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Warlords of Draenor - Old World Dungeon Revamps
Warlords of Draenor brings us updated versions of some lower level dungeons. These include Blackfathom Deeps, Razorfen Downs, and Razorfen Kraul. Tonight we are taking a look at Blackfathom Deeps and Razorfen Downs.

Blackfathom Deeps

Razorfen Downs

Warlords of Draenor - Orc Clan Armor Sets
Today we are taking a look at another one of the Orc Clan armor sets, the Shadowmoon Clan. These sets are currently not available to players.

Patch 5.4.8 Hotfixes - June 9
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
  • Borrowed Brew: Resolved an issue that could cause players to be unable to see Lorewalker Cho after consuming Mouthwatering Brew.

Bug Fix

Warlords of Draenor Theorycraft Discussion
Originally Posted by Celestalon (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
One of the new mechanics in Warlords of Draenor for tanks is Resolve. It is similar in design to Vengeance, except without the offensive component. Incoming damage increases the effectiveness of your self-healing, so that things like Shield Block and Shield Barrier stay competitive with each other, both in solo questing, and mythic raiding.

Resolve: Increases your healing and absorption done to yourself, based on Stamina and damage taken (before avoidance and mitigation) in the last 10 sec.

Resolve from Stamina
  • You always get a baseline amount of Resolve, based on Stamina
  • This uses the formula: Stamina / (250 * ItemScaling[PlayerLevel])
  • ItemScaling is a table with a value for each player level, that you can find in the DBC files. Ex: ItemScaling[100]=261
  • This updates dynamically with temporary stamina buffs.

Resolve from Damage Taken
  • You also get some based on damage taken, as a % of Max Health , and decaying over time
  • The server remembers your damage taken events for the last 10 sec.
  • This portion is recalculated every 1.0 seconds and on every damage taken event.
  • Each damaging event grants 0.25 * [ Damage * 2 * ( 10 - ( Now - DamageTimestamp ) ) / 10 ] / MaxHealth
  • This averages to ~Damage/MaxHealth
  • This calculation uses the damage before damage reduction (% damage reduction effects, and armor).
  • Damage that is not mitigated by armor (Spell and Bleed damage) grants 2.5x as much Resolve.
  • Auto-attack damage that is avoided counts as the average amount of damage that that auto-attack would have done.
  • MaxHealth does not include increased max health from temporary multipliers like Last Stand, or Ursa Major.

Additional Notes:
  • Resolve is multiplicative: A heal of size X becomes size X*(1+Resolve).
  • Resolve does not affect percent-based heals (i.e. "heals you for 20% of your life" would be unaffected.
  • There is no quick-ramp-up mechanism or taunt-transfer mechanism
  • Resolve will persist through shapeshifts.
  • Resolve only affects self-heals and self-absorbs
  • It will still have diminishing returns when attacked by multiple mobs (same formula/logic as Vengeance had)

Another opaque mechanic that someone just asked me about on Twitter:
Gift of the Serpent Proc Chance

Gift of the Serpent has a proc chance based on Mastery, and then some spells have a reduced chance per heal. Here is the multiplier on that proc chance for each heal.

  • Renewing Mists = 0.25
  • Chi Wave = 0.25
  • Zen Sphere (Periodic) = 0.25
  • Zen Sphere (Detonate) = 0.15
  • Chi Burst = 0.15
  • Soothing Mists = 0.30
  • Soothing Mists (Statue) = 0.15
  • Enveloping Mist = 0.20
  • Uplift = 0.25
  • Eminence (Self & Xuen) = 0.20
  • Eminence (Statue) = 0.10
  • Chi Torpedo = 0.15
  • Spinning Crane Kick Heal = 0.10
  • All Others = 1.0

Clarification on leveling perks, are they consistently worded to show additive/multiplicative?

  • Improved Raging Blow: Increases damage by 20% --- Multiplicative
  • Improved Unwavering Sentinel: Now increases your armor by an additional 15% -- Additive
  • Bonus question: Anger management, here to stay/gone? If sticking around, will it reduce the same abilities that eye of galakras reduces?

Yes, we've been consistent with the wording on the perks; those guesses are both correct. If you find any counterexamples, they'd be considered bugs, but I don't know of any offhand.

