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    BM Question

    Hey fellow Hunters/BM peeps!

    Just wondering what exotic pets did you guys get because you thought it was badass looking? I haven't gotten any pets yet since I'm new to Hunter. But I do want to get a T-Rex as a pet.

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    Gara is the best! But I really liked the porcupines. The green one for sure.

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    Looks amazing and it gives you a lovely haste buff to boot.

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    Got lucky with King Krush. Haven't used anything else since.

  5. #5 gives you pictures of eeeevrything. Go browse and figure out what pet you want. The also have the rare/special/unique pets in a section so you can be unique, just like everyone else, with them.

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    Since my raid covers all the buffs, I am using Gara as my main pet, and have four different wolves in my pocket. Then when I use stampede the pack looks awesome

    Next week I am going with clefthooves just to fuck with the melee.
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    I hear the giant bird from Talador is pretty annoying to them, but really... nobody complains that much about pets obscuring the screen.

    What you really, really, really want to do is get five shale spiders. Because if I forget to flip to another pet, or keep it out for stats in a dungeon, I get a complaint about that attack sound three runs out of four. People *hate* it so much. (Not that I like it, WTB "shale creatures" and a shale worm just to change it up a bit...)

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    I think Loque is the coolest of the bunch.

    The spirit bird is also pretty cool.

    Also - I don't know if it was a coincidence, but I tamed 4 spirit beasts within a half hour by realm group transferring to an RP realm. All pets I was trying to get for a while, too (Skoll, Skarr, spirit bird, and a spirit lion in Zul'Drak).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waylay73 View Post
    Got lucky with King Krush. Haven't used anything else since.
    Finally got Loque'nahak today. Goodbye King Krush.

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    Just wondering, do the stats change? If the pet is a Rare and an Elite compared to a normal pet? Because I remember back in vanilla WoW, it matters right o.o?

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