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by Published on 2019-11-01 10:34 PM

Shadowlands Preview - Bastion and the Kyrian Covenant
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
The next expansion, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, has been announced along with a reveal of a new zone—Bastion—and the Kyrian Covenant!

In Shadowlands, Azeroth’s heroes journey into the realm of the dead after Sylvanas Windrunner tears open the veil between life and death. As they explore four otherworldly zones—Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth—players will meet the Covenants that rule the afterlife realms in the Shadowlands. The first stop is the spiritual realm of Bastion.

Home of the Pure
When first arriving in Bastion, you’ll be greeted by elysian vistas, resplendent skies, gleaming spires, and ethereal sights. This paradisiacal realm is inhabited by the steadfast Kyrian, who safeguard mortal souls as they pass into the Shadowlands. If you wish to untangle the Banshee Queen’s nefarious plans, you’ll need to earn an alliance with them.

Bastion’s Inhabitants
Meet the denizens of Bastion.

The noble inhabitants of Bastion who shepherd the souls of the dead to Oribos so that they can be judged by the impassive Arbiter before being sent to their final destinations. Fresh arrivals to Bastion will become Kyrian Aspirants—wingless beings who train for eons to one day earn their wings and join the ranks of the Ascended.

Born of the magic of Death, these otherworldly groundskeepers and artificers keep Bastion pristine. Along with maintaining the realm, they assemble Centurions—the anima-fueled guardians that train Kyrian Aspiriants and defend Bastion. Each steward dotes on a Paragon and keeps mementos of their achievements. Perhaps you will catch their eye and they’ll pledge themselves to you!

The Forsworn
Rarely, an Aspirant will fail to complete a rite of passage. These once-bright souls darken and become lost, wandering the plains of Bastion to lament. Containing the Forsworn is key, for if left unchecked, doubt can spread like a disease . . .

The Centurions
A legion of anima-fueled automatons that drill Kyrian Aspirants in meditative combat as well as defend Bastion.

Praetor: These flying automatons are charged with training Aspirants who show particular martial promise.
Goliath: Unyielding bulwarks and powerful warriors that enforce order in Bastion.
Colossus: Eternal protectors, these guardians have stood watch and defended Bastion for ages.

As the Kyrian shed the burdens of their past lives, physical manifestations of their tormented thoughts are expelled from their bodies. Only by striking them down can the Kyrian cleanse themselves and achieve ascendance.

These are but a few of the entities you’ll encounter in Bastion. While adventuring, it's best to stay vigilant—you might even cross paths with Uther the Lightbringer and other long-passed heroes of Azeroth who now wander this world. . .

Kyrian Covenant
When players reach maximum level and have explored the first four zones, they’ll be able to pledge themselves to a Covenant, like the Kyrian. Each Covenant offers its champions abilities, along with other powers and cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked through a Covenant Campaign—an epic storyline unique to the faction—and other activities over time. This alliance also gives the player access to a Covenant Sanctum, a city only open to players who have forged a pact with its rulers.

Power of the Kyrian
If you choose to join the Kyrian Covenant, you’ll gain two unique abilities—one class ability used in combat, as well as an ability that allows them to maneuver through the world in a special way.

Here is the movement-based ability that the Kyrian bestow upon their champions:

Unburden: Dissolve into pure anima to increase your movement speed, slow your falling speed, and propel you forward. Greatly reduces the radius at which enemies will detect you.

When you join a Covenant, you’ll be able to undergo an ancient rite to bind your soul to some of its most powerful members. By doing so, your character harnesses their power, gaining access to powerful bonuses. Over time, you can unlock new tiers of power and even switch Soulbinds when strategy demands it.

Kyrian Covenant Spoils
For your contributions to the Kyrian Covenant’s cause, you’ll be rewarded with several cosmetic rewards including: a mount, a pet, Kyrian-forged armor, and back attachments that rival the beauty of Kyrian wings.

Armor up with specially-crafted armor forged in the heart of Bastion (pictured: plate gear).

There are more mysteries yet to unravel in Bastion, and not all as it seems—a shadowy force threatens the peace in this realm. Perhaps some of Azeroth’s greatest heroes can champion the cause of the Kyrian and drive back their adversaries!