Anger Management will include a list of affected abilities on its tooltip, instead of the reference to Readiness. Undecided which abilities exactly that'll be, yet.

Balance Druids: Mastery procs interacting with Eclipse (+ CA).

Currently, Balance druids have a small issue with Mastery procs. Due to the Eclipse Bonus buff being tied to Mastery, trinket procs may greatly increase the strength of our DOTs (with DOTs making up ~30% of our damage, in the sims I've run, using T17N profile.) My concern comes with Balance of Power, where you get maximum Eclipse Bonus on your first set of DOTs. It's very easy to maintain your original DOTs too. Given a trinket procs Mastery, this will definitely inflate Balance of Power's strength.

But BOP isn't my concern, it's our DOTs snapshotting Mastery procs. I know I've brought it up in the past via twitter, but have you given it more thought on possible solutions? Or are you okay with Mastery procs existing as they currently are (allow the snapshot)?

(Given a Mastery proc trinket exists, I will need to include it in the action list for simcraft, as it does change a few things -- given it does snapshot)

Currently, Eclipse (including Mastery) is effectively snapshotted for Balance. We're considering making it snapshot your Balance Energy, and then dynamically translating that to an Eclipse multiplier on the fly, so that Mastery isn't snapshotted. However, we don't think that that has a particularly large impact in the general case. It very well may with Balance of Power, however. Let me know if you have any calculations on how much that will matter.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
for bonus armor: will it be like spirit where tanks will want only some or will we stack it heavily?
You'll likely want it wherever you can get it, but it'll only be found on accessory slots (jewelry, etc.). (WatcherDev)

Druid (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Does the partial tick of a Moonfire/Sunfire DoT have the same chance to trigger Shooting Stars like a "full" tick?
If it comes an issue, we'll make it have a partial proc chance as well. (Celestalon)

Mage (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
Please explain why devs are so adamant on keeping flameglow. No mage ever uses it now, how will it be any different in wod? cont
Flameglow's unpopularity is a result of it being undertuned. We think an increase to its effectiveness will solve it. (Celestalon)

Shaman (Forums / Skills / WoD Talent Calculator)
wondering why ElementalShields (besides ES) and WeaponEnchantmentSpells are not becoming passive for Shaman in WoD. Pruning?
Weapon Imbues are becoming passives. (Celestalon)

Character / Items
One question. The Dev Article doesn't mention gems and sockets and "Warforged" gear. Is all of that staying bonus?
Yes, bonus sockets and Warforged are unchanged from their prior announced status. (WatcherDev)

There once was a time (most of Classic, some TBC) when no one worried about BiS and just went after upgrades.
To be fair, they were often one and the same. You might only have a single item in the game for your class in a slot. (WatcherDev)

This will not support the World First race in anyway, it's actually destroying it. RNG with loot and you win.
It averages out. The more subtle variation, the more even it ends up. Weapon/trinket drop RNG is a much bigger deal. (WatcherDev)

Is BiS still reasonably achievable in a raid tier with the new system?
Every item with your preferred stats, Warforged and socketed with the tertiary of your choice? Zero people will have that. (WatcherDev)

Warlords stat changes are going to require a pretty big mentality shift as far as BiS gear. The question is whether or not it'll be fun.
IMO the concept of BiS mostly means every other piece that ISN'T BiS feels worse. It's not a net positive effect. (WatcherDev)
People focus a lot on BiS also because it's achievable. When it's not achievable (i.e. D3), each upgrade is more rewarding.
Not just more rewarding, but more frequent. Players will more commonly have the experience of looting and equipping new items. (WatcherDev)

You say that as if BiS is going away. It's just a lot harder to attain now.
There is a spectrum of better and worse. And you'll chase upgrades. (WatcherDev)

true, all the work that has to go into temp upgrades makes them seem not worth the trouble
Right. Most pieces will now be pick-up-and-wear, on the spot. No trip to town, no gold sink. (WatcherDev)

So then the fun question is: how many CQP gear options will we get? Ringmail/Linked/Mail still
Well set bonuses change per spec (even on pure dps classes). Variety will be secondary stats (holinka)
So with that, hunters will have different set bonuses for BM, Marks, and Surv?
Where it makes sense yes (holinka)
it isn't a goal to ensure every spec has a different set bonuses. (holinka)
just that a design constraint is gone now that we can change it per spec. (holinka)

Dark Legacy Comics - #443
DLC #443 has been released!

