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    Healing Macro's Compilation/layout option

    I've spent some time improving and perfecting my macro's. Making for max power in healing environments. This way i've managed to keep everything very simple looking, using the ingame raid UI which shows me everything I need to know as far as health bars and what needs dispelling. It keep PCU usage down improving performance, which you can't argue against, and gives me a sense of simplicity.

    1: Explanation of mechanics
    2: The macro's
    3: Clique Functionality macro
    4: Holy Shock Penance macro
    5: Judgement macro
    1. Explanation of mechanics:
    All my healing spells, included my Remove Corruption spell, are macro'ed so they function like this: Hovering your mouse over a player or his name plate in a raid UI will make you heal that player, when using the key or mousebutton you have it bound to. Just like you do with addons like Healbot and VuhDo. Holding down ALT, when casting, will make you cast it on yourself regardless of where your mouse is.

    The real kicker however is this: They all automatically heal my current focused friendly target OR the target of my current focused hostile target when i'm not hovering my mouse over anyone. This means I can set focus on a tank, and they will all automatically heal the tank, or I can put focus on a boss and they will all automatically heal the boss' current target ie the tank tanking the boss. This is extremely convenient for bosses like Argaloth and Cho'gall that requires a plenty amount of tank swapping. This gives me alot more freedom and mobility overall making tank healing alot easier to perform on the run, not having to move my mouse and hover it on the tank when he/she needs healing.

    2. The macro's
    You will probably notice that it's basically the same macro going again and again. Reason I listed them all, is so that they can simply be copy/pasted directly.

    These can all be converted to other classes, simply swap out the spell names in the macro.

    #showtooltip Lifebloom
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Lifebloom
    #showtooltip Rejuvenation
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Rejuvenation
    Healing Touch:
    #showtooltip Healing Touch
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Healing Touch
    #showtooltip Nourish
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Nourish
    #showtooltip Regrowth
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Regrowth
    Wild Growth:
    #showtooltip Wild Growth
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Wild Growth
    #showtooltip Swiftmend
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Swiftmend
    Remove Corruption:
    #showtooltip Remove Corruption
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Remove Corruption

    3. Clique functionality
    It's come to my attention about a functionality with the Clique addon, where you can target someone and it will prioritize healing on that target. So if this is something you really like and would love to keep in case of considering swapping from Clique to mouseover macro's you will need a macro that looks like this. Simply swap out the spell name with the spells you want it to be used for.

    Clique functionality macro:
    #showtooltip Rejuvenation
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@target, help][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Rejuvenation

    4. Holy Shock/Penance macro
    If you are a paladin or priest and want your Penance or Holy Shock to do the exact same but still be able to use it on hostile target you will need a macro that looks like this:

    Penance/Holy Shock: (simply change the spellname to Penance instead of Holy Shock as a priest)
    #showtooltip Holy Shock
    /cast [@player, mod:alt][@target, mod:ctrl, harm, nodead][@mouseover, help][@focus, help, exists][@focus-target, help, exists] Holy Shock
    (I've put in a Ctrl modifier for the @target command, so you need to hold down Ctrl in in order to cast it on a hostile target. If you don't want it, you can simply edit out the mod:ctrl part. If editing the Ctrl modifier out you will need to not target any hostile creature for it to heal the target you are hovering your mouse over. )

    5. Judgement macro
    By using the above macro as a paladin i'd suggest accompagnying it with a macro for Judgement (for using Seal of Insight) that looks like this:
    #showtooltip Judgement
    /cast [@target, harm, nodead][@focustarget, exists] Judgement
    This will cast the judgement on your target (if hostile) or the target of your focus target if you are not targetting a hostile. This will also allow you to return to whatever you targetted prior to casting the judgement since the judgement will make you target the target you cast it on by double-clicking the macro. You can swap out the /targetlasttarget command with /targetlastfriend if you find that you would be targetting a friendly target, prior to casting your judgement. Using /targetlastfriend will also allow you to spam it to return to your target.I've tried to work out how to fix it in a way so that the macro will keep you targetting the original target automatically, but by the looks of it, that is not possible to do. (if anyone can prove me wrong on that, it would be greatly appreciated too )

    Over time there's been a few people here that have helped me with various questions regarding some of these macro command: Dujith, Lucoire and Treeston answering some questions too
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    thanks for this. going to spend some time adapting these for my priest bookmarked
    somebody call for d doctor?

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    Glad to see it's appreciated

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    Fluffy Kitten Myrrar's Avatar
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    adding it to my guide now =]

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    Mucho love for you Myrrar!

    ---------- Post added 2011-04-11 at 01:50 PM ----------

    Did some cosmetic changes to the post, and edited the Penance/Holy Shock and Judgement parts.

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    Great post cheers

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    Love the post, if you can do a feral one too for tanks/cats, we'll love you long time! lol!

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    More cosmetic editing. Added a macro with a functionality that clique provides for prioritizing healing your targetted target instead, in addition to all the functionalities that the original macro's provide.

    Thanks Darthaz and farmergiles

    Given that I don't play feral, I really have no clue what i'd want those macro's to do. Do you want it to be one macro with several spells in it, or it to be all about targetting? Having abilities to specifically hit the focus target only? Post your wishes and i'll see what I can do

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    Good guide.

    Im still only using mouseover myself though, and i don't feel like im being gimped anywhere.
    Untill now, i haven't had a fight where i needed a mouse turn at the same time of tank(or w/e focustarget) healing.

    But i guess druid's move more since they can do so. And theise macro's are simply working well.
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    End raid fights is where it really matters to mouseturn(fights like Chogall). But even if you are clicking vuhdo or grid or using keybinds mouseturning will require you to stop casting instants for a second.

    Since it's mouseturning, it only takes a split second.

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    THANK YOU =)

    i used to use a simple mouse over macro, but now it will be much faster and efective=)

    thank you once again

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    Very nice =)

    Hope you still visit this page as i would like to ask for a macro... something like this:

    #showtooltip Divine Protection
    /cast [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=player] Divine Protection

    For some reason this macro isnt working. I use Grid/Clique. Is that the reason its not working for me? It's always targeting me and not the mouseover target


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    Been a long time since i've been around this page

    Instead of "target=" try @ instead:

    #showtooltip Divine Protection
    /cast [@mouseover, help, exists][@player] Divine Protection
    Hope it helps.

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    thx m8, gonna change my old overmouse macros..
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