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    Scotland, U.K
    any EU players that want to play sign up here

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    Go ahead and register, who register add me, I do a lottery every month and the winner receives a champion skin! My nickname "TiPaToLaS".


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    EU NE ->
    Please guys , i just need a little bit , thank you for understanding

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    US player here, I would appreciate it very much since every bit helps to the newbies! :P

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    NA servers:

    My IGN name is Logota. If you take the link feel free to add me and I'd be more than happy to play with new people or answer any questions you have.

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    Montreal, Canada
    NA Servers:

    IGN is Haidian, feel free to add me and we can play
    Badonkamonk, Raid Leader for <the password is mattress> on Korgath (US) -- We are recruiting, contact me at Haidian#1613.

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    if you wont to play wit me im lvl 30 KenohadziC EUW (going for gold elo, right now im silver III)

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    hello guys, here is my ref link (im new player on EUW, if you want to help me out using my ref, it would be awesome! )

    signup.leagueoflegends .com/?ref=51e3ad91254b0667242406


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    Above you.

    I'm relatively close to 25 friends and would like to get that 50 asap cause twitch is my favorite champion since season 0.
    Ex-Ensidia & Clarity-Twisting Nether member.

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    hi guys you guys seem nice

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    hi people. here is my ref link. enjoy the game

    http: //signup. leagueoflegends .com/?ref=4dcdf7e1a0912273801159

    take out the spaces

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    Would love it if someone used my EU West referral link:

    if you want I am also happy to help out new people learning the game, what to do and buy etc.

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    Would love if you could sing up with my referral link

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    Need 5 more referrals for 50 friends - please be kind - sign and share!

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    Unhappy want League of Legends clothes

    if you want League of Legends clothes, come here lolclothes (com)

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    For free cookies, press link!

    Also feel free to add Vindexi, EUW. I'll help you out while leveling when I can (Always alot more fun to play with others!)
    Hook 'till you're hooked!

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    for eu

    s2 silver s3 gold. this season gonna be plat. come play with me

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