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    OP, if you haven't been tracked down and imprisoned for expressing dissent yet, I hope you stay safe.

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    Extremists are never a good thing. I would in all honesty move out of the contry that banned stuff like that if I had the possibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    You could possibly use a proxy/vpn to bypass it.
    You probably get the death penalty for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkhallows View Post

    Ten thumbs straight up. Also, is this really surprising to anyone?
    It is to me. I didn't think it's that bad....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sackman View Post
    It is correct translation as far as I am aware.

    Religious people believe your soul deforms if you are sinful. Abolishing the deformation in sin would literally mean that being sinful is not soul destroying.
    Oh thank you, that is it.

    This is truly horrible... Not just bnet but all of it really, I hope you can use some proxy and bypass this
    Yeah, we can use VPNs but I think it's in violation of some sort with BNet's ToS or something, but regardless, not many people here have access to authenticators. Without one, your sudden IP change results in account lock.

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    LOL, butthurt atheistic blizzfags.

    Please post constructively and refrain from insults.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfie1d View Post
    Well, as if life of an Iranian couldn't get worse, the became completely inaccessible as of today.

    Look at how moronic the reasons for this act are:

    1. Promotion of superstition and mythology
    2. Promotion of violence due to too much violence (I'm not exaggerating this is exactly what they wrote).
    3. Abolishing the deformation in sin.
    4. Demonstration of inappropriate clothing and slutty outfits for female avatars.

    The day that an Islamic regime bans something for promotion of superstition and mythology is the day that I want to burn myself alive. I mean. COME. ON! Your entire existence is based on myth and superstition and you ban World of Warcraft for that?!?!?!?!?!

    And it's not just WoW or D3 or StarCraft.. There's GuildWars and tons of other titles. This government is hell bent against people having fun. We don't have bars, discos obviously because we live under God's holy vicegerent, Ayatollah Khamenei the Supreme Leader. About 90% of the internet is already blocked, fantasy books are banned. Basically anything with reference to magic and high fantasy is banned. I'm not kidding, they have been pulling books from an already dead book market for exact same reasons. Movies and TV shows based on fantasy and mythology and magic is also banned from national television. Everything in this fucking country is now illegal, I have no idea what would it take for people to grow a pair and stand up for themselves now. I really, really don't know.

    I'm so frustrated right now I can punch pigeon, or a very cute dog.
    well your Government is Shi'ai
    no offense i know im off topic