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    Marcceballos mages and warlocks can get Thunderfury, TF nolonger has the "Pala,Hunter,Rogue,Warrior" only thing.
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    When this is confirm official, this will be the nail in for Cataclysm to be changed into Casterclysm. Maybe it is now, but this will be that final piece to make sure of it (nice job on the datamining by the way). @u@
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    sadly, it will most likely give haste on use(hence timeless) and probably something like an extra proc.

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    Wow, great job sir.

    Hope the staff works for healers, too. Would love to have it!

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    stat wise I hope its good for balance druids. no hit would be nice :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcceballos View Post
    All the clases , unless mages and locks , have a legendary item which they can equip . We only have an stuff from WoW classic , the only legendary for us , and now they give them another legendary . It's unfair in my opinion
    In my opinion too. But they're not gonna say no to balance druids, elemental shamans and shadow priests.
    We'll have to share this legendary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afakaz View Post
    The only legendaries are weapons, no exceptions.
    Actually i registered to stop you

    there was a legendary necklace that droppped in MC once

    and if im correct it dorppped once and then was removed from game

    Look up Talismen of Binding Shards on wowhead

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    Quote Originally Posted by squee666 View Post
    Look up Talismen of Binding Shards on wowhead
    OT - LOL
    keep the info comin!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rigobertinho View Post
    Hope the staff works for healers, too.
    It will not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Negridoom View Post
    It will not.
    well stats wise most likely no, but i have a hunch it wont have a class req.
    the greedy half of me hopes if there is that at least down the road it'll change for the sake of collectors/acheivement/fos-whores
    Quote Originally Posted by ripponesan View Post
    In terms of logic this is a really bad change.
    Quote Originally Posted by Screwy Maverick View Post
    In terms of logic, nobody fights elves and werewolves in lumber mills.

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    Umm lets start at the beggining

    Sulfuras 2h STR DPSers, Enh Shamens
    Thunderfury TANKING (melee dps could use it but lets get serious it was tank weapon)
    Atiesh (Mages Warlocks, priests [who at the time were healers], and Feral Druids)
    Going into burning crusade we added
    Warglaives: Melee DPS, not shamens
    Thor'idal: Hunters
    Going into Wrath We got
    Val'Anyr: all Healers
    Shadowmorne: all STR DPS

    All specs have gotten a legendary which was usable for them at some point (except Dagger rogues)
    The role that has gone the longest without a legendary is Tanks, with the exception of Enhancement Shamens (poor guys)
    The role that has gone the second longest is DPS Casters

    I don't know why they went caster instead of tank but it might be because anything that significantly helps tanks has potential to trivialize encoutners

    Anyway As a rogue heres hoping a dagger is next, though I think a melee dps weapon or tank weapon is more likely since daggers are only used by one class, of course hunters we the only ones to use thor'idal and they made that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maerlimb View Post
    In my opinion too. But they're not gonna say no to balance druids, elemental shamans and shadow priests.
    We'll have to share this legendary.
    Unless they but a class limited on it like the glaves and hammer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by insomnia423 View Post
    God this website is a waste of space on the internet.
    You do realize the internet is not a physical realm, right?

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    Apparently, this staff's model is actually a weapon (or staff) named Sho'ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation (HC)
    As Sho'ravon, Greatstaff of Annihilation is a Mastery/Crit staff, I believe this one is BiS before Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest for Fire Mages, am I right?

    At the very least, this mystery is solved.

    (In order to look at the model, use the "View in 3d" option)

    Also note: The flavor text (Reth! Reth! Reth!) means Burn! Burn! Burn! in Kalimag (Elemental language)
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    Nice~ lol I just came back to the game and heard about this new legendary staff. I'm surprised this has been known to many people since February. How do you find out about all this months before? Impressive work!

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