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    Quote Originally Posted by Astral Shift View Post
    Love this, mind listing what it is? Excluding the helmet - I use the Shado-pan one
    I also use Hellscreams reach tabard

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronyc View Post
    Thick Scale Shoulder Pads. Yes, it is mail. Go figure. Couldn't find matching gloves in green.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyrinx View Post
    This is one of my favorite transmogs I've made, my resto druid one

    You stole mah gear!

    That's what my dr00d uses. T9 chest/gloves, S2 helm/shoulders, and the staff that has the shrooms/leaves randomly sprout/fall off of it. Goes well with the things that bloom on the shoulders.

    Edit: Except I have a different belt. It's some random leveling leather belt from Cata that just happens to have the perfect mix of brown and "smudgy blue-green" to go with the coloring of the chest.
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    I feel like I've completed my mog now.

    time to farm a new one

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    There isnt that much tier sets or anything that gets my mind blowd, so im just using challenge mode set.

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    Made this white transmog set up. Hope you like it!

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    Finally went back horde after 2 years. Been waiting to put these items on. Also lawl at how big that pig sticker + enchant is on tauren.\

    +10 Points to those who recognize my toons name from something else
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elunetrain View Post
    +10 Points to those who recognize my toons name from something else
    Jungle Book!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElyPop View Post
    Jungle Book!
    awe yeah +10 kind of ironic cuz the mog set is on fire + my mount is flametalon but w/e

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    Here's what I have chillin on my druid, not enough red sets out there for them, may eventually change the gloves.

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    Maybe a bit boring compaired to others but its smooth in my eyes and matches

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    I love my feathers.
    Feathers are best.
    Love how the feathers on the staff go well with my skirt and gloves <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaige View Post
    I love my feathers.
    Feathers are best.
    Love how the feathers on the staff go well with my skirt and gloves <3
    should see if the druid off colour dress that's boe from ulduar (I think council) goes well with it. its green and gold

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    Item List
    Chest: Dragon Hide Robe
    Cape: Shawl of Shattered Giant
    Weapon: Tyrannical Gladiator's Battle Staff (The one that costs the regular weapon and the conquest points.)
    Belt: Ruthless Gladiator's Belt of Meditation
    Feet: Tyrannical Gladiator's Boots of Alacrity (The boots that cost the regular boots and the conquest points.)
    Gloves: Grips of Vampiric Cruelty
    Head: Conqurer's Nightsong Headguard
    Shoulders: Mantle of Darkness
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    I'm wearing full T5 with matching belt/boots, with the 1h Sha-imbued mace from Heart of Fear combined with the Red orb offhand from forge dude in ulduar 10. I've been thinking about switching the red offhand for the blue equivalent from 25m
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    What I'm using currently:

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    I'm not a big fan of most the designs after BC.

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