Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to everyone! 2011 should get interesting very soon with a minor class balancing patch incoming in the next few weeks (see Upcoming Class Changes) and probably patch 4.1 following a few weeks later.

For the moment, I'm sure most of you still have to level/gear up and try to see most of the content available in the expansion and you probably still have a few days without work to succeed.

Contest Guides - Glory of the Cataclysm Hero, Shadow Priest, Arms Warrior PvE
Another wave of guides is being released today!

Contest Runner Up - Magm...awwwwwwwwwwww
I wasn't kidding when I said that being original could make you win something in the contest, ikki42's entry was very surprising and proves that you can make anything cute, even Magmaw.

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  1. Thalassocnus's Avatar
    I must say, the truly unique, although limited in scope, Magmaw tutortial was probably my fave of those shown.

    I, however, have an issue with the guide to Cata Hero: At least several of these, the difficulty rating foir the achieve seems made up on the spot: What metric is employed, and how to I evaluate it? As a scientist, I am firmly in the camp that lampoons such values by saying "90% of all statistics are made up." In this case, the relative ease of completing the achievement in the manner as proscribed would be that easy ... except I do not think it is intended for the player to have to die to achieve it. In point, "It's Frost Damage" seems particularly hard, not only because Ripsnarl is one of the more difficult bosses, but because the instance itself is often laboriously complex with a gimmick fight (Foe Reaper) and al mechanical fight (Glubtok) preceding them, challenging classic players who are used to spank-and-tank and aoe. I would personally have been more careful in describing these achievements, and made it less about achieving the Drake and more about testing the mettle of those who attempt them (not cheating them, like the old "trick" on the Lich King chase in HoR by standing behind him).

    Some of them are often quite shy on details (I would have easily explained that several of these achievements can be completed OVER TIME, on different lockouts, while others can be completed after the instance is over, such as Extra Credit Bonus Stage -- which for the record, I've found well over 8 orbs, some of which don't require you to launch off the platforms in any way, or engage Altairus, etc.). Extra detail and completeness would have benefited this guide immensely.
  1. Mithrilina's Avatar
    Haha, the Magmaw tutorial is brilliant! We need more raid boss tutorials like this, please!

    Made my afternoon. :-)

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