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Warcraft Movie Cast Announcement
Legendary announced that Daniel Wu and Clancy Brown will also be joining the Warcraft movie cast. Daniel Wu recently appeared in Europa Report and Clancy Brown regularly appears in and does voices for TV shows. It isn't his first time working on a Warcraft project though, as he was Thrall in the cancelled Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans game.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords of Draenor Music
Is there going to be any new music in WoD? I find it surprising that nobody has asked this question. I love the music in the game and wondering if they've kept up to the scale and quality of previous expansions.
As always, you can expect some new music in the expansion. I couldn't answer as to how much yet, but if you look back over the years, you'll see that we've added many hours of music on a fairly consistent basis. Also, being able to see the Draenei and Karabor in a new light should be illuminating to the auditory system. We'll do what we can to provide any sneak listens or insights we can along the path to the release of the expansion. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Warlords of Draenor Timeline
I guess im bothered that actions in this past, wont affect present day. it's considered "separate".
Iron Horde orcs are pouring through the Dark Portal into your home. It will absolutely be affecting your present day... and you were just starting to make a sandwich. Jerks. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Legendary Cloak Effort
The point of this thread is to state.... this is by far the most complcated time consuming Legendary ever in this game.
Hah, well thanks for laying it out visually. I think we like how it worked out in essence, ultimately having something for even the LFR player to work toward over a long period of time is a great goal to have for people. Definitely a lot of lessons learned on how we can make steps feel less grindy, and maybe make the experience more cohesive. But having that kind of Legendary doesn't necessarily preclude us from also having a Legendary that's maybe class specific and more of a personal challenge like Fangs, or something like the Warlock green fire quest. We don't think it necessarily has to be one or the other. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Character / Items
That's an answer to a different question. Currently spirit does nothing for mage, but something for SPriest.
We allowed the Shadow conversion in a weak moment, but they had alternatives. Balance and Elemental did not. (Source)

Why the sweeping itemization changes for WoD? Lack of Agi/Str on secondary pieces halves the power.
So we double the amount of attack power on an item? That's an easy tweak, not a reason to dislike the system IMO. (Source)
AGI also increases crit. Without AGI on 1/3 of equipment this a major loss in effectiveness.
Or we could just boost crit chance. Again, these seem to be easily solved details and not a reason to reject the design. (Source)

Unsure you're best to ask this, but: Will all of Draenor be explorable (achievement-wise) at expansion launch? Or not til 6.1?
All at launch. Is this related to flying? (Source)

So since healer armour will be shared with dps, will the "Bonus" random stats affect healers too? Multistrike, cleave, etc.
Yes. (Source)
is the cleave stat going to affect healers and the way they heal?
The idea is it could heal nearby targets like the SoO trinket. (Source)

Simple question. Will secondary stats be random on gear in WoD too? Chest of Awesome always has haste + mastery off 1st boss?
For a raid boss drop, the secondary stats will likely be the same every time. May not be the case of other sources of loot. (Source)

Are Dodge and Parry getting rolled into Armor specifically as a stat?
No. Tanks will have a fixed amount of dodge and parry, perhaps with CDs or procs that buff it temporarily. (Source)

Hearthstone Beta Patch 4243
Hearthstone had another small patch this week with some bug fixes and mana cost increases for Mage cards that Freeze.

Dark Legacy Comics #420
DLC #420 has been released.

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  1. Zoaric's Avatar
    XD!!!! Each movie announcement has me more excited than the last.
  1. Army Dreamer's Avatar
    Sgt. Zim! Whoohoo!
  1. Shudder's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    No, I was making an analogy on the spectrum of diversity and rather than understand that you went with one of the pettiest interpretations of context you could manage in an effort to feel like you're being intellectually persecuted by the ignorant. Meanwhile your own ignorance is hiding behind the shield of protecting the under represented while you're oblivious to the point. There are multiple female roles in this movie, if you had more than a shallow interest in stirring up controversy or making token attempts to assert your views you might know that. And you also ignore a statement on artificially embellishing a story purely based on a token representation of diversity, but don't let me stop you from wearing that persecution complex with pride.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Warcraft has had different ethnicities in the human race for a while now.
    No, actually you compared a gender to a disability. And you call me ignorant. That's cute.
  1. Whister's Avatar
    fking nerf!!! now I dont win 85% of my mages games but only 65%
  1. Smoketh's Avatar
    They cast Daniel Wu and I can't help but think "Is Chen Stormstout going to be in this?"

    As for Clancy Brown, fuck yes. Terenas, probably, but I could also see him as Antonidas, Lothar, Khadgar, or even Medivh.
  1. Scabb's Avatar
    Man the Kurgan in the Warcraft Movie!! First name I am stoked about.
  1. Ganksinatra's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shudder View Post
    No, actually you compared a gender to a disability. And you call me ignorant. That's cute.
    You do know you're a braying jackass of a moron, right? It was clearly addressing your stupidity of "Why are there no women in this movie?!?!?!?!?!", disregarding completely that Paula Patton has already signed on, and knowing full well that this story could not be told WITHOUT females. His answer was "Why are there no <insert population base here>?" to show how asinine and stupid your argument was from the start. You can keep being willfully retarded to avoid the point and keep carrying that cross on your back, but no one will weep for you when you hang yourself from it with the nails of utter stupidity.

  1. Souflikar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scabb View Post
    Man the Kurgan in the Warcraft Movie!! First name I am stoked about.
    I'm with you, Clancy is my favorite bad guy and the Kurgen Kicked ass!
  1. beanman12345's Avatar
    Clancy Brown, finally an actor I've actually heard of!
  1. notorious98's Avatar
    Sweet. Warcraft just got a little Brother Justin.
  1. Gruul's Avatar
    Clancy Brown, hell yeah!

    Are the orcs CGI in this? Because he certainly has the voice and stature to play an orc.
  1. ronaldmc's Avatar
    He remembers me of Drek'thar if you put on some make up.
  1. Lady Velvet's Avatar
    Woohoo more half-assed actors to join the cast!
    The movie's gonna be hilarious!

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