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Patch 6.2 - Gnome Character Selection Screen Changes
Patch 6.2 adds some more detail to the Gnome character selection screen.

Patch 6.2 Preview - Pets Galore
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As we continue to explore new territory in Draenor, it should come as no surprise that new battle pets and new battle pet rewards will be found. Thus far, Draenor has contained a great deal of diversity for pet battlers, and Patch 6.2 will be no different. Let’s take a look at some of what’s in store for your collection.

Please note: Spoilers are ahead! If you want to discover the new battle pets and rewards for yourself, don’t read any further!

Tanaan Stop Action
First and foremost, Tanaan Jungle is where the action can be found on all fronts. You will find battle pets of all types dotting the landscape, four of which are new and just waiting to be caught for the first time:

Keep an eye out for the new quest “A Fel Puppy Of My Own”, through which you can acquire the delightful new Fel Pup.

But the jungle doesn’t only provide garden-variety battle pets. If you look carefully, you’ll find that there are 15 fel-corrupted legendary pets scattered throughout Tanaan. Your Pet Battle Master in your garrison will have some new information for you to get started. You can only defeat any of these legendaries once per day, and when you do, you’ll receive a container of Fel-Touched Pet Supplies, which will include:

  • Gold
  • Pet Charms
  • Pet Bandages

And has a small chance to include:

We’ve also got a new achievement for you when you defeat all 15 legendary opponents in Tanaan Jungle.

You’re Too Charming
Patch 6.2 is going to introduce a new vendor to your level 3 Garrison Menagerie. Tiffy Trapspring and Giada Goldleash have been attracted to your impressive stash of Pet Charms, and want to take them off your hands in exchange for the following pets:

And the following toys:

And the Hunt Continues
A number of new battle pets coming to World of Warcraft with patch 6.2 can be found all over the worlds. Back home in Azeroth, adventurers will cheer when they find the non-combative Nethaera's Light glowing in Dalaran. Meanwhile, two new fishing pets are turning up at the Darkmoon Faire. One is called Blorp (also a non-combat pet), and the other is the wondrous Ghostshell Crab.

Even more pets have found their way to the fields of battle on Draenor. Look carefully, and you may find:
  • Crimsonwing Moth -- A rare spawn in Talador with many spawn points, and only one ever appearing in the zone at a time.
  • Sapphire Firefly – A rare spawn in Spires of Arak who also has many spawn points and appears only once at a time.

Get a first look at all of the above by testing Patch 6.2 with us on the PTR. Please note that availability to test some PTR content may be limited to certain time frames. Learn more about the upcoming Patch 6.2 and how to participate on the PTR in our 6.2 PTR Patch Notes.

Loot Changes and Drop Rates
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The first part of the text explains that, like today, if 15 people are elegible to loot, 3 items will drop in Group Loot. Present personal loot doesn't work this way, it can drop nothing or more than 3, with an average of 3 considering all wow population. Now the game will reward 3 players with loot in personal loot.
In addition, to compensate the fact that loot can't be redistributed, MORE loot than that 3 loot will be given, say, 4 loot.

This is an accurate summary.

We don't usually provide exact drop percentages, and we're still tweaking the bonus when using Personal Loot in 6.2, but I can say that objectively:

  • More items will drop on average for a raid using 6.2 Personal Loot than would have dropped using 6.0/6.1 Personal Loot.
  • More items will drop on average for a raid using 6.2 Personal Loot than would drop for that raid using any form of Group Loot (Master, Need/Greed, etc.).

Shop Mounts Feedback
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Mounts take a fairly significant amount of time to create, and in this case the Runesaber mount was made somewhere in the 6.0 production timeframe, and I believe was complete before 6.1 hit the PTR. Creation of store mounts is intentionally consistent and takes place months before they actually release. In this case we actually waited for a bit as we wanted to ensure the Token rollout went smoothly without adding in the potential complications of a store mount going live at the same time. In short: we didn't crank this thing out yesterday as an answer to something. Production takes a long time, and we have them on a regular release cadence. You can be certain than every few months there will be a new store mount.

As for why we make mounts for the store at all: most obviously of course because there is a significant portion of players that like being able to purchase cosmetic items for real money. Certainly there is also a desire by a significant portion of players to be able to obtain the Ironhoof Destroyer from Mythic Blackhand. Not everyone will be able to, or maybe even want to, obtain either mount, but we know that a wide variety of players look for a wide variety of acquisition methods for cosmetic items. Also certainly different players will look differently at these two mounts based on their acquisition methods, and it's the main reason why we don't mix game and store mounts. If someone buys a mount off the Shop we don't want there to then be confusion as to whether it's the Shop version, or a recolor obtained through in-game means. We essentially purposely ensure shop mounts stand out as shop mounts.

