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    Razer Deathadder 3500 dpi problem

    Hey guys, I just reinstalled my PC and here's my problem
    now my Deathadder acts weird, it was all okay before reinstalling windows and stuff, but now when i try to make a straight line it moves to right or left, and isnt "straight"
    http://img84.imageshack.us/i/beztytuuef.jpg/ here's an example


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    I had that with my mouse, turned out to be a cat hair somewhere near the sensor that interfered some times.

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    No, there aren't any

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    This has happened to me on occassion with my Razer mouse, but it always stopped after I blew some air on the eye. Maybe something quite small is straight up stuck to the eye? Try rubbing it off with a Q-tip maybe.
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    Update the firmware/drivers. Sounds like it's trying to adjust to your desk/mousepad. It takes a minute or so for it to adjust.

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    i tried 3.01 and 2.01
    and nothing changed

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    srsly anyone had this problem before ? ;/

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