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    need help with shadow

    Hello mmo!

    I have a little problem with rotation with shadow, MF (to get shadow orb) -> dots -> MB -> MF?

    and whats best gear with spirit , stamina and intellect or just with intellect?

    here my armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Greldik/simple

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    need help with shadow

    Need help with the rotation with shadow. im little confused :P

    and is spirit/intellect/stamin best or stamina/intellect?

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    Talking pvp? Spirit/inv/stam as main stats? nonono, your main stat will always be int, then probs, spirit (which counts for hit) till you're capped (depending on how you like it) dont forget to get spell pen. capped, and besides that try to get as much haste as poss. Forget stam, thats not needed.

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    SazoO, what level are you? It sounds like you are asking for levelling stats.

    Can you give us your character name, realm and region (EU/US/etc)?
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    You want to read the shadow guide stickied at the top of this forum before asking these questions... since they are answered there.


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    Also.. merged the duplicate threads.

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    Assuming you linked what is ur armory, I will just go over your gear to help you.
    Stat weights are int>hit(spirit{till 18%})> haste>mastery>crit
    Helm: restore the haste from the reforge, and reforge to hit instead of crit
    Neck: looks just fine
    Shoulders: restore the spirit. dont reforge these
    Chest: restore the spirit from the reforge, I would also change your +40 int gem to another 20int/20 spirit
    back:restore the reforge, reforge the crit to haste
    Wrist: reforge mastery to haste
    Gloves: restore the mastery and instead reforge the crit to spirit
    Belt: restore the reforge and instead do Mastery to haste. Also belt buckle with a int/spirit gem
    Leg: change gem to int/spirit and change the reforge from crit to mastery to crit to spirit
    Ring 1: refore crit to haste
    Ring 2: reforge crit to spirit
    Trinket 1: reforge mastery to spirit
    Trinket 2: looks good
    MH: restore your reforge and instead do crit to Haste
    OH: looks good ( i prefer spirit over hit)
    Wand: change your reforge to crit to spirit, dont reforge out of haste

    but also look at the Shadow guide that is stickied

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