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  1. Faerwen's Avatar
    remember guys that they've been working on the tech to allow higher level toons to enter dungeons at a relevant power level, with downscaling like that these revamps can be for more than just low level toons without changing or rescaling them. imagine being able to queue for "low level dungeons" have your character scaled down and receive justice valor or w.e. will be a useful item or currency. So many more options, some classic, some iconic, but all relevant, and if scaling is done right it can also populate leveling queues with more experienced players and broaden the community
  1. Illuminance's Avatar
    Faerwen, that's the only thing that really makes sense. They get to reuse a lot of their assets, and it will enable higher level players to help out alts/friends who are leveling. Let's hope they implement this game system soon
  1. Stormykitten's Avatar
    Again, these thematic sets are better than 90% of all raid sets, despite having less effort in their quality (compared to raid sets). Please make more and release for players.
  1. Nindoriel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Flayr View Post
    Aku'mai used to be an old model hydra, like the hydra boss in Zul'Farrak. I always thought that the Twilight's Hammer were just crazy worshipping that thing (as in I thought the hydra was just a normal hydra with no eldritch affiliations), but I guess Aku'mai really was something from the Old Gods.
    Oh right, must've thought of the turtle mobs in there.
  1. Houyi's Avatar
    I really like that they are updating old content, those instances look great and could massively improve the fun of levelling. Dont treat players like they are stupid, throw mechanics at them and they will deal with them, esp in smaller groups like dungeons.
  1. Nalam the Venom's Avatar
    if they would put this kind of mechanics (but make it so heirlooms dosen't blow through them easy) into all low lvl instances then i will get a nerdgasm xD actully putting thought and effort into Low level instances would be so awsome <3
  1. Thenia's Avatar
    Re: the Dark Legacy... I am constantly afraid of vendoring my Wrath of Tarecgosa, and wish there were some way to make it impossible. Aside from leaving it in my bank, that is. I wouldn't mind if Blizz changed it so you can't.
  1. Mellrod's Avatar
    I like how people are claiming the dungeon revamps are taking away WoD resources.

    1. they tweeted about revamping these dungeons during 5.4. release
    2. these dungeons need a revamp anyways
    3. It's not like WoD had alot of content to begin with.

    Because I have done these dungeons hundreds of times already? Scholomance didn't pop up often in LFD while leveling but with RFD etc. it's quite a different story.
    It's also quite hard to get them right. Plenty of bad revamped dungeons already, especially raids.

    I am all for them updating these dungeons in some "downtime". These look really nice. But I really don't want to go through 3+ revamped level 100 dungeons to then do them again in challenge modes, again.
    Despite the fact that the bosses and fights in these revamped dungeons are completely from scratch? (Especially BFD). Blackfathom had raid level mechanics which definitely brings some excitement to lower levels. these dungeons are 10 years old dude, they need an update.

    Anyways, i think all of this is good news so far and i hope blizz keeps it up!
  1. Houyi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nalam the Venom View Post
    if they would put this kind of mechanics (but make it so heirlooms dosen't blow through them easy) into all low lvl instances then i will get a nerdgasm xD actully putting thought and effort into Low level instances would be so awsome <3

    I think heirlooms were a massive mistake in wow, not so much the XP gain, but the stats just trivialise content, they should at least be scaled back in dungeons as a couple of loomed up players in LFG wrecks the instance for everyone else.
  1. TmrAsakura's Avatar
    watching those revamp videos the tauren model is so much better, nice that they wont have freaking massive hooves anymore lol and those revamps are looking good, hope mechanics are gonna be more of a thing in low lvl instances
  1. Luneward's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mellrod View Post

    Despite the fact that the bosses and fights in these revamped dungeons are completely from scratch? (Especially BFD). Blackfathom had raid level mechanics which definitely brings some excitement to lower levels. these dungeons are 10 years old dude, they need an update.
    Only from scratch to a point. The only new model that is 'exclusive' to the place is the murlocs. All the others are just models used before. So it isn't even that much work.

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