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    Audio issue

    "Both the Windows Audio and the Windows Audio End Point Builder services must be running for audio to work correctly. Atleast one of these services isn't running."

    And yet I go to look it up..and they are both running. I can hear sounds through the speakers on the t.v but whenever I plug in a headphone it says the above statement and it wasn't like that until a month ago. Everything worked fine and then all of a sudden nothing works. My drivers and all are up to date...and gateway is of no help whatsoever. Any suggestions? Its shows that it "sees" the headphones when I plug them in and it says they work...yet they dont. btw I am running Windows 8.

    update, I went to plug a pair of headphones into the back of the computer and it workd...then it didn't...then windows said it worked...then right after it said it didnt. Could there be something blocking me from using these audio devices? Something that is checked or unchecked? As I was typing did it again...
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    Afaik you can't use both HDMI (which I assume you are using for the TV) and headphones at the same time without software to work around that. Someone else correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I was using my tv as my moniter and plantronics 7.1 Gaming headphones for a couple of months before this issue occured though.

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