MMO-Champion Guardian Cub Tradeable Pet Giveaway
The new Guardian Cub is now available and the first ones will be tradeable in 24H and we're giving away 15 of them!

  • The giveaway is for 15 x Guardian Cub companion pets. You can obviously only win one.
  • To enter the giveaway, just reply to this post!
  • The giveaway will be closed 24H after posting this news and winners will be chosen randomly.

Do not bother trying to cheat the system with dual accounts and things like that, we can track them down pretty easily and it will disqualify you automatically. Good luck!

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  1. Darkley's Avatar
    /roll Hope i roll the highest! :P
  1. axzer's Avatar
    oh lawd......
  1. r1337b's Avatar
    I'd like to get one, please ;D
  1. Schadret's Avatar
    Replying to win.
  1. Scyzer's Avatar
    hello my name is jill
  1. Exhale's Avatar
    Despite the haters, I want one!
  1. Rollan's Avatar
    Yes please!
  1. ORangoO's Avatar
    I feel confident that luck is on my side!
  1. Kureel's Avatar
    One cub to go with my mount
  1. Shinen's Avatar
    Damn too short messages.
  1. C02goddess's Avatar
    So cute! I want one.
  1. warlordgrub's Avatar
    sweet deal here !
  1. Galnd's Avatar
    I'd love to have one of these!
  1. thesmlnbndt's Avatar
    Here's hoping for some good luck.
  1. Flesher's Avatar
  1. Palapanese's Avatar
    Sweet Would have one ;P
  1. Keyley's Avatar
    I can has pet?
  1. Timeless's Avatar
  1. Adam552's Avatar
    Good luck everyone!
    Probability of winning is like 1/25000+ :O
  1. Soul677's Avatar
    Very cute pet ^-^ Good luck to everyone.

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