A Future for Alcaz Island?
I was poking at the Patch 4.2 game files during the week end and it looks like Blizzard has a couple of plans for Alcaz Island, a new map "Scenario, Alcaz Island" seems to be in the game files.



It looks like the zone will be instanced at some point, and available as a "Scenario". I couldn't find anything else on "scenario" in the game files but it's very unusual to have an additional information such as this one in the name of the Map. The only exception is "Transport:" maps and we could potentially be looking at a new type of instance here.

The "Expansion" field of the Map.dbc is set to "3" and seems to point to Cataclysm content but there's also the slight possibility that it's early data from the next expansion that got mislabeled.

Firelands / Molten Front Daily Quests - Progression Breakdown
A few days ago, Spl4sh3r posted a fairly useful list on the forums to try to explain how much time it will take you to unlock the different phases of the Firelands / Molten Front Daily Quests.

Phases Description
Phase 1 - Beginning
Phase 2 - Molten Front
Phase 3 - Choose between Druids of the Talon and Shadow Wardens
Phase 4 - Choosing the other option from Phase 3
Phase 5 - Choosing "Additional Armaments" (See Firelands Daily Quests Rewards)
Phase 6 - Choosing "Filling the Moonwell" (See Firelands Daily Quests Rewards)

Time to unlock the Flameward Hippogryph Mount - 30 Days

Amount of Marks Earned Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Phase 6
One time Quests 16 x 15 x 5 x 5 x 4 x 15 x
Beginning Daily Quests 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x
Molten Front Daily Quests N/A 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x
Faction 1 Daily Quests N/A N/A 9 x 9* x 9* x 9* x
Faction 2 Daily Quests N/A N/A N/A 9* x 9* x 9* x
Armaments Daily Quests N/A N/A N/A 5 x 4 x 4 x
Total Marks Needed 20 x 150 x 150 x 125 x 125 x 125 x
Time to Complete 1 Day 10 Days 7 Days 7 Days 5 Days 5 Days
(*) You can only complete quests from the Phase 3 or Phase 4 on a given day, not both phases, resulting in a total of 9 Marks for that day.

Reminder - RaidComp up to date for Patch 4.2!
There wasn't any major change to raiding mechanics in 4.2, which means that RaidComp still works for Patch 4.2! Check it out if you're wondering how to optimize your raid composition!

Firelands Raid Trash - Who wants to be a millionaire?
This video from Mione shows why Blizzard had to hotfix the trash of the Firelands raid instance earlier this week.

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  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Spl4sh3r View Post
    If you have done the first faction dailies you can't do the second faction ones, its one faction dailies per day
    u miss read me it says on the front page under 2nd faction unlocked

    ARMANAMENTS DAILY QUESTS 5 marks at p4 which im at

    which i cant find the quests for
  1. Zonzo's Avatar
    lol at hunter soloing trash, OP class is OP
  1. Seanzee's Avatar
    Several notes. I find it highly unlikely that Alcaz will be a BG. First of all, there is little reason for the two factions to fight over it. Second of all, the island is currently in the game already, and is not very big. If they were to convert it to a instanced scenario, they couldn't scale it much larger without things seeming rather un-realistic. So, the likelihood of it being a BG...is well, non-existent.
    If you do a little research, Alcaz is currently being held by the Naga, and it is apparent that they are guarding something. Now, I definitely believe this has to do with Cataclysm lore in some way. Remember, Queen Azshara has been a suspected plot line for cataclysm for some time. Not to mention with her appearances in Dark Shore quest lines. I'd assume that this might be closely related to her, and I suspect to see her as an antagonist in this expansion.
    Final note..This whole DK's are OP crap is pretty dumb. People complaining that they are always OP, and they were only bad for one season. Okay, well, play a little PVE first, and you'll realize that DK's are balanced very well in PVE. In fact, in all the rankings I've looked at, they are somewhere in the middle.
    The only reason DK's were able to solo FL trash, is because they are the only class with a reliable, efficient, AOE snare. It doesn't make them OP at all. It doesn't take a class being OP to kite a group of adds that you can easily keep snared.
    If they aren't balanced for PVP....welcome to WoW. They can't keep pvp and pve balanced. If they nerf them for pvp, then guess what? I might as well delete my DK. Then again, WoW is obviously all about Arena, right?
  1. insertacoolname's Avatar
    I don't know if any of you have Android phones... if you do you might have the droid armory app. On the app there is a dungeon guide, and in the Cataclysm dungeon catagory you find... Alcaz island and Nexus, I do not know if this is a mistake or blizzards little hint about what is coming. If you press either of these dungeons at the moment the app crashes and must be relaunched...

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