Rewards and abilities are still in development and subject to change, so be sure check back for periodic updates on as we approach the release of Shadowlands.
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New App Beta
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
We’ve been hard at work on new features for the Desktop App, and we wanted to show you a preview of what we’re developing. Starting today, anyone who’s opted in to test updates can try out our beta.

Though we’re improving the look and feel of, we also want to keep this preview familiar and easy to use. Here’s what to expect.

The most obvious difference between the beta and its full-release sibling is a refreshed user interface. We’ve heard many of you loud and clear: You want more control over your game navigation, and you’d like your friends and chats to be easily accessible. You’ll also notice that we’ve updated the stories view for each game, so you can see more recent updates and highlights. To see all the updates in the beta, check out our patch notes.

If you didn’t sign up to test new versions of, but you want to, log into the Desktop App, head to the “Beta” menu in "Settings", and opt in to try future patches before they’re officially released.

We’ll continue making the App more user-friendly, more informative, and more customizable. We want it to help you connect with your friends and play games quickly and easily.

If you have any thoughts about what would make the app a better experience for you, please use the app forums to send us your feedback.

We’ll see you in-game!
by Published on 2019-11-01 09:27 PM

BlizzCon 2019 - World of Warcraft: What's Next
Ion talked about what is coming in Shadowlands!

  • This isn't one of those expansions that gets on a ship and sails off to a new continent.
  • We are going to another plane of existence, the afterlife!
  • Deep dive tomorrow on features and systems.
  • Six primal forces - Light, Shadow, Order, Disorder, Life, Death.
  • Souls cross the veil between life and death.
  • Souls come before the ancient entity, the Arbiter.
  • Soul comes before Arbiter and she sees all of the deeds and misdeeds, thoughts, aspirations, triumphs, failures.
  • Arbiter sends that soul off to one of many realms, each ruled over by a powerful Covenant.
  • Each soul brings anima with them. Great souls have more, more humble lives have less.
  • Anima is the mana of the Shadowlands, source that is drawn upon to conduct the magic of death.
  • We focus on four realms, Oribos (central city), and The Maw.
  • Bastion
    • Ruled by Kyrian - Forebearers of Spirit Healers and Valykir
    • Ordered and purposeful, called to service
    • Souls shed their past burdens and seek virtue
    • Lots of meditation and reflection
    • Uther ended up here and we'll see him again
    • Bastion is the BlizzCon demo zone.
  • Maldraxxus
    • Rules by Necrolord Covenant
    • Heart of the Shadowland's military might
    • Forces that were called upon by the Lich King
    • Survival of the fittest, not strictly evil
    • Power can be used for evil, but it's more about an unrelenting spirit, inward and outward strength
    • Draka ended up here.
    • Think of Legion as the old Burning Crusade style turned up to 11, Maldraxxus is Eastern Plaguelands turned up to 11.
  • Ardenweald
    • Enchanted fairy forrest
    • Ruled by the Night Fae
    • Emerald Dream's dark mirror.
    • A place of rest, death, and preparation for rebirth.
    • Spirits of nature called here.
    • Cenarius ended up here.
    • Magical ancient trees, Drust forest.
  • Revendreth
    • Creepy Gothic zone, soaring castles, horrors around every corner
    • Ruled by Venthyr
    • Isn't the place you want to go as a soul
    • Souls sent here have a flaw or were prideful, sent here to atone for their sins.
    • Kael'thas ended up here.
    • Light has broken through clouds in some areas, searing the earth.
    • Exposure to the light does horrible things to the souls in this land.

