, am i missing something?
    He means included into the crafting fee of course.
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    You can't sell/trade Chaos Orbs after you obtain them.

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    I'm beginning to think people are trolling with the amount of "aren't they BoP?" or "aren't they soulbound?" every time I try to sell them. They're soulbound while in the form of a Chaos Orb, but they're used in BoE epic craftables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synexlol View Post
    You can't sell/trade Chaos Orbs after you obtain them.
    Obviously we're talking about prices on mats here if you're making a BoE epic.
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    Yes it is soulbond
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    people replying with but their soulbound are the people that only read the title, and not the actual Post.

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    2.5k gold - 3k gold sounds perfectly reasonable. The mats needed to level the professions that can use Chaos Orbs is pretty ridiculous in the first place.

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    500 seems right price to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by marq1983 View Post
    500 seems right price to me
    This sounds perfect. I don't even charge that much for use of orbs. It's the other mats that are expensive. I get Chaos Orbs for free just for running heroics. They aren't hard to get. Of course, that may just be because i am not a greedy mutt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOne View Post
    It's the other mats that are expensive. I get Chaos Orbs for free just for running heroics. They aren't hard to get.
    ahem, mining/skinning/herbalism
    that is all...

    actually, no it isn't, if anything, chaos orbs are the HARDEST to get, mining/herb/skinning mats are the easy things to get, you literally pick them from the ground/off mobs for free. heroics are HARD now, if you wipe ONCE or die ONCE, it's not free, youve lost money from repair bills. 500 is WAY not enough, maybe 1.25k?

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    I've been selling them for 1500 each. No way is less then that worth it.
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    I hate that they are soulbound. Not to mention only armor crafting professions can use them, making them useless to need roll on if you can't actually use them. Basically, only BS, Tailors and Leatherworkers can use them to make stuff. It saddens me that JC as a crafting profession had no epic jewelry this expansion.

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    Our realm sits at 500g each.
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    Ah people that don't read OP carefully before posting, you make me facepalm every time.

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