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    BM Set-bonus importance over all?

    Hi good people,

    I really only have one question and it is regarding the absolute weight and importance of set-bonuses for tier 19 for BM spec.

    I am one of those players where "bad luck" protection seems to have no impact...no mantle for example and my set-pieces are LFR and the next ilvl ones will just not drop for me, we have cleared normal NH and are 4/10 HC atm.
    I know it´s not far in and we have not cleared it that many times yet either so of course they will drop eventually but we also do M+ up to 10-11 weekly and all loot from them i cannot use since losing set-bonus will gimp me hard and the feeling not being able to ilvl increase is kinda bumming.

    Why is the 4-p bonus so damn good that it outweighs pretty much everything?

    Toon: Yomby, realm Aggramar-EU, legendarys: KJ, head, apex, belt, zephus

    Thankful for any response and maybe some idea´s for a workaround, feels like i just can´t progress my dps at all atm.

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    Higher uptime on Bestial Wrath = More Kill Commands = More DPS.

    It's just how the cookie crumbles.

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    This has been an intentional design choice from Blizzard since Vanilla. Best to just acknowledge it and move forward. "Bad luck protection" obviously does not mean what you think it means.

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    Regardless of any ilevel drop, T19 4-pc > all

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    Quote Originally Posted by nToxik View Post
    Regardless of any ilevel drop, T19 4-pc > all
    Is not exactly like this but almost. LFR set (860) is better then if u use ilv 900 on those 4 slots.
    But nothing better then simc to see what better, use it.

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