I do concur with the original poster that what people want is more in-game content and that a mount is not sufficient to that want.
Yeah, of course no one said "people want more content! let's make a mount!" and that was sort of my point, these will release regularly regardless and aren't tied to other game content.

Also, of course, the crux of the complaint isn't really (I believe) that this mount exists, but just that some people think it's poor timing to be selling something while they're looking for a new raid tier, etc. I don't think there's anything anyone can say to that except for us to just keep working on and release the content they're looking for. But in any case, I thought I'd try to offer a reasoned response as to how this mount is not an answer to anything, but just a standard timed release like all the other ones before it.

you are telling me, that to get the nicest mounts in the game, i have to buy it with real money? and i can count on them coming out with frequency?
No, I did not say that, and gave an example of the Mythic Blackhand mount also offering a rare and difficult to obtain mount. Judging by reaction to some of the store mounts, I would argue they are not at all the nicest looking mounts in the game. Certainly all of the most sought after mounts are valued due to their rarity, and store bought mounts are generally not very rare. Value will differ from person to person though, I suspect.

You say they take a long time to create and ok that makes sense, however I think what people are getting at is the "nice mounts" more or less have to be bought.
I don't believe there was much if any difference in production time between a shop mount and, say, the Vicious War Kodo in 6.2. Or the mechanostrider for that matter. Or Felsteel Annihilator. You could argue they're all "reskins" in that they use existing animation sets, but all three are new mounts with custom geometry and textures available through gameplay. Whether you think they're as cool or not is probably up to personal preference.

its very frustrating to hear blizzard take this stance on mounts. suddenly mounts are such a big production... like wrath and bc didn't happen.
The art in the game is overall of much higher polygon and texture resolution than it was. Production "costs" (e.g. time) only increase as we increase graphical fidelity. Not to mention huge and ambitious projects like updating 20 race models, all with updated customization options, new animation sets, etc. This expansion has a huge amount of very time and quality-control intensive art in it. But I do legitimately understand it's sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Condescension. Nice.
I'm not intentionally condescending anyone, and I understand the desire to turn this into a battle against us. But I really don't think that's necessary, or productive.

Burning Crusade Timewalking - Feedback/Bugs
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
I'm making a new thread to focus feedback on the current PTR build and subsequent ones.

Burning Crusade Timewalking is now open, and will remain so for a while. Since the last time we tested this system, we've fixed a number of scaling bugs. Doing so necessitating clearing a large number of buffs from players when entering Timewalking dungeons, as we do with Arenas, Challenge Modes, and some other content.

Please queue up and check out the dungeons. On the encounter side, we remain interested in experiential feedback regarding clear times, and any outliers that felt excessively easy or excessively hard. On the systems side, we're curious to hear whether there are effects that get canceled upon entering that are particularly annoying to lose (we've tried to preserve cosmetic buffs, and core effects like stances), and whether any effects or abilities seem like they aren't scaling properly even after our latest changes.

In particular, logs (or just damage meter screenshots) are very helpful in identifying problem cases - in general, we'd expect to see DPS values in the 1500-2000 range from scaled-down players doing this content. Some burst timers and abilities may cause spikes well in excess of these values, but overall that's roughly what things are tuned for currently. If you or a groupmate is consistently doing significantly more than that range, something may be wrong and we'd appreciate data to help us track down exactly what.

Blue Tweets
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Shaman (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Nerfing Stone Bulwark Totem Talent, just shows you guys realy have no idea what you're doing or check on statistics.
Thank you for your feedback. (WarcraftDevs)

Character / Items
Tusks of Mannoroth... still in game?
Yes, and they are still very rare. (WarcraftDevs)

We don't currently allow transmog to "invisible" items. It's an aesthetic choice we've made, but we understand the common feedback. (WarcraftDevs)
at the risk of losing my favorite xmog piece. This makes no sense because the dk belt from the starting zone is invis
Sorry, more specifically we're referring to shoulder pieces. (WarcraftDevs)

Would be cool if you could answer the question. Will flying return in 6.2? Yes, no, or "can't say".
It's not my place to say, sorry (Muffinus)

i thought for WoD you guys made LFR flexible? I tried queuing in with 30 people and it didnt let me do it
Queuing for LFR is still a 25-player thing, but if people drop the content scales down so you needn't wait for backfills. (WatcherDev)

