Hello, first of paladin is actually my alt, I main a priest.

After recently clearing 8/8 CM gold on my priest, which honestly was actually fairly easy, I decided to give it a shot on my paladin.

I went with more or less the same people except playing different characters, the setup in the priest clear clear was Disc/Blood dk/Frost mage/Dest warlock/Arms warrior and the setup for paladin was Holy paladin/Combat rogue/Hunter/Blood dk/Ele shaman.

Now on my priest I had a pretty easy time keeping the group alive which may simply be that disc is a lot stronger in cm than holy paladin (very likley the case) and I also respect that people probably play thier mains better than thier alts but for the most part we know each and every single trash pull and bosses in all the CMs, we know what packs need CDs and which CDs they need.

In comparison I am having a rediculously difficult time sustaining the group and even more so the tank than my priest, it doesn't feel like the damage going out is any higher than my priests clear, I just can't keep up, gear obviously has a major factor in CM and my paladins trinkets are fairly horrible for output, none the less I feel it should still be doable.

Could people who are experienced in clearing GOLD (not bronze daily runs, theres a big difference between pushing for gold and flapping around doing a daily) CM on thier paladin in WoD offer any advice as to what setups they run? i've tested sacred shield and eternal flame, frankly both feel like a load of crap but ultimately it felt like sacred shield pulled ahead if only slightly. Saved by the light felt like the way to go especially considering my issues with tank damage and clemency honestly doesn't even feel like an option, double hand of sac/protection is essential.

Due to being restricted on posting links because i've not been posted enough I can't give direct links to the armoury, so I'll have to provide names instead
Priest - Nizzy, Kazzak
Paladin - Fizzy, Kazzak

Any advice is most welcome, I don't care about people being nice to me, brutal honest advice about how to handle this content as a holy paladin is what I'm looking for.