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Thread: Stampede in 7.2

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    Stampede in 7.2

    I have a hunter alt that just hit 100, about the same time 7.2 came along. I picked up Stampede to try it out.

    Is it working correctly? I've tested it maybe 5-6 times now, and seen it do dmg once! The rest, it doesn't seem to do anything. The graphics show up, but there's no dmg done. Does it have to be aimed, or targetted in some particular way that I'm missing?

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    i meant if the mob moves then yea it wont do damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agallion View Post
    i meant if the mob moves then yea it wont do damage.
    How far are we talking? If it moves 2 yards to the side, is it normal for it to not take dmg anymore?

    I just tried it again on a rare my pet was tanking. It might have moved around very slightly, but in the end I got 2 hits in from stampede (counted by Skada), doing 0.8% of my total dmg. Something feels very off.

    Edit: A few more tries with the same result. The enemy is standing completely stationary, the graphics from the charging beasts are going straight through the target. No dmg done.

    Could someone that's familiar with how it's supposed to work, test it?
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    I agree wth OP, cant get it to work either. Should be placed aoe maybe to make it more clear.

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    Dunno about Stampede, but something is off with AoE skills. I was playing my Paladin this morning (before going to work) and Divine Storm was causing no damage most of the time.

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    Lots of bugs, just report it

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    Several AoE spells are currently broken. Sindragosas Fury and Howling Blast or Frost DKs. Mage AoE.

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    Strange it shouldnt be that narrow of a window, report the bug and try on target dummies to see whats close enough.

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