Will Mythic dung lock you to instance with bosses dead like a Mythic raid? Can I help friend do one I have completed already?
Mythic dungeons have a weekly loot lockout, but you can help friends if you’ve already gotten your loot for the week. (WarcraftDevs)

Any chance you guys could tweak the spines of deathwing fight to be a little more solo friendly?
We don't have any plans currently to go back and alter this encounter. (WarcraftDevs)

Can achievements be done in Timewalking dungeons, and can the Blue Proto Drake drop in that difficulty?
Yes to both. (WarcraftDevs)

Any chance you're removing the WoD crafted limit in 6.2? Could be a good catchup mechanic for those who have the mats
We will not be removing this limitation, however, we are adding new tiers of crafted gear. (WarcraftDevs)

How rare is the 6.2 conquest\honor reward mission supposed to be? Any prequisites or conditions?
It'll have a small chance to trigger once you have a solid collection of high-level followers. (WarcraftDevs)

The artists are the real heroes when it comes to icons. Designers are just annoying and picky about them.
"I want a brick! A magic brick! No, FOUR magic bricks! They have to be all cool and like *explosive hand gesture*" (Muffinus)
Then we get the icons, and we're like, "No, that's not what I wanted. READ MY MIND!"
*Sends back terrible, indecipherable MS Paint picture* LIKE THIS (Muffinus)

why is it up to the players to tell you how to implement it? Don't you collect a check for game design?
Should we never ask players their opinions on how they'd like to see something show up in-game? (Muffinus)

My point is I'd like Blizzard to act like the old Blizzard and be honest with it's customers like it use to.
Well I'm just one rando dude, and usually ask questions I'm personally interested in. What do you feel has been dishonest? (Muffinus)
not just give an answer. If you don't want us anymore, please just tell us and we can bring peace to Wow.
It may seem like indiv. devs are trolling by not responding, but it's just not something our personal accts should address (Muffinus)

I like it how blizzard replies mostly to positive feedbacks esp on pvp but ignores the "negative" ones @WarcraftDevs
We take all feedback into consideration. Whether or not we reply publicly has little to do with that. (WarcraftDevs)

When to expect more Developer interviews or Q&A?
We'll be setting some up as we get closer to 6.2 release, but don't have dates to share yet. (WarcraftDevs)

DLC #489 - Clone Shoes
DLC #489 has been released.

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  1. Bahska's Avatar
    "Polygons require more time and money."

    This is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard in all my time playing video games on PC. During the golden years of player mods with Quake, Half-Life, and Unreal games models and reskins were saturating the market and they were all done on free time.
    Let me get this straight you are comparing the time/money to reskin a existing model of a 90's game to Blizzard making a new mount in 2015 Warcraft? lol
    There is basically no comparing even wow's old models cost and time of the early 2000's to the amount of time and cost of models we have today.

    I want to point you to this article i'll take a quote from:
    Epic's first next-gen tech demo, a 2011 clip called Samaritan that showed off Direct X 11 technology in a modified version of Unreal Engine 3. While Sweeney said Epic was enthusiastic about the results, the company was “greatly worried” about the cost. Although the clip was just under three minutes in length, it took four months and a team of 30 people to create.
  1. plaits's Avatar
    No flying ever = no sub ever. I didn't spend all that time collecting flying mounts by the dozen for no reason.

    That's cool Blizz. I'm having more fun playing on a TBC server than I have playing the real thing in a long time. Since WotLK, in fact. Haven't subbed since Jan - best decision ever.

    There's a reason why private servers are experiencing their highest populations ever right now.
  1. Nexsa's Avatar
    Wish Blood Elf toon screen would get some tweaking.
  1. Geodew's Avatar
    LOL what kind of person does it take to notice that change to the gnome starting screen. Probably an altoholic with OCD XD Nothing against them or anything, just that I wouldn't have even noticed lol
  1. mmocf9825ee83e's Avatar
    We don't currently allow transmog to "invisible" items. It's an aesthetic choice we've made, but we understand the common feedback. (WarcraftDevs)
    yep, completely NOT true. there are items (eg the belt of the DK, fistweapons for monks and a few others) that DO turn the gfx invis. so... trying to sell us it's COMPLETELY intentional that the transmog set (monk shoulders) are not transmoggable, is quite and frankly a lazy excuse for an error they couldn't find.

    lemme guess, like UD fistweapons you will need another 6 addons / 10 years to fix it?

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