  • Ruling power of the Shadowlands, four of them.
  • This is the major feature of Shadowlands. BfA had fewer smaller features.
  • Integrated into every part of the game.
  • Each Covenant will seek your aid and offer power and rewards.
  • There is a full endgame narrative campaign. BfA had Horde and Alliance campaigns, now there are four!
  • Each covenant has two active abilities, one being class specific. Will change your gameplay.
  • Endgame progression system - Soulbind. Bind your soul to a denizen of the Shadowlands, customization, more. It builds upon lessons learned from Heart of Azeroth.
  • No Artifact Power to grind this time around.
  • Lots of cosmetic rewards for each Covenant, armor sets and more.
  • Each Covenant has a Sanctum to restore to glory, similar to Suramar or Class Halls.
  • Spear of Bastion - 25 yd range, instant, 1 min CD. Throw a spear doing damage, DoT. Enemies are tethered to location for duration. Generates Rage.
  • Unburden - 1 sec cast, 2 min CD.
  • Covenant Cloaks - Each will have cloak replacements or back attachments. Get wings, a halo, or more!
  • Oribos, the Eternal City. Old city, Arbiter at the core, gathering point for brokers and soul traders. Politics of entire dimension centered around this city. It will be the main player city in this expansion.
  • The Maw isn't a Covenant, horrific prison for worst souls, a mystery even to natives. Jailer's domain from which nothing has ever escaped.
  • Jailer is almost a boogeyman, nothing is known about him.

  • Death itself is broken.
  • Instead of coming before the Arbiter, souls are pouring directly into the Maw, causing it to grow and become stronger.
  • Other realms are starved of Anima, the Shadowlands wither.
  • Sylvanas has taken actions to cause the maximum amount of death possible.
  • The Jailer isn't Sylvanas's master, they are working together. Eventually we'll discover their common goal.
  • How did Sylvanas grow so powerful in recent years? As the Maw's power grew, so did hers.

  • Pre-patch - Scourge are marauding across Azeroth. Scourge invasion 2.0.
  • Azeroth's heroes make for Icecrown, trying to attack the source of this evil.
  • Bolvar isn't dead, just defeated. He is a key figure in this fight. He has one foot in each realm and understands them both.
  • Head into the Maw!
  • We have a unique bond to Azeroth, allowing us to escape the Maw. Not everyone will be able to escape, including some great champions of Azeroth.
  • We move on to Oribos, level through four zones in order.
  • The team wants to have a strong narrative arc, going through the zones, working with them and gaining their trust. Allowed to borrow their powers, previewing what you can choose later.
  • Eventually you make the big choice at Level 60, which Covenant will you choose.
  • You pick one, have their power permanently, and work on the campaign.
  • Alts will be able to pick a Covenant immediately! Level up through any zones in any order, do world quests, and more.
  • Alts can earn endgame progression while leveling. Unlock powers with your Soulbinds, and more.
  • Your alts will be meaningfully ahead of where your main was when it hit level 60.

The Maw
  • Max-level fearsome zone.
  • This area wants to kill you at every turn, matching the fantasy of the space.
  • The center of the Maw is Torghast, Tower of the Damned. This is the second main feature of the expansion.
  • Torghast is a ever-changing dungeon. Endless halls, environment constantly changes.
  • You can do Torghast solo or with up to 4 friends.
  • Endgame progression that is solo or group focused.
  • Earn permanent upgrades over time, absorb anima that will upgrade or transform your powers.
  • Anima choice - Increase crit damage/healing by 10%, Flame Shock lasts forever, or Fire Elemental lasts forever, but you can't cast Frost spells.

Dungeons and Raids
  • 8 dungeons in addition to Torghast - 4 level up and 4 max-level.
  • The Other Side - Dungeon that is a pocket dimension with Bwonsamdi
  • Castle Nathria - 10 boss raid in Revendreth
  • Come in the front door, ascend the castle, face the lord of the castle.

Systems and Rewards
  • Team wants to increase player agency.
  • Professions - Currently if you want to make some armor, you have a few stats you want. Crit/Haste? Make pants over and over until you get the ones you want. What if you could take a Crit and Haste gem, add them as optional materials, and be guaranteed the pants you want.
  • Armor crafting professions should be more relevant at endgame.
  • Weekly loot chest - Giant loot pool, plus some RNG. Usually walking away disappointed after the first few weeks. Randomness has gone too far!
  • Chest replaced with 5 or 6 options to choose from, system takes into account all the activities you did. Will be a universal fallback option.
  • Legion legendary items were super fun, people didn't like how they were obtained.
  • Shadowlands legendaries are worked towards crafting through work in Torghast. Earn access to powers and then work towards building the legendary that suits your goal. Repeat for the next.
  • Shadowlands will return to class identity as opposed to spec identity.
  • Return abilities that have been taken away and make some spec specific ones class specific again.
  • Holinka the Unpruner will talk about this more tomorrow.
  • Streamlined leveling experience, level from 50 to 60 in Shadowlands.
  • Level squish is going to allow for a better pace for content and granting skills.
  • Every level should unlock something. This is an RPG and that is what levels should do.
  • Modern new player zone, can play through any expansion in its entirety to get 1-50.

