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    i didnt find it that hard to survive but i have found that only a third of the time do i get enough proks to kill something in a resonable amount if time, whereas the othe 2 thirds of the time i am just waiting on crusader strike to CD in order to gain holy power, all we realy need imo is a bost to the proc rats and we would be set.
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one. It just seems ridiculous that I have to use the same resource (HP) to decide whether to use inquisition, WoG or TV on a mob that's at low health because I'm not sure if I'll survive until the next proc ...

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    Stun one with hammer, nuke the other, once its down, use 2 holy lights to heal yourself up, go again.
    Cant do this forever, but thats how I took down 2 mobs at the time with easy back then.
    Also use word of glory lots on yourself from free procs if you are facing 2+ mobs.
    That said this was only for mobs in twilight highlands apart from the first few in the zone.
    All mobs before that never where any problem at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belmorn View Post
    Stun one with hammer, nuke the other, once its down, use 2 holy lights to heal yourself up, go again.
    Cant do this forever, but thats how I took down 2 mobs at the time with easy back then.
    Also use word of glory lots on yourself from free procs if you are facing 2+ mobs.
    That said this was only for mobs in twilight highlands apart from the first few in the zone.
    All mobs before that never where any problem at all
    Please tell me how I can nuke with ret?

    Also, this isn't my first time playing WoW, I know how to cc, heal and stun. Not trying to sound hostile there, just sayin' ...

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    Pop wings and hammer of wrath, thats about all we can do now to get someone with high resil down. If you are having trouble questing and healing yourself, run seal of insight while grinding.. you'll rarely have to heal yourself, I find it faster. I don't think seal of truth or justice provide that much extra damage when questing. I am just doing that now and waiting for the patch, barely any top raiding guilds have ret pallies in their lineup currently, and you won't find a single ret paladin in the top 200 in any arena bracket right now.. its not just you.. hopefully the patch will make us playable again.

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    I heard avenging wrath/zealotry boosts your damage, so does keeping up inquisition even with only 2 charges as thats more than long enough to typically keep up a mob.
    Need more nukes than that ?

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    I wouldn't say soloing is overly difficult, but it is a pain in the ass. Certainly a huge change from the God Mode we had in Wrath. I think WoG should be a stronger heal for Ret than it is, if only when used on yourself. The buff to HL from Crusade after a kill is also pretty clutch, but even then I'm lucky to get a 30k+ crit. However, Cata isn't about powering down mobs at the speed of light. I've been recently going down and soloing H UP in hopes of getting the drake. My first few attempts there were some close calls, but once I got into the flow and learnt my limits it was easy. We have a cc, an interrupt, a stun, Arcane Torrent (for belfs), a 50% dmg reduction, a seal that heals us, HW can be glyphed to stun elementals and dragonkin as well as undead, an immunity bubble and the abililty to bring ourselves back from near death. I don't think that trading in TV for a WoG when soloing is unreasonable. Sure, it sucks, but you do what you have to in order to get shit done. Bare with it, it'll get less painful once you get more used to it.

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    Glad to see I'm not the only one feeling this on ret pala. At the moment I'm avoiding doing daily's with my pala because it just feels too painful. I know the mobs at 84-85 range are a lot more buffed than we were used to with mobs at 80, but I don't really have an issue on any other char even if I end up with a continous respawn of a Tol Barad mob (whcih seems to be happening a lot still in Cata areas still - kill a mob, a clone of it pops up immediately, kill that one, another is there...).

    Even with the respawn issue, I tend to find I survive on my other char's but my pala is normally mana-drained with no CD's left and dead from the next mob pop. Hoping things are a bit better when 4.0.6 hits.

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    If you're dying to continual respawns, you might want to consider kiting away from the respawn point before killing the mob again. If the mob doesn't respawn, then move back - if it does, it won't automatically aggro on you and you'll be able to regain health and mana before trying again.

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    Honestly speaking from a PVE stand-point, soloing at first was kinda shitty, to the point of running prot while doing dailies as prot. Then one day was like "Damn I am retarded", went back ret and turned on seal of insight. And haven't had a "problim" since. Can solo any group daily out there just playing smart and using seal of insight as ret, with the damage that CS, TV and EXO do, yes you can "nuke" something down as ret, while keeping your self alive, but to answer the poll, survivability is very low atm and burst is only good with luck and timing. Burst is a tad low with no luck and crappy timing but so goes the way of the ret. Just my 2 cents.

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    i know exactly what you mean. when I started to level my ret paladin at 4.0 I didn't know ret would be that horrible. the RNG that make mobs last so long because of no procs... and once you get a proc you took already so much damage you are kinda forced to heal yourself losing even more damage. kinda the same way pvp is for current ret(unless you have a pocket healer). best bet would be prot for leveling, as you avoid almost all damage and taking multiple mobs as prot is just pretty much awesome.

    I did level all the way ret and kinda regret I did that as I was second lvl 85 paladin on the realm...

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    imho, you could have spec'd more into the dps talents of holy and still managed to heal insti's AND have nice solo questing. Yes, ret will outpace exodin's when geared and the rng gods bend down to kiss your foreheadadin, but that said, for solo stuff, exodin is no slouch. It's painfully obvious to the ret community, sumthin's wrong....
    (see all posts "DAMN RNG!" et all, and "every key has turned Q".

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    I have found prot to outlevel ret (and of course you never die) soooo yeah my suggestion is switch your soloing spec to prot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilpi View Post
    And what does this have to do with the OP's problem?
    He's trying to say to drop ret and pick up prot. Seems pretty clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gahmuret View Post
    We don't. You should know that really. I know all 3 specs inside out, but you talk like you would play a different class.
    I don't play ret or holy, so I don't really know much about either spec. One DPS's, one heals. That's all I need to know.

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    in all honesty, i play ret at level-cap, but i only ever level as prot. seeing as though you can take on 7-8 mobs, and still not die compared to 2-3 killing you as ret.
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    Ret is really horrible at soloing in Twilight Highlands. Took me 5-6h to get from 84 to 85 and I died there the most.

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    I never had this problem with just 2 mobs. I'd kill one, stun the other, and then use my Crusade proc. Then I'd kill the other, and use my Crusade proc and be at least at 80%ish.
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    Well I think ret is getting enough buffs and the survive talent to bring us back up to even with the others for pvp in 4.0.6. But pre-406 ret was pretty weak compared to other classes.

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