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    Restaurants - Your Stories

    ******ONLY TWO RULES******
    ****NO SMOKING****
    ***Please and Thank You***
    *p.s. pants, shoes, and shirt optional

    I thought this might be fun for anyone experienced as a chef, cook, dishwasher, server, busser, runner, bartender, or host. Or especially for customers of restaurants.

    Share your best or worst experiences. Good, bad, ugly, whatever you have.

    I'll start. This is going in code tags just for formatting purposes. It's a ticket I got a few days ago.

    XYZXYZ xyz xyz XYZ
    Fri ab/cd 19:38
    Server: Fucking John R.
    Table: 47
    Guests: 5
    Day salad
    Bowl day
    Belly spec
      +Cup ho soup
      +Grill shrimp
      +Extra sauce
      ++Seafood allergy
    Chef burg
      +Easy egg
      ++Cut in half horizontal
      +Extra bread
      ++Gluten allergy

    The single + lines are items on the POS, the ++ (red) lines are things the server entered manually. That ticket broke my kitchen. Six experienced cooks, about 40 years of kitchen experience between us, could not figure out what to do with it. TBC...

    I'll finish the story once I get some of yours. Or you're welcome to guess how many mind bullets got shot at that server.
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    Worked as a dishwasher for about a year and a half at a traditional restaurant. One of the cook line supervisors would literally throw knives at me. Everyone else would just throw their shit everywhere and the counter would run out of room quickly because it wasn't stacked. Servers would put steak knives in the tub of sanitizer with the rest of the silverware, making getting it out a guessing game of when will I get my fingers cut to the bone. There was this square cart where the crates of glasses would fit on, making them easy to put through the washer and take out. Servers would frequently pull it out of its location, conveniently right behind where I work, and leave it there for me to trip over multiple times.

    Only a couple of the servers and the bartenders weren't completely shitheads to me, for absolutely no reason/ 0/10 would never work again.

    As a customer I don't typically eat at restaurants. Really only a local place, which is great, and a local Mexican place, which is equally great. My terrible experiences usually come from fast food. One time my friend and I went into Taco Bell. They acknowledged us, said hello. nobody was in line but us. We waited for fifteen minutes. Nobody bothered to even walk up to the counter. We left. That unfortunately is a common occurrence at our local McDonald's too, so I just stopped going there. Really, when you have five or more people standing there looking at you, and nobody taking your order, fuck em.

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    i had an apprentice ask if caster sugar was white sugar, and people asking for lamb shanks with tartar sauce

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    Let's see... I grew up in the kitchen of a very popular(for the area) BBQ joint. It did great business for several years, it's biggest problems were the owners. Husband and wife ownered/operated, and that was the problem. The owners had a gambling problem, some nights after closing they would go straight to the till and grab 500 or more in cash, and then go lose it at the casinos an hour and a half away. Come time to pay the bills, they were short here, and short there. Eventually, the couple got a divorce, the husband kept "running" the restaurant. He proceeded to put employees in charge of cooking meat that had no business working in a restaurant to begin with.

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    My first job was a restaurant (local BBQ place). I worked there for about 3 years. I was a busboy for the first couple of years (at age 14 that's about all I was allowed to do) and moved on to washing dishes and occasionally helping out with some basic cooking stuff after that. I got along with most of the other people who worked there, and the boss usually treated me right, so I can't complain too much about them. I left on good terms. Just didn't want to keep working there all my life.

    The busboy job paid reasonably well too. My hourly pay was only something like...$4.00 an hour (which was less than minimum wage at the time), but I also got 10% of whatever the waitresses counted up at the end of the day, and that was a damned good haul sometimes. Sucked when we had a slow day, but on a good day, I could go home with up to $50 cash in my pocket, even if it was a bunch of sweaty $1 bills. One other perk was something like 50% off the food if I ordered anything there, and no restrictions on it (so if I wanted to order the most expensive steak plate on the menu at the end of my shift, 50% off). Income from that job paid for my first car. It was also nice to have an income with almost no expenses (again, I refer you to my age at the time). I could get paid one day and blow my entire paycheck at Gamestop the next day without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

    Most customers were cool, but we had our share of drunks who got out of hand (we didn't serve alcohol but allowed people to bring their own if they wanted), or people who were just plain assholes.

    I do remember once this small group came in and tried to pull some kind of "yeah, we cleaned our plates and ate everything, but it wasn't that good, so we want you to comp it" bullshit, and my boss was having none of it, so they made a scene. I don't know what the end result was, but we ended up having to get the cops involved. They left a huge mess too. Those little cups of melted butter you get with crab legs? That was all over the table. Pain in the ass to clean up. Also had a couple of plates stuck to the table with used chewing gum. That's probably the worst specific example I can remember.

    I also recall one dude who worked in the kitchen for a couple of months. He seemed like a really cool guy and was nice/friendly enough to me, but I guess he got in some kind of shit with the law. Cops showed up one day and took him out in handcuffs, right there in the middle of his shift. I never saw him again and never found out why he got arrested. I thought about trying to look him up online later down the road (you can look up lists of people who are incarcerated), but I didn't know his last name, so that didn't work. /shrug.

    edit: I also had to dumpster dive (literally) once to find some kid's dental retainer. He'd left it on the plate, and it got dumped in the garbage before the plate was washed. They came back later in the day asking about it. I managed to find it after about an hour of digging. That was fun in the middle of July with like 90% humidity. Although...his mom was kinda hot, and she gave me a $50 bill for my trouble. Apparently, the thing was expensive.
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