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    [Movies] Moana - Disney Movie 2016

    Comes out in a month from now. Given how well the last few Disney movies were recieved (especially Zootopia here on MMO-C), I'm surprised a thread on it hasn't been made yet.

    A couple years ago, I wouldn't have cared about Disney movies (since most of their features for the past few decades have been - quite frankly - crap) but Wreck-it-Ralph, Big Hero 6 and Zootopia have proven that they can actually make quality films again.

    I don't see many movies in theaters - I might see Fantastic Beasts and Rogue One - but darn, I might actually also see this one.

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    I don't like the concept of making a cartoon that tries to humanize belligerent, sadistic cannibals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackhisis View Post
    I don't like the concept of making a cartoon that tries to humanize belligerent, sadistic cannibals.
    1. Not all of them were cannibals, and 2. this is a fantasy movie; they can take creative liberties. People want to have fun and be entertained, not shown downright repulsive actions for the sake of historical correctness. It's like saying you don't like the magna/anime Fullmetal Alchemist because they humanize Nazi Germany (who are the PROTAGONISTS), even though the author left out the racial supremist part.

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    I'm excited to take my oldest daughter to see this. She loves that she was born in Hawaii, and likes to watch things that relate to it. I think the only other Hawaiian movie by Disney was Lilo and Stitch, so she's really wants to see this one. The previews look gorgeous... all the colours
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    Before even looking at the trailer or imdb I will guess that The Rock is voicing the huge guy on thumbnail.

    EDIT: Shocking!

    The movie looks pretty decent. I will probably watch it but not in cinemas.

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    It looks pretty, the characters are boring.

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    All the movies in the Second Disney Renaissance have been great, and my favorites are Tangled and Frozen, so I have high expectations of this one.

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