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Armory Stats - Battle Pet Collection
Today we are taking a look at the battle pet ownership achievement completion rate of players. Now that achievements are account wide, we can group characters by account and get an idea of what percentage of players (not characters) have completed an achievement.

These numbers are based off of the players that have earned the achievements in the pet collection series and Raiding with Leashes, Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition, Crazy for Cats, and Celestial Family.

The data used today is a sample of 8.1 million characters from 3 million accounts. The sample is slightly biased, as players who are not in a guild are much less likely to appear in our sample. You can leave suggestions for future stat posts in the comments!

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Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Warlords of Draenor
During WoD beta I hope you guys will be on the Beta forums with us all like GC did for Wrath, it would mean alot to us.
We definitely will. Beta is the time for lots of change, feedback and iteration. (Source)

Are Raid CDs gonna be looked at/rehauled in WoD?
We're looking at them, but nothing that we're ready to announce yet. (Source)

Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Cool. Just one last question; how do you guys feel about WW's new mastery? worked out in the end? I like it b/c of chibrew now
Yeah, overall, Windwalker mastery (after several iterations) is looking fairly solid to us. Not perfect, but pretty good. (Source)

Any word on MW Monk Mastery? Currently scales horribly, and can be 100% negated by other players movement/lack of attention.
What do you think of the Detonate Chi talent we showed at BlizzCon? (Source)
having it as a talent means when you're spec'd for the other talents your mastery still goes back to scaling horribly
What if it were baseline, not a talent? (Source)

Is the intent with fist stance that you pick it and stay in it the whole fight or swap based on high/low damage phases?
Swap based on phase is fine. Swap in between every few GCDs is not fine. (Source)

Character / Items
What's the chance on transmogging between Axe/Mace/Sword and Polearm/Staff? Bigger issue with changing primary stats in 6.0.
It's unlikely for both philosophical & technical reasons. (Source)

Will CDR trinkets change to Readiness rating in 6.0 to scale down as you level? Or going to be effectively "turned off" 100?
Yes, the SoO trinkets that the new stats are based on will likely change to the new stat, in 6.0. (Source)

Bosses bypass Armor quite often, is there changes to Armor incoming to make Bonus Armor more reliable?
No, that's kind of the intended interesting part of Armor. It's good against the dragon's claws, not so good against his breath. (Source)
TBH I would appreciate it if things like Snapping Bite died a horrible death.
Snapping Bite was a problem because it resulted in a significant tank imbalance on that fight, not because it ignored armor. (Source)
But the ignoring of armor is what caused the tank imbalance. Obviously I don't expect that to continue to be a thing.
We have abilities that ignore armor all the time. Usually they're done in such a way that it affects tanks equally, but not here. (Source)

Haven't really done much pvp in my 3 years playing wow Did a bit in wrath but thats about it What would you say I'm missing
Personally, I love the variety of gameplay that PvP offers. Competition rarely plays out the same way twice in a row. (Source)
But, like any other part of WoW, your experience with PvP will have a lot to do with who you play with. (Source)

Why is it that the Vicious War Wolf isn't account wide, but the Skeletal Warhouse is? Please tell me it's an oversight.
The Vicious Skeletal Warhorse? As far as I know it is not account wide. (Source)

Btw are you gonna keep r1 and glad percentages the same? Everyone is stoked - gonna increase incentive to playz!
Our intent is to keep the relative number of rewards the same. Last season based on team count. This season on player count. (Source)
Despite what the Internet would have you believe, a larger % of playerbase is doing 3s than previous seasons. But not 3x. (Source)
Well sure - I'm just selfish and I wanna know if I should camp my grevious gladiator or no LOL :>>>
We are taking a look at it. The fact that more people are on the ladder since no team is required increases the pool size. (Source)

Fan Art
Today we have some Winter's Veil themed fan art!

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  1. roboscorcher's Avatar
    Hi Chaud!

    I'd like to see PvPvE instances. Dungeons with a bit of battleground-style pvp.
  1. Elf Boots's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by toliman View Post
    Then you'd want to check out and put yourself in the rankings.

    Alternatively, WoWProgress keeps a score and rank for everyone who's updated their armory profile in a while.
    I thought I was a special snowflake being in the 0.5% but I can see I still have some work to do. WoWProgress has me at #11 for my server. I have next weekend off. Gonna see if I can crack the top 10.
  1. Osmeric's Avatar
    I'd like to see stats on what fraction of level 90 characters are fully enchanted, fully gemmed, have all profession augments, and have all major glyphs (and similarly for lvl 90 mains).

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