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    Do you abuse the online sales?

    Mass Effect 1, 5 dollars. (75% off)
    Red Alert 3, 5 Dollars. (75% off)
    ALL the Warhammer 40k games, 60$'s. (75% off)

    These are my recent purchases from Steam and Impulse. My god I saved so much money and got weeks of fun all from those Online Sales.

    But past that, I am curious. Does a Online Sale of a game cause you to buy a game that you may of never considered buying before?

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    Usually, they are games that I only had a passing interest in or only received average reviews. For example, I recently got a good deal on NwN2, which is a good thing, because I discovered I don't really care for it.

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    Yea whenever I see a deal like that I grab em. For prices like that, why not? Good to have just in case and to give them a try. Especially more known titles like those as well.

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    Only if I know the game is good beforehand, or else I regret it.

    Like Dawn of War 2. The game looked good. It sounded good. The execution was not to my liking. Poor pathing, terrible squad AI, cover is more trouble than it is worth (spend 20 seconds getting behind stone wall, stone wall gets hit by one grenade, good bye stone wall), and worst of all, the multiplayer AI is invulnerable. I played like ten games without learning how to legitimately kill an enemy base. I suppose the fact that my own AI allies wouldn't push was a decent reason. I suppose fighting turrets that somehow do 1000 DPS while taking 99% reduced damage and having insane health regeneration is another problem.

    Overall though, it depends on the game. I never thought I'd play Red Alert: Yuri's Revenge again, until it was like 1$. And I still play it every once in a while (I love the Russian dirigibles, bombing bridges and awesome stuff).

    I'm tempted to try some of the RPGs and stuff when they go on sale. If the sale is dramatic enough, I gift it to a friend to see how they like it.

    Worst case scenario, they hate it, but are too afraid to tell me, but they still feel indebted to me. I got them a gift AND found out I'd hate the game. Best 5$ ever.

    EDIT: Funny that someone else mentions NwN2, because that's the exact game I gifted. That's three people who didn't care for it.
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    Holiday sales devour my wallet.

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    Abuse? No. Save money so I can have good games -and- decent food? Heck yeah!
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    Very rarely. Typically there's games that I'll want to play, but won't be able to justify dropping $60 on them. So I'll just wait for them to go on sale. IE, Dragon Age complete Edition for $25. I always knew I was going to buy the game, however, I wasn't about to pay full price + buy dlc + buy an expansion pack.

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    I only buy Xbox games to play online with friends. Most PC games I torrent unless they are MMOs. Who buys PC games anymore?

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    I wouldn't play Mass Effect again if it were free. I wouldn't play that thing if they paid me to play it. That being said, when there are nice deals for decent titles I want to revisit, I often grab those suckers as five bucks is easier for me to manage than pirating, for which I'm way too lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmus View Post
    I just pirate them if I'm interested.
    Thieves have no place in Heaven, Dirtbag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daginni View Post
    Thieves have no place in Heaven, Dirtbag.
    Are you serious lol? Even if heaven was real, I don't think God would send you to hell for not paying for a videogame, just sayin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suazo View Post
    Who buys PC games anymore?
    I do buy games I've enjoyed. Why not? People worked hard to produce it and I want them to continue making games. It's very tempting not to buy though, especially seeing as I'm from a third world country and don't have that much moneyz :/.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daginni View Post
    Thieves have no place in Heaven, Dirtbag.
    Strike him with your flaming sword imo.

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    I bought Torchlight for $5 around Christmas when I had my work laptop while traveling to visit relatives.

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