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    PTR Ret - Arms, but worse?

    Does anyone else feel like Ret on the PTR just plays like an even more awkward version of Arms, or is it just me? Is it better in the beta? I kinda hate everything about my main now and that really sucks.
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    Not even slightly like Arms. But worse.
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    No, i find Ret much more methodical and consistent than arms, i cant think of another spec that is as rng reliant than arms

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    Well from PvP POV it does not matter if Ret preforms better than ARMs on PTR, on beta Arms deal way way more dmg than Ret in Arenas, has better mobility, has better team utility and oh ya that amazing this called MS. In entire wow history there was only 1 season when Ret was better than Arms (last season of Cata, the Dragon soul tier for your Ref my PvEr brothers in arms), hence it is very safe to assume arms always will be better than Ret, aka ret always will be worse than Arms

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