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    [Ret] Would love some dps tips...

    Hey guys,

    So some background: I'm the GM of a 6/7 heroic guild and want to make sure that I'm doing the absolute best dps possible, and am leading by example. I'm pretty new to Paladin (6 days /played), but it's become my main pretty quickly.

    Non-raid stats:
    Crit 11.85%
    Haste 9.04%
    Mastery 46.84%
    Mutlistrike 6.67%
    Versatility 4.51%

    I'm rocking the 4 piece PVP set because I read that the 9% damage boost is great for PVE, but is this true?



    Thanks, yo.

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    Missing some ring enchants. I'd start there.

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    They also nerfed the 4 piece bonus awhile ago, you'd probably be better off replacing with standard heroic gear.

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    info like this changes a lot but last I read 660 pvp 4 set still beats heroic and mythic gear until you can get 3-4 mythic pieces.

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    Its almost never worth it to Divine storm without the Final Verdict buff unless you're getting crazy back to back procs.

    You should start replacing your pvp pieces with Blackrock Foundry heroic gear as the 4 piece was nerfed into the dirt.

    You need to prepot 4 seconds before a fight so you can pot again during your second wings.

    Never use word of glory.

    In order to use Selfless healer better you have a few options. You can either make a macro to target your target (the boss targeting the tank) so like

    /tar [@targettarget, exists]
    /cast Flash of Light


    /tar focus
    /cast Flash of light
    /target last target

    or you can download an addon called clique, which you can literally just click frames to cast the spell without dropping your current target.

    You guys need to lust asap on pull, there is like a 6 second delay.

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