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    [Weakauras] Hunter Complete Suite (Legion)

    This is a vertical aura set for Marks and BM. Rotation help included. I also have horizontal Survival auras!

    *Updated Nov. 11th*
    BM & MM : Now shows abilities with cooldowns if you are out of combat and have a target selected. Murder of Crows no longer glows, but it does shake if you haven't used it (because sometimes you want to hold off on it until a mob is going to die in 15sec). Blue icons now mean you do not have enough focus to cast them. Red means do not cast or out of range.
    MM : Re-added Marked Shot glow recommendation if only one mob has Hunters Mark on it (single target).
    BM : Cobra Shot now glows during Bestial Wrath (if at least 3 seconds left on Kill Command CD). Removed the sound on Beast Cleave.
    Did some other smaller changes for polish.

    If you are updating, delete "children and group" the old auras.

    Requires latest WeakAuras update

    I love the idea of vertical auras for a hunter, it just makes sense to me. I know it's not for everyone but if you are interested I would like your feedback. My goal is that you can just look at your character and these aura's and between them make an informed decision with how to proceed. The glowing auras are only a guideline but I try to take as much as you can into account. Let me know if you have an idea for improvement! I've gotten many solid suggestions from people that I have implemented. Also, I would like to hear about any bugs.

    I may have started with Blueteeth's Weak Aura set but i've made countless revisions since then.

    GIF: Marks

    The red bar to the left of Aimed Shot is for Vulnerable. The orange text that shows up in the corner of the Aimed Shot icon is the number of free Aimed shots available from a Lock and Load proc

    Sidewinders has a lot going on. The bar that appears to the left of it is a progress bar for "Marking Targets". The green boxes above the icon are Charges, the red boxes indicate the cooldown. I have a LOT of checks to decide whether it glows or not, always could be more but this should get most situations.

    Marked Shot now always glows when it is up. Use at your discretion. You may have both it and Aimed Shot glowing, you'll just have to decide, too many edge cases. Aimed Shot will turn red if Vulnerable will not be on the target by the time you finish casting.

    The blue number in the top right of the Marked Shots icon is the number of mobs affected by your Hunter's Mark.

    To clarify, if a button is glowing that means it is usually a good time to cast it. The exception is Marked Shot, which will always glow. To explain what glows when and why, check out Azortharion's Icy-Veins guide. That's what I based it on, also reviewing high end logs from warcraft logs.

    GIF: Survival

    >>Download Here<<

    Google Doc
    Google Doc -

    Wago collection link

    Video: my 6.2 video, old but I kept the structure

    My other WA collections
    Warrior, Mage, Death Knight, Prot Paladin & Destro Warlock
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    Gonna give this a try, thanks man!

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    Thanks Cheeztv. Anyone else tried it out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by khakhan View Post
    Thanks Cheeztv. Anyone else tried it out?
    Not yet but it is on my to-do-list for the weekend. Let you know my comments

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    Is it possible to use just the blademaster, rapid fire and ring weak auras, or does it have to be as a complete set?

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    Import the set and delete everything you don't want.
    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post
    *bro fist*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xloudman View Post
    Is it possible to use just the blademaster, rapid fire and ring weak auras, or does it have to be as a complete set?
    The main blademaster aura is in Trinkets and just the bar is in Trinkets Bar. Rapid Fire has 3 aura's in "Hunter CD's". The legendary ring is already separate.

    Just click the little < arrow for each to pull them out and, as Arcanimus said, just delete "children and group" the rest of the auras.

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    I started using your MM WeakAuras an couple of week ago and love them so much. They gives me the exact information I need. Really like the trinket dmg overview.

    Also started using your Prot/Glad war WA and they are just as good.

    Keep up the good work

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    Great WA modification, I'm just started using it for hunter and for mage. Thanks, keep up to date it

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    Thanks for the support guys.

    Added a few things to the main post:
    Google Doc
    Updated the Legendary Ring aura, so it works when someone else uses the ring and has a better cooldown display (A bar). This does make it only work for hunters / maalus ring users.
    Updated Rotation and Talents Aura's so there's much less overlap for glowing aura's (Aimed + Steady for example).
    Small change to Focus Bar, when you aren't using your GCD it shows a purple bar instead of red (more distinct).

    *If you download updates, be sure to delete "Children and Group" the old auras*

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    Keep up the good work, I am using it for a 2 weeks and they are very, very nice

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    Is there a way to "unlock" the groups? i want to move certain icons around but it moves the group as a whole. I have just been copying the settings and creating a stand alone of each one. also i am trying to rotate the rotation icons to horizontal is there a way to do that as well?

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    Bnugs asl Kharkan alrady wrote:
    You can always open the group with the little +/< and then click the little curved arrow to move one of the auras out of the group(possibly to another) or modify the single auras positioning instead of the whole groups. Think of groups as containers or folders where the individual auras for a single icon or bar, text are contained in. You can move things in and out of a group or delete individual items or whole groups.

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    bNugs, to move individual icons you have to either pull them out of the group (little < arrow) or manually enter in a new position under "Display - X / Y Offset" for each aura, there are likely several auras stacked on each other. Which leads me to... it would be no small feat to change everything to horizontal, every individual aura would have to be moved and lined up properly. Certainly doable but it would take time. I know the vertical auras are unusual but I just like it for my hunter, if you decide to go through with making it horizontal i'd like to see the strings!

    P. S. Lining up the icon's is easier if you drag the first one where you want it, then manually enter in the x & y value for each of the copies position.

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    Added 2 new highly optional but I think very useful weak aura's from the MAN, Genki. Also added the 715 Heirloom trinket to the trinkets / trinket bar. I am not sure what to change from here, open to ideas!

    Genki's GCD / Cast Bar. from WA2 Forum Thread
    Genki's Chimaera Shot Idle Timer

    The GCD / Cast Bar is a cast bar replacement that shows a bar for your GCD after you use each ability. Since you always want to be casting or waiting for the GCD I love it!
    The second is an Idle timer for Chimaera Shot. You *always* want to use Chimaera, every 9 seconds, I have the glow already but it's just so important I wanted an even stronger reminder.

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    Updated Beast Mastery and Marksmanship for 7.0 (Legion pre-patch)

    Made a new GIF but no video yet. Uploaded a collection to wago. Just click "Export" for each of the 7 groups and import them to weak aura's one at a time.


    Wago download link
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    Quote Originally Posted by khakhan View Post
    Updated Beast Mastery and Marksmanship for 7.0 (Legion pre-patch)

    Made a new GIF but no video yet. Uploaded a collection to wago. Just click "Export" for each of the 7 groups and import them to weak aura's one at a time.


    Wago download link
    I am using your WA from the beginning and I do thank you for the update

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    Thanks Lockica! Did a more thorough update, fixed many bugs either I or Legion had introduced.


    Download Link:

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    Thanks for this Khakhan. Been using the vertical setup since 6.x. I really like the vertical next to my toon, as opposed to underneath, so that I don't have to look away from the action. Much appreciated!

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