Character Customization
  • Improving customization to existing races.
  • More options than ever before.
  • Trolls are getting full body tattoos, tusk shapes, skin colors, eye colors separate from face.
  • Dwarves are getting a wildhammer look, hair and skin colors, and more.
  • Undead are getting the option to hide the bones.
  • Humans are getting new races, skin colors, hair, eyes, and more.
  • Everyone can be a Death Knight in Shadowlands!

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BlizzCon 2019 - Overwatch: What's Next Panel
We are getting a look at what's next in Overwatch 2.

Push Game Mode
  • The team has built lots of game modes of the year, but they have been an Arcade feature.
  • Push is the first game mode since launch that is a core game mode. In Quick Play, Competitive, and Overwatch League.
  • Push map is in Toronto, escorting a robot into enemy territory. Push the furthest to win!
  • As you stand near the robot, it will start moving towards the enemy base.
  • Hit checkpoints, unlock a new spawn point, earn points.
  • When robot isn't pushing, he walks much faster.
  • Reaching the end of the map with the robot results in an instant victory.
  • Internal testing usually doesn't reach the end of the map.
  • More interesting to have the robot move back and forth across the map.
  • Map is mirrored and symmetrical.
  • Team fights happen all across the map instead of at control points like on the current games.
  • Lots of shortcuts and connections in this winding Toronto map.

New Maps
  • Toronto - Red maple trees, hockey things, curling arena, very multi-cultural.
  • Push will have multiple maps.
  • Every core game mode will get multiple new maps.
  • None of the maps being previewed today are finished.
  • Toronto, Gothenburg, Monte Carlo, Rio De Janeiro.

Story Missions
  • Paris is under attack, as is the world.
  • Joining Winston in Paris are other members of the team.
  • Cinematic storytelling!
  • In Rio - Mei, Reinhardt, Tracer, Lucio are the choices.
  • Lots of strategic decision making and fast action in the regular game, trying to bring it to the PvE part of the game.
  • In Rio, Mercy and Genji are on the mission, but not currently a hero you can use.
  • Added an items system to the story missions.
    • Healing Station - Epic, heal 100 health, 90 sec cooldown, reusable.
    • Corrosive Grenade - Legendary, throw grenade that makes enemies take 60% more damage
    • Barrier Fence - Epic, 2000 HP barrier, 90 sec cooldown, reusable.

Hero Missions
  • Play them night after night, week after week, year after year.
  • Somewhat like adventure mode in Diablo or World Quests in WoW.
  • Will take place all across the globe, in old and new maps.
  • Objectives will keep changing.
  • Hero Roster is much more open here, team wants you to be able to pick from all of them.
  • Good opportunity to play and level up heroes that you don't normally play.
  • Different enemy groups, such as Null Sector, Talon, other threats.

  • Only showing off part of the progression system right now, it's still under development.
  • Talent system was designed for Hero Missions, but got hooked up to Story Missions too after people realized they enjoyed it.
  • Level up each hero, unlocking different talents.
  • Talents give you player power, that's the goal.
  • Talents won't come into the competitive part of the game. Everyone will be equally powerful.
  • Allows you to make your hero feel different than other people's heroes.
  • Tracer talents:
    • Adaptive Reload - Pulse Pistols reload when using any ability.
    • Chain Reaction - Pulse Bomb causes secondary explosions on enemies that are damaged by it.
    • Flash - Blinking through enemies damages them
  • Sojiro's Guidance - Any arrow that hits an enemy detected by Sonic Arrow will pierce other detected enemies.
  • Epicenter - Earthshatter travels in all directions.
  • Cold Snap - When Cryo-freeze ends, nearby enemies are instantly frozen.
  • Snowball Effect - Continue to move after using Cryo-freeze, rolling
  • Dragons Breath - When using Dragonblade, your slashes create a large, piercing projectile.
  • Flame Thrower - Turrets have a flamethrower instead of minigun
  • My Babies! - Torbjorn can place up to 3 mini turrets, instead of 1 regular turret.

