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    Wonder Woman is about to come, will it be a hit?

    I like watching both DC and Marvel movies, and excited much about Wonder Woman. But my friends and colleagues are criticizing it much because of previous DC movies, specially Batman vs Superman. I need strong words to counter them because I'm expecting much from it!
    - says Ralph

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    I think it will be the best movie DC have put out in a while...that said, i still don't think it will be a mega hit. Just an average superhero movie, nothing more.

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    Gal is hot but meh. Maybe i'll stream it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by proralph View Post
    I like watching both DC and Marvel movies, and excited much about Wonder Woman. But my friends and colleagues are criticizing it much because of previous DC movies, specially Batman vs Superman. I need strong words to counter them because I'm expecting much from it!
    Expect nothing and you'll leave pleasantly surprised.

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    I doubt it. The actress is ugly. I also heard that she has a weird accent and acts badly.

    The movie itself seems an exploitation of a lesser XX century tragedy, which is tasteless in my opinion.

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    It's a DC universe movie, as much as I want it to be good it's gonna crash and burn like all the rest, let's be real here.
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    It will be a flop, it has no pull why people should go see it, I'd rather watch the old tv series on Youtube than pay to watch that least series was watchable n she had a nice pair

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    I keep seeing commercials for the movie. It looks incredibly generic and boring.

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    A big yawn at Wonder Women as a superhero.

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    Can i be ahead of the curve and blame misogynie for its inevitable flop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrieverXIII View Post
    Can i be ahead of the curve and blame misogyny for its inevitable flop?
    I don't think beating people to the finish line in obnoxiousness is a good goal to have
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    I feel like if they showed some cool action scenes with her deflecting bullets back onto enemies, or like she used her lasso of truth to coerce vital information from someone with a funny/charming punch line afterward, the movie would look interesting.

    But nah. They decide to focus on her saying she has no dad (oh, except for Zeus). And they also show WW as a child saying...something about fighting being good? wowsocool

    Definitely, they underutilized the character. Probably from even the writing level this movie is garbage. Acting looks misplaced too. It also looks dark. Visually dark. If they're going to portray WW as a good person, they should show the film as bright...

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    Watching all of the Injustice gameplays has made me hate wonder woman so i hope the movie flops :3

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    I think the chances are it will be a flop, WW is not as popular as other DC heroes for a reason, and it has nothing to to with sex/gender its literally because she is basically the female version of Super Man (Yes I know theres Superwoman/Super Girl but WW is sort of the "female" asthetic approach to super *man*).

    The problem is that she is more of a steriotype of the problem female characters had in the day rather than being anything modern. The issue is she will likley come across as a typical "strong woman surrounded by men" with no real story to shine for herself other than that particular trope.

    As a result, this will devalue her as a character, rather than her having a story to tell it will be driven by typical gender politics and an effort to make people care. It didnt work with Ghostbusters it likely wont work with this movie either.

    TLR SJW pandering is always a bad idea, and its clear from trailers this film is trying to play that card.

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    I think it does well for the same reason Beauty and the Beast did incredibly well ie lots of moms taking their daughters to go see it. I bet it breaks $700m which would be phenomenal.

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    Love the thread title, OP.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it.
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    It'll make bank and then some.
    I am looking forward to it myself

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    from what I've seen I have some hope it will be the best DC movie they have come out with. it's been a looooong time coming for her to get in the spotlight.

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    It's the movie we've been looking forward to the most this year. I'm sure the usual suspects will cry about anything that has anything to do with women but seriously, F those people. Their sad opinions won't stop this from being a great flick
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    It's a DC movie, the only questions are what monstrously awful decision have they made and how many there are of them.

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