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    Angry Getting disconnected - everybody is gone!

    I have been trying to do a couple of events (Tequatl, Megadestroyer etc), there where a lot of people so was expecting to get it down np. Instead i get disconnected early during the event (just started attack boss/during pre), and when i get back in everyone is gone. Like if there was 100 people before, there would be 5-10 now. Event wouldnt even be at the same point. Can anyone explain what is happening here exactly?

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    In most cases, I understand the other side's viewpoint and how they came to it, but cannot tolerate their stubbornness to not see mine (the right one).

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    There is not just one map when you do Teq or any other bosses. Once a megaserver is full, a new one is created. When you get kicked out, fat chance it's replaced by someone new (some try to get on another map on purpose). This means you get dropped in probably a new map that hasn't been 'filled' with people.

    Do you disconnect often? I don't know how your computer can handle the game, but I heard of people that lowered their settings to avoid disconnection.

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    Game runs perfectly, only had 2 disconnects, both today when i thought i would finally get those bosses. Also how does that megaserver work? I recall at release when i last played, it would tell me if i was in "overflow" and then give me a chance at some point to join the "real" server, haven't seen that recently.

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    They recently got rid of the overflow system. Now when you zone into a map anyone from any server can be put into that map as well. When it's full a new one is created. People repping the same guild and/or in the same party are given priority to being in the same version of the map. I'd suggest for those big events to always find at least one other person to group up with. That way if you get DC'ed you have a higher chance of getting back into the same map.

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    Ah thanks for clearing that up, and the tip, will remember that in the future

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