Visual Updates
  • Greatly upgraded version of the engine, not a new engine.
  • Batman has existed for a long time, updated over time, but you always knew him when you saw him.
  • Bastion and Torbjorn living together, with Torbjorn upgrading Bastion.
  • Completely new way of doing eyes, hair, skin in the updated engine.
  • Team spent a lot of time bringing characters closer to the camera, very proud of how they look now.
  • Upgraded the HUD, goal is to get it out of your way.
  • New HUD is still early in development, play the demo and give feedback.
  • New Mercy UI shows who you are healing, health ring, and new reticle.
  • Every screen and interface is updated, hero gallery, and more.
  • There is even a new announcer!

New Heroes
  • New heroes need to have a story that fits and role that fits what the game needs.
  • Sojourn is the first Canadian hero.
  • A few new heroes will all be released at once.

  • Imagine the team was coming up with a new game, Overwatch 2. New heroes, new maps, story missions, hero missions, progression, talents, engine upgrades, hero visual updates.
  • When a sequel comes out, you lose all of your progression and can't play with friends that haven't bought the new game. The team wants to avoid this in Overwatch.
  • It's important that your progression comes with you.
  • Coming to, Switch, PS4, Xbox One.
  • No release date yet, just let the team make a great game.
  • Team going dark after BlizzCon.
  • Team is focused on Overwatch 2, but there are still some cool updates coming to Overwatch.
  • Not adding a new event to Archives this year, the team is focused on Overwatch 2.
  • You can go the the Training Room, play a new Deathmatch mode, custom game, or workshop while waiting in an update coming to Overwatch.

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BlizzCon 2019 - Diablo IV Unveiled Panel
  • Setting the Stage
    • Diablo IV takes place decades after Reaper of Souls.
    • Heaven has shut its gates and the world has fallen into disarray.
    • Against this backdrop of despair, Lilith returns.
    • Lilith is the mother of humanity and represents the demonic part of our hearts.
    • Lilith is Mephisto's daughter and creator of Sanctuary.
  • Basics
    • Classic isometric RPG
    • Classic camera is returning!
    • Dark non-linear campaign
    • Shared open-world with 5 distinct regions
    • Hundreds of dungeons and legendaries
    • 5 powerful classes, the 3 announced are sorceress, barbarian and druid.
    • Being developed for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 at the same time.
    • The game is inspired by the occult and biblical themes.
    • The character select screen is a campfire.
  • Classes
    • Barbarian
      • Arsenal System - 4 weapon slots and can use one-handed and two-handed weapons in the same build.
      • The barbarian will still have fury.
      • You will automatically pull out your needed weapon for the skills you have assigned.
    • Druid
      • Originally wasn't going to be in Diablo IV.
      • Uses storm and earth magic
      • Pets and seamless shapeshifting
    • Sorceress
      • Elemental magic
      • Lights up dungeons
  • Customization
    • There is a lot more customization for your characters in Diablo IV.
    • Talent trees, skill ranks, and rune wards are in Diablo IV.
    • Play the build that is inside your head, not created for you.
    • Open-world with a non-linear campaign. You decide how to level.
  • The World of Sanctuary
    • Familiar areas of Sanctuary return.
    • Social hubs will be featured in major towns. This is where you trade, look for a group, or inspect other players.
    • The world will have World Events that are tough and require a group.
    • There are areas of Sanctuary where you can opt in for PvP.
    • You can complete Diablo IV completely solo if desired.
  • Mounts
    • Mounts are also in Diablo IV.
    • You can customize the armor pieces of your mounts and equip them with gear that affects gameplay such as speed increases or damage reduction.
    • Classes have dismount abilities that are tailored to the class.
  • Dungeons
    • Dungeons are fully randomized.
    • We will go to Hell in Diablo IV.
    • Fallen are the lowest tier of demons.
    • The Drowned are new undead that come from the ocean.
  • Items
    • The team is really leaning into legendaries this time around.
    • Sets will continue to be there, but they will not dominate.
    • Affixes will include skill ranks and passive ranks.
  • Release Date
    • The game is not coming out soon, or even Blizzard "Soon."

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