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    The Mandate

    A friend just showed me this game which had a successful Kickstarter not too long ago and even though the graphics are a smidge dated from the stuff I saw, I do like the looks of it.

    Official Site
    Mandate Wiki


    Backstory and Game Concept

    The Destroyers

    The Captain We Need?

    SHIP CONCEPTS: Ships (weapons, rooms, sizes, everything!)

    Your Crew:The Crew and You
    This is the part that interested me the most I think. Making your crew a big part of the game instead of focusing just on the ships or you.
    (That and "As the crew is layered according to title, so too is the ship according to system. Pierce the energy shields, then the armor plating and bulkheads before puncturing the hull. Once the hull is breached, watch as the crew within that area - or subsystem - is vented into space.")

    Interactive Links: (Unity Web Player required)
    Personally I don't have and don't care for the thingy I have to download, but if anyone does want to check them out feel free to report back!!
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    Yeah I saw this a while ago, I was in doubt if to kickstart it myself or not, but in the end I already had 2-3 kickstarter and did not want to add a new one but the game looks interesting enough
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