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    When I was 14 my favorite band was?

    When I was 14 my favorite band was?

    Yep, I really had no idea, where the hell Sweden was or what the hell really went on there, but I enjoyed their music.
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    Linkin Park i guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny McCormick View Post
    Linkin Park i guess
    Any particular album, and any particular songs you liked, did you see them perform live ever?
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    At 14...iirc, that was when I first discovered Metallica, and I was a big fan. By the time the next couple of years had passed, I owned every album they'd released up to that point. ReLoad was my first, then I started picking up some of the older stuff like Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets.

    I love both of their styles (both before and after the self-titled album). I think the fact that ReLoad was my first made me more tolerant of the later material that so many long-time fans didn't like.

    I'm still a fan at age 30 (as long as I pretend that St. Anger never existed), but I've moved on to the point that they're nowhere near my favorite anymore.

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    Probably Eazy-E. But well he's a solo artist. If you only care about bands then probably Type O Negative. I was a gothic gangster.

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    How do you not know what/where Sweden is at 14 years old? Skipped literally any class that dealt with things outside of North America?

    Probably Metallica/Disturbed for the most part, was just before I started listening to a lot of EDM.

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    Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory. Forgotten being my favorite song. Then Reanimation came out and I loved that, then Meteora came out and I loved that, after that I dropped off.

    I still listen to those albums every now and again.

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    Eminem and Metallica, picked two due to character limit.
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    Edguy used to be my first favourite band ever, but I am not sure if I was 14 already or even younger. They have very funny lyrics, now I laugh at all the sexual jokes I didn't get back then.

    After that I became obssessed with Slipknot. Volume 3: Subliminal Verses being my favourite album, with Self-Titled close behind. Not fan of their newest record though, it just doesn't sound the same to me without Paul and Joey.
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    System of a down..
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    Hmmm at 14. Wow that was a long time ago... Eh... Either Jean Michel Jarre or Limbonic Art, depending on the time of year. before November. after November.
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    14 and band I would think would be Link Park's Hybrid Theory album. Though I was heavily into Britney Spears at the time for my sins. (she's not a band though)

    Turn of the Millennium, so probably about then /shrug.

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    No shame, MCR still goes hard as hell

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    Metallica ! I was in year 8 in highschool and a friend passed me his casette walkman in a geography class and suggested I listen. I was hooked from then on. Yes.. I'm old
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    Not a band, but I already loved most video game music. Particularly, anything touched by David Wise.

    Like this one, which is more recent:

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    Thundercunts and stuff

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    Like many others, I also really got into Metallica when I was a teenager. They were the first band I consciously cared about - as in, bought records by.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plastkaze View Post
    That one took the place a year after that. :)

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    Tool... something about a drugged up deadbeat constantly angered at religion and society filled a void. Plus, they had a nice habit of playing with visuals and symbolism:

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