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    No Halloween quests?

    I tried to get some information on the Halloween Event and found out that there are supposed to be quests associated with it. It starts with an in-game mail from Tassi. However I never got that mail and Tassi doesn't have any dialogue for me. Are those quests discontinued? Every guide I could find also uses a different map to Lion's Arch than the one that is in my game.

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    Quests? gw2 does not present quests at all, you've got different activities like the mad king dungeon, mad king labyrinth, clock tower that can be found by the doors on lion's arch, just look on the achievements tab so you can know what you can do to get some rewards like a title "master carver".
    Cod has a new campaign, new weapons, new multiplayer levels every year. Zelda has been recycling the same weapons, villains, and dungeons since the 80's. Zelda recycles enough to make cod blush. The same weapons, villains, dungeons, and princess in every single Zelda for the most part. It's almost as cheesy as bowser vs Mario round 35

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    I think that tassi stuff was from 2012, where they did have some form of a 'quest' where in the end you got the mad king memoires backpiece.

    but they don't have that now, you just doe achievements and events in the labyrinth or mad clock tower n stuff

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    Here you go:

    You are right, Peanut. The quest to obtain the Mad Memories backpack was only available in 2012. Probably the closest thing we have to it this year is the quest to obtain Nightfury - the ascended shoulder item that is not actually a shoulder skin but a cloud of bats around your character (you can see the effect in your wardrobe). It has been dubbed Nightfury, Blessed Shoulders of the Swag Seeker! and there's a bunch of players trying to unlock the puzzle. Still, as you can see from the link I provided there's tons of activities, things to do, and tons of unique prizes to collect this year.

    For the record, I'm predicting that Nightfury will be the item that players will be looking at in the future going how on earth did you get that? There's a reason those Tattered Bat Wing scraps are going for 12g a pop lol.
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