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    Kara, it was great.
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    Original Onyxia's Lair.
    Was nervewrecking and my DPS sucked. At least I didn't win any gear.

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    First raid was a pvp raid in Ashenvale at like lvl 25, back in November 2004. First pve raid was Stratholme. First "real raid" was Molten Core, December of 2004.

    I remember wiping on the very first two giants (before the bridge) for hours. Haha

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    Does UBRS 10 man count? if not then Molten Core.

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    Kara as a holy paladin flash of light spam and never going close to oom lol. Started playing wow when I showed up to a friends house and he was raiding ZA 1 year later he passed away and I took over his account I play hard and study hard to preform the best I can in every class/spec I play as tribute to him.

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    First raid in WoW was Karazhan... First raid EVER was Plane of Hate in vanilla Everquest in December '99, back when no-one had downed any of the bosses there or the Plane of Fear. Think we gave up after a few attempts on the Maestro of Rancor.

    Was probably the most fun I have ever had in an MMO, even though there was no real raid system in EQ (you just took as many groups as you could and /shouted most things ). Break-ins were a bitch

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    Stratholme and UBRS were my first raids. If you don't wanna count them then MC

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    my first raid ever was karazhan and i simply loved it it's one of my favourite raids of all expansions

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    Molten core as a fresh 60, so many giantstalker bracers dropped that even I could get one (think we had like 4)

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    Kara as a boomkin...........good times

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    A "For the Alliance" raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siraeyou View Post
    Stratholme and UBRS were my first raids. If you don't wanna count them then MC
    Good old UBRS / Strat raids <3

    Mine is probs the same, if UBRS and things dont count. then MC aswell.

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    Stratholme dead side 10 man.

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    Healed ZG 20 man as a ret paladin with ret gear. I was so fail back then

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    Kara as a warrior offtank.
    Fuck those were the days, Now I think back to TBC and BC.
    PVP was perfect, it was balanced or at least it felt balanced.
    and the only unbalanced thing was on the blood lust battle group how horde would always win,
    But that's what premades were made for.
    I remember grinding a WSG premade for 8 hours straight with the same people and buying gear inbetween.
    GRUULS lair was sick. I miss the game, The real game.. The way the game should be. Even leveling up during vanilla felt more epic on my warrior then it does now days. I resent wow now, all because I haven't had any good memorys like I did during BC/Vanilla. It makes me sad, it literally makes me so sad to see were the game went too..

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    Kara as a Resto Shaman.

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    First raid was the 10 man UBRS back in Vanilla. It was also the only raid I did in Vanilla I believe. I didnt really get into raiding much until Karazhan and havent quit since.

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    My first raid was MC two weeks before burning crusade came out. If we're talking about actual dedicated raid, it would have to be kara, that was my most fond memory at least and I wish I still had that much fun

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    Karazhan, instantly I hit 70 heh

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