Tonight's beta build added a lot of audio! Here are some of the more interesting ones...

Warlock Pet Emotes
The pet emotes are played in the following order: Fel Imp, Observer, Shivarra, Voidlord, and Wrathguard.

Theramore Scenario Jaina Dialogue
This is Jaina's dialogue from the Theramore Scenario.

Pandaren Children Voices
Pandaren Children have some interesting voices!

Chen Stormstout
Chen got voiceovers for almost every quest that he is involved in!

Lorewalker Cho
Lorewalker Cho takes you through some quests and lore with his voiceovers.

Horde and Alliance Pandaren Introductions
This is the audio that plays during the Pandaren being accepted into the Horde or Alliance.


Song of the Luilang Music
Two versions of the Song of the Luilang appeared in tonight's build!

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  1. Chinscream's Avatar
    The imp sounds like Invader Zim. I am 120% okay with this.
  1. AmerikanRejekt's Avatar
    No one mentions Billy from Grim Adventures? For shame.
  1. STONE001's Avatar
    thumbs up Good luck!
  1. Velshin's Avatar
    Such awesome stuff I think Jaina with that dialog possibly will become the Sylvanas version of the Alliance in term of bad assness
  1. Barrtus's Avatar
    jaina just pretty nice

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