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    Worst youtube video or channel?

    Recently i have been watching just shit tons of bad youtube videos and i think i found the worst video i have ever seen

    I would love to hear what you have found on youtube that is horrible

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    PewDiePie, of course.

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    All those "Prank" channels with goofy sounds and stuff.

    Cringe-worthy to the max.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stepal View Post
    I can see the announcement now:

    "Dear players, we've decided to shut down a revenue stream worth billions of dollars because you QQ'd a bit. Best wishes, Blizzard."
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Because fuck you, that's why.
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    Vloggers, Prankers

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    Quote Originally Posted by May90 View Post
    PewDiePie, of course.
    Pewdiepie hate is kind of unjustified. Its a guy having fun on camera, whats to hate? Sure, he isn't as funny as he used to be back in his Amnesia and Happy Wheels days, and I don't really watch him anymore, but give the guy a break. He does what he loves, and I respect that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Helryx View Post
    (Groans of increasing discomfort)

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    duyui, best gachi content

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    Quote Originally Posted by May90 View Post
    PewDiePie, of course.
    My god this guy is annoying. I've seen some of his video game reactions and they are so over exaggerated and fake. To know that he became like a millionaire from fake over exaggerated reactions to video games that are not even that scary is just infuriating. I also find his comedy bits obnoxious. Must've watched only like 2 or 3 videos a long time ago and never went back to his videos again.

    Anyway I don't go on Youtube enough to say which is the worst channel but I have seen some dank videos in my time. Take this one for example. It's a bit long but it's oddly entertaining in a cringy way. Apparently it's a real PS2 game too.

    “Ever wonder why ice cubes taste so boring? It’s cuz you make ‘em outta stupid water, you bimbo! Put some fruit juice in there and freeze it into ice cubes, and put THAT in your milk.”
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    I hate all of the "challenge" videos like the cinnamon challenge and stuff like that, it's not enjoyable for the viewer (at least for me) or the person making it

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