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    Are you going to pre-order?

    Since the SWTOR servers are going to be capped player wise when they launch,are you going to pre-order a copy of the game to ensure you can get access?

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    Already did, a long time ago.
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    same, although probably too late for the first round of early start

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    I pre-ordered it 3 days after they were announced .-.

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    You seem to be missing the options "Pre-ordered the the week they started pre-orders" and "I'm already chilling in the VIP Star Wars Champagne Room"
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    what yaij said
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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    Already did, a long time ago.
    In a galaxy far away?
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    Yeah i'm going to preorder. I just might wait till the NDA is lifted to get more feedback about the game.

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    pre-ordered the first day you could.

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    preordered within hours of it opening, quicker early access

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    Pre orderd ages ago. But soon realised i orderd it via a poor deliverying website. So pre orderd it again. My nephew can have the other copy lol.

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    Pre-ordered Digital Deluexe about a month ago =)

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    No, I wont pre-order .
    I can wait, just like I do with every game. And until December is still a lot of time... I change my mind a lot so pre-orders for me are bad things to do lol

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    Did the 24th of July! 2 days after the PreOrders went live. Couldn't get it earlier since I was on Holiday ...
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    I did pre-order 2 times so far

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    You mean people haven't already! What craziness is this!

    I was one of those people who just happened to be online at 3 in the morning when pre-orders went live teehee.

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    Where is the "I preordered the day preorders came out" option?
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    Pre-ordered on the second day it was available.

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    No. I don't pre-order games unless I get to play a demo or beta pre-release . I can wait.

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    I'm still not sure...I have had bad experiences with pre ordered games in the past and with this one being so close to Christmas its making me feel even more uneasy.

    I could go for the digital d/l and that would probably be the best bet but nearly 40 gig's of data to d/l is also making me wonder if its the right choice.

    I might just go to the store on release day (like a 10 min drive from my house) and pick it up there,then Im guaranteed to play on release day and also get a boxed version...only downside to this is that ill miss the early access ><

    So yeah I still have no clue wtf to do :/

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