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    would you want to see in a VS Battle?

    What fictional characters or civilizations would you want to see get into a vs battle with one another?

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    The My little pony universe VS the Tyranids.
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    Even in Civil Engineering University, a lot of this juvenile behaviour happened when we hung out together as friends, we'd get drunk, start kicking garbage bags all over the street in the middle of the night, speeding 180 miles per hour in some guy's father's lamborghini through the middle of the city, drink ourselves into a coma and start getting violent with whomever looked the wrong way at us. etc. etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by True Anarch View Post
    I've been a military officer for a good many years.

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    My Little Pony VS. John Carpenter's The Thing
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    Let's play!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH816 View Post
    The My little pony universe VS the Tyranids.
    Wasn't there a picture of a space marine ripping apart a pony or something.

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    My Little Pony vs. Ridley Scott's Alien.
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    If it's too hard, go to bed and forget about it.

    - Manakin.

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