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    Herb question for you all

    I wanted to see what everyone else is doing with Herbs these days. Are you guys finding profit in selling them as is or do you mill them? I would rather save my golden lotus for gem xmute since the gem market is favoring me as of late. I just wanted to get an idea on other peoples experiences. I have been selling them as is but I am open to more of a profit if found else where.

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    Depends on server economies. Some servers it is profitable still to make trinkets, others you're better off making potions, and others you may as well just sell herbs as is.

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    I guess you mean Pandaria herbs; I mill them and pile up on glyphs, having one of each.

    Economy is rather up and down on my server though, I currently have ~230 Glyphs in the AH and they are worth ~35k at the moment, some days ago those were at ~110k.

    but Herbs are always pretty cheap here, most of the time I can get a stack for under 20g

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