Patch 9.2 Hotfixes - March 28, 2022
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Death Knight
  • Unholy
    • All damage increased by 5%.

  • Feral
    • All damage increased by 3%.
    • Primal Wrath damage increased by 10%.
    • Brutal Slash damage increased by 20%.
    • Swipe damage increased by 15%.
    • Thrash damage increased by 20%.
  • Guardian
    • [With realm restarts] (4) Set Bonus: Architect's Aligner now deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets.
      Developer note: Architect’s Aligner dealing damage to an uncapped amount of targets is inconsistent with the philosophy we applied earlier in Shadowlands to other similar abilities. As such, we are implementing a fix to this bonus that reduces the amount of damage done beyond 5 targets. Additionally, we will be watching the performance of this bonus and will make additional adjustments if the need arises. Thank you for the feedback regarding this bonus!

  • Beast Mastery
    • Beast Cleave now deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets (was 5).
    • All damage increased by 3%.

  • Mistweaver
    • Spinning Crane Kick damage increased by 30%.

  • Outlaw
    • Blade Flurry now strikes nearby enemies for 50% of normal damage (was 40%).

  • Elemental
    • All damage increased by 5%.

  • Destruction
    • All damage increased by 5%.

  • Ignore Pain now ignores 55% of the damage (was 50%).
  • Protection
    • Demoralizing Shout now reduces the damage enemies deal to you by 25% (was 20%).
    • Ignore Pain now reduces the cost of Ignore Pain to 35 Rage (was 40 Rage).
    • Spell Reflection cooldown reduced to 20 seconds (was 25 seconds).
    • Vanguard reduces all damage taken by 15% (was 10%).

Dungeons and Raids
  • Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
    • The Grand Menagerie
      • Fixed an issue where Gluttonous Feast could fail to cast at the beginning of The Grand Menagerie encounter in Tazavesh.
  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    • Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener
      • [With realm restarts] Skolex's health has been reduced by ~6% in Mythic and Heroic difficulties.
    • Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle
      • [With realm restarts] Dausegne’s health has been reduced by ~6% in Heroic difficulty.
      • [With realm restarts] Disintegration Halo vulnerability reduced to 200% in Normal and Raid Finder difficulties.
    • Lords of Dread
      • [With realm restarts] Swarm of Darkness and Swarm of Decay caused by Mal'Ganis' Unto Darkness will now increase all damage taken by 100% rather than only area-of-effect abilities.
        Developer note: When originally creating the Unto Darkness and Swarm abilities for the Lords of Dread, the idea was intended to be in the flavor of the dreadlords turning into an actual swarm and being adversely affected by area-of-effect abilities such as Flamestrike. However, the way it played out was that this proved to be very limiting in which classes could perform at a required level for harder difficulties. We're making a change to update the vulnerability from area-of-effect damage to all damage taken so that every damage class can enjoy the phase equally.
  • Rygelon
    • [With realm restarts] Reduced boss health by 5% on Heroic difficulty.
    • [With realm restarts] Reduced the damage of Stellar Decay by 20% on Heroic difficulty.
    • [With realm restarts] Reduced the health of Unstable Quasars by approximately 33% on Heroic difficulty.
    • Fixed an issue with Corrupted Wound’s spell description in the Dungeon Journal. Functionality remains unchanged.
  • The Jailer
    • Fixed an issue with Diverted Life Shield's spell description that caused it to display the improper amount of healing. It will now properly show it heals 2% per tick.

Zereth Mortis
  • Bauble of Pure Innovation now respawns more quickly.

Items and Rewards
  • The Optional Reagent slot for Legendary Crafting can now also be unlocked by completing the campaign quest “The Crown of Wills”.
  • Players must now be on the ground to activate the Personal Containment Trap Toy.
  • Certified Vouchsafe's cast bar can now be interrupted by moving your character.
  • Cache of Acquired Treasures will now begin cycling the weapons you can rummage through just before it comes off cooldown.
  • Cosmic Gladiator's Eternal Aegis - Corrected an issue that could cause the absorb shield to incorrectly fully absorb large single attacks that exceed the remaining absorb amount.

  • Characters who experienced a bug which prevented the achievement "Renowned" from being earned should now properly earn their achievement upon login if they have 80 Renown.

Pet Battles
  • You can now properly queue for a pet battle with the "Find Battle" button while in Zereth Mortis.

Player versus Player
  • War Mode
    • In War Mode, Kbato's damage versus other player's Kbatos in the "Knocking On Death's Door" quest has been reduced.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Chain Heal to heal vehicles in battlegrounds.
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  1. erifwodahs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    I wonder if you even play the game your posting this about? Because this "logic" makes no sense with the current DPS tuning and ranks in SFO atm.
    Destro is insanely powerful tho if you play FOR it. Buff was needed for noobs who don't know how to play it or people who play with noob teams which pull 5 mobs. They should have buffed it via specific spell buffs rather than flat dmg. When MDI comes in, you will see destros doing 60k-70k overall but people who play destro and play with pugs will be stuck with crap dmg because "normal" pugs don't know how to play with a destro in your group.
  1. rrayy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sylenna View Post
    on saturday i actually had to wait for about ten minutes for a group to fill up for the world boss. and we started pulling with ten players..
    Keyword here is Saturday. Everyone has already done their kill for the week by then. I guarantee you do it at the weekly reset you will have a ton of players.
  1. Loveliest's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mhyroth View Post
    It's an MMO though. Where are the people.
    Not in the morning. Up to about 6am you see ppl still, who haven't gone to sleep. After that, after 12-2pm... I know because I always play in the morning and it's dead time.

    Also people kill the world boss on reset day. Next few days is just alts, if you care enough about then and some people who postpone chances to get gear.

    And tbh world boss drops 259 which might have been an upgrade at the start but now, not so much. If you didn't have decent gear to begin with, you probably won't bother with the world boss either (unless, as I said, alts).
  1. sylenna's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bullseyed View Post
    This would mean there are other groups filling on LFG.

    Also everyone does it Tuesday, so Saturday seems meaningless.
    phew, we live in the world of warcraft. especially with all the underlying tech we should be able to draw players better together. also: the weekend is for gaming!
  1. Akerfeldt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Feral Druid ist Op View Post
    thankfully not casuals like you, stay in your lfr if you dont know shit about this game stop watching world first vids with demos geting 12 PIs, shout and faery infusion buffs lol
    casuals like me who raid in top guilds kek funny. do you even know what warcraftlogs is :v ?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by KOUNTERPARTS View Post
    I wonder if you even play the game your posting this about? Because this "logic" makes no sense with the current DPS tuning and ranks in SFO atm.
    oh rly? how come it doesnt make sense when they're buff specs that belong to a class that is already owning the raid, and others classes are pure trash.
  1. Daan's Avatar
    Where is the SV Hunter nerf for m+?

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