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    Profession System Suggestions

    Since this BS expansion relies so heavily on completely destroying alts due to RNG, Profession gating and everything else and ESPECIALLY the stupid ******* gathering profession ranks / quests that take weeks on end per character I would like to see a system similar to the AK system where you are able to buy some kind of book to send from say one alchemist to another (Or even better example Leatherworking) so your alts can be at the same level because just doing this **** on one character is bringing me close to slitting my wrists.

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    You should probably seek professional help if you are tempted to kill your self over a video game.

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    Its just an expression, endless dungeon quests for professions is really pissing me off and I am going to do it for every character with a profession, I am just glad I only have 1 LW.

    Last night for my LW I had to do Darkheart Thicket I spent nearly an hour in the queue for Normal AND Heroic with half a dozen declines and this isnt a rare occurrence.
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    I got my first rank 3 class necklace yesterday.
    ilvl 815. Material cost 15k
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    Have you read the planned frost mage "nerfs" ?!? It's like nerfing a hangman's rope by coloring it blue.
    Mr. Smith about the cost of Triple-spec
    3k gold right off the bat, about 5 silver a week later.

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