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    Free Mystery Gifts

    I got mine today.. and it was kat katarina. Wasn't really a skin I wanted but it was free so thank you riot. What did you get? My smurf received sad robot amumu that is better and I planned to learn amumu anyway. Pretty sure that is a sign.
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    On EUW, haven't received anything yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchel View Post
    On EUW, haven't received anything yet
    Only one of my accounts on N/A got it but my Euw account hasn't received anything yet...

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    Nothing on NA yet, they do it in waves to not blow up the game apparently lol
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    EUW and Nothing yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gallahadd View Post
    EUW and Nothing yet.
    Wouldn't have made this thread so soon. If I knew it was gonna take this long for all the mystery gifts lol.
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    Free mystery gifts? What? Where?

    Edit: So apparently you get a free mystery gift when you've been a positive player.
    I once got reported for verbal abuse during a game in which I had literally not used chat at all and got a chat restriction for it.
    This is what Riot thinks is fair?
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    You don't get restrictions for being reported once. You don't get restrictions instantly after a game.

    Odds are, yes it was fair.


    EUNE, nothing here yet. Will see it appear when it does.

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    I got northern front Swain. I prefer tyrant, but it's still a good looking skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duilliath View Post
    You don't get restrictions for being reported once. You don't get restrictions instantly after a game.

    Odds are, yes it was fair.


    EUNE, nothing here yet. Will see it appear when it does.
    I have actually been restricted from ranked once on my main but they haven't looked into it and they still consider me a positive player.

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    Bonescythe Shyvana, meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koruun View Post
    Bonescythe Shyvana, meh.
    Ill trade u kat katarina for it.

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    frostfire annie

    i dont really mind it tbh its a free skin, plus i didnt have any annie sking before anyways in oceanic now Lol

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    Frostfire Annie on low lvl NA account.
    Masked Shaco on low lvl EU account.
    Nothing so far on main EU account, I was good tho :|

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    Ill trade you scuba graggy for any xerath skin

    I did get forcast janna on one of my smurfs though.
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    My wife got Steel legion Garen on RU server, nothing for me tho, as well as on EUNE
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    Celestine Soraka, and 2 big fuck you :3

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    Blade Queen Liss. Not bad, considering I wasn't expecting a skin when I logged in.

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    I got Primal Udyr.

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    no way I'll get one

    good thing I don't play LoL anymore
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