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    2 Disc vs. 1 DPS + 1 heal?

    Just a little "experiment" i thought about:

    What's the net loss for a fight where Smite-/holyfire-healing is viable, to change 1 DD + 1 heal by 2 disc?

    I heared about Discs beeing able to get up to 14k DPS and 14k HPS by just spamming HF/smite. That's just the pure throughput, and you would need the other healers to spike-heal, what's - depending on the fight - quite more mana inefficient.

    Still.. do are my numbers about right? And would it be viable at least in 25 man?
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    I'd love to see a log where a priest pulls 14k hps only holy fire smiting without the majority being a burn phase (heroism).

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    Spiritus had an interesting write up on theoretical XPS build in his guide. I don't think they will ever let atonement only healing become fully viable. In your situation you would probably be outgearing content. It would work, but you are going to be carrying the atonement spammer.
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    Smite HPM is pretty bad, around 9 HPM vs Holy Fire at ~15 for AA builds, penance at ~17 and PoH at ~18. It's all slightly variable depending on your behavior and a little RNG.

    You'll always be using PoH. Pure smitehealing won't keep up in 4.2.

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    ofcourse you'll also be using other spells, talents, talent-spell interaction and talent to talent interaction.
    Discipriest as the word implies, discipline, is about a regimen. And that is by masterfully managing your buffs, using it at most opportunistic times with the proper spells

    My only concern and if somebody could experiment on it: Does two different Holy Fire from two different priest affects the target or only a single HF is considered? Does Graces from two different priest acts individually or two Graces from 2 different priest are considered as only one buff much like curse?

    Probably 1 Disc, 1 holy/disc and 1 Shadow. all three are healers.

    Shadow could be party to healer while Disc could be Tank healing/melee group with either Shielder/Atonement healing and probably Holy/other disc for top up heals or spot/raid healing.
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    Flatly, the reason why XPS wouldn't work in WoW's system is that a single "DPS" is channeling all his or her focus on providing the maximum amount of damage output required using the method that provides the most damage output, while a single "Healer" is channeling all his or her focus on providing the maximum amount of damage resolution in the most efficient manner possible.

    The "XPS" Disc priest, under the current WoW system, can only provide "DPS" in a very narrow way, and can only provide "Healer" in a very narrow way while providing that "DPS."

    The mark of a "true" XPS Disc priest is maximizing one's DPS while trying to provide as much healing support as possible. The more you try to provide more healing support in lieu of DPS [or more DPS in lieu of healing support], the more you are becoming a burden and should either decide to heal or DPS.

    That isn't to knock the concept of XPS, rather, it just is until WoW goes through a monumental overhaul in it's design philosophy.

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    You can't do it while only using atonement related spells to both heal and dps, Disc priests can actually pull off decent low end dps while also keeping up with healing, even when not using an atonement spec but it doesn't equal 1 dps, 1 healer, it's more like 0.25 dps, 0.75 healer.

    Using atonement related spells only you end up doing more dps then healing due to how atonement works but with very low dps anyways and if you break away from atonement only and start using other dps spells you will end up with higher dps but over all less healing due to not every gcd being used on smite or HF.

    However if you focus mainly on your healing spells and go into dps rotations during down times then you can actually get a good amount of damage done in short spikes which is actually what counts at the end of the day.

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