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    Making stuff with sewing

    So, Recently my graphcis card decided to die and I took up making plush toys. I can make the one I know really well now so I was wandering if anyone else here does the same thing and can maybe direct me to a few good sites to get more patterns / helpful information such as how to mark an outline on materials like fleece or new sewing technique
    This is what I've made so far
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    I was about to ask if there a thread for real life art here. Not for balls with eyes exactly, but still....

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    I image search goole and go from there. I've been meaning to get a starter ekectronics kit and make electronic crafts... like a purse charm that lights up when your cell rings..on silent. And I want to exoeriment with conductive thread and wool im just not sure how yet. I've made a few amigurumi and a xmas stocking.. those were fun but I can't say I've tried felting....
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    My girl would love them things. She gets some of the weirdest stuff off Etsy haha

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