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    What is the most scumbag gaming company in your opinion?

    In the last years, gaming companies have been doing some pretty shady stuff. Microtransactions, gambling boxes, pay-to-win stuff, etc. Also, some are just plain-ass assholes, lying in their presentations, or killing beloved video-game franchises. In your opinion, which gaming company is the worse in these kinds of stuff?

    This question includes developer and publisher.

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    EA they are the worst game company.
    they are to blame for ME3's bad ending

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    From the ones I know, Ubisoft. They literally created a game that was advertised "never play alone" and than the game is unplayable unless you instal a VPN (which is against the rules).
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    EA, Ubisoft, Tendo, Take-Two, Zenimax/Bethesda softworks

  5. #5 or gajin loads of shady stuff p2w completely ignoring community etc.

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    EA and Ubisoft immediately jump out to me.

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    That's easy: activision!

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    All of them are scumbags.

    But WB Games are really been the most prominent scumbag lately by profiteering from their worker's death.

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    EA: Franchise rape, microtransaction profiteering

    Ubisoft: One of the worst DRM systems ever conceived

    Too many to list: early access frauds, but bonus points if you are an AAA developer
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    probably ea, buying and gutting beloved game companies (command and conquer i believe among them)

    though WB is trying their hardest to catch up

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    EA and Ubisoft. For destroying good game companies, chopping chunks out of their games and making them DLC, forcing creepy social engineering messages into their games instead of just making good games, and releasing unfinished beta versions of games to meeting marketing release dates.

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    EA simply because of their putting their hands in third party franchises for a reason, and then ruining the franchise with what they think will make them more money. Don't get me wrong, I am not in the camp of hating on businesses to dare and try to make as much money as possible from their product, but I think EA is wrong in thinking it knows better than these franchises what is best for them, from a business perspective.

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    I'd say mobile phone game companies are the biggest cancer. They're scummier than the scummiest PC/console companies.

    They make 90% of their money from addicted 12 year olds using their parents credit card in order to beat the "free" game.
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    Its like the four chaos gods. EA is the one that buys up competitors, milks them dry then dissolves them and is a detriment to variety as a whole. Ubisoft is the antithesis of standards and creativity, they produce reskins of the same shit again and again but the experience is less polished and more bug ridden each time. Bethesda are the greediest, dlc and season passes started with them, they resell the same game over half a dozen times on average and their content is bug ridden because they refuse to make a new engine and prefer to milk the same shit that ran morrowind in the 1990's. Finally you have Konami that arguabely have the best library of quality products of 4 the four but treats their staff like prisoners and even after they leave try to ruin their lives up to and including blocking their medical insurance applications and so on.

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    Right now? Ubisoft, EA, Valve, Konami, and Bethesda.

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    If we're talking about developers not publishers then its Blizzard. Fromsoftware and Capcom suck too.
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    Either EA or whoever shut down EQN.

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    At this point its easier to ask which company isn't a scumbag.

    OT: My vote goes for bethesda, purely for how hard are they going on entire overpriced micro dlc thing. And as honorary mention #fuckkonami

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    For me Trion. What they did to Rift the moment they took it F2P really rattled me because had they kept to the design philosophy and whole "no tricks no traps" crap then it would have been my 2nd MMO alongside WoW at the time.

    The game is essentially borderline p2w, the cash shop is flooded to hell to the point content comes out buggy/untested and the devs inability to accept criticism just grinds my gears.

    Microsoft comes to mind for monetising online play on console because now every sod is doing it. Not full on scumbag but more irritating.
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    Surprised with the lack of Activision. I think they have to much of an influence to Blizzard that ultimately leads them to sacrifice quality for more cash and end up making worse games than they used to. Blizzard before the merger was one of the best companies ever. I also hate EA for destroying sme of my beloved franchises and killing off their studios (RIP Westwood). They didn't even gave the new C&C a chance and just disbaned the whole studio after working on the new game for so long. Ubisoft is probably my 3rd hated company, their quality just seems to keep declining and they like to rush out games to much just to meet the holiday deadline.

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