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    ^ Darkrai, Charizard, Dragonite, and and Skarmory.
    < Probably won't get Pokemon X and Y.
    v Will probably get it.

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    ^ Correct. I probably will.
    < Cannot believe how many attempts it just took her to spell 'probably'
    v Reads Shakespeare for fun.

    A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

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    ^ IS correct, in fact I bought about 5 shakespeare books form my school library: A mid summers night dream, the tempest, Othello, king Lear, and Julius cesar
    < needs to stop reading books so much
    v Hates books

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    ^ Is correct, I can't sit and read a book, thats what internet is for!
    < Is just a burr
    V Will figure out the cure for internet addiction....maybe....

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    ^ The cure for internet addiction is to not look at it as a disease, but as a hobby.
    < Spends a lot of time perfecting this "hobby."
    v Will call the interwebs their hobby now.

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    ^ Nope.
    < Is a key lime pie.
    v Is a lemon meringue.

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    ^is the best pie
    < eats the lemon and not the merinque
    v is pumpkin pie

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    ^ I'd really rather not. Pumpkin pie is awful.
    < Thinks cheesecake is best pie.
    v Agrees.

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    ^ i agrees sort of
    < Dislikes chocolate
    v loves chocolate

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    ^ I like white chocolate, don't mind milk chocolate, and will eat dark chocolate on occasion. Not my sweet of choice, though.
    < Generally prefers sour stuff.
    v Is a gummy worm.

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    ^ IS right ./wiggle
    < loves sour foods
    v loves them too

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    ^ Yep. *bites you*
    < Thinks Aethon is delicious.
    v Is probably, more than likely, almost certainly, Aethon.

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    ^ is magic! how did mynta know!?
    < is missing an arm
    V wants to eat the other

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    ^ Sure! *bites Aethon again.
    < Has ate most of Aethon now.
    v Will eat the rest of Aethon, even if it's Aethon.

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    ^serious wizard
    <eats self and becomes a singularity
    V is trying to recuit for a mint army

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    ^ Exactly. Have an invitation to the mint army!
    < Mint Army is best army.
    v Is a member of the army.

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    ^ hmmm i am a Member of Death's army!
    < is cool with mint so sure
    V prefers strawberries

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    ^is a loser
    <going to join the mint army
    v is cool

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    ^ Totally, and everyone in the mint army is cool!
    < Is the coolest of all.
    v Is chewy.

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    ^needs to stop eating people
    <is only chewy because eh hasn't worked out in a month
    v needs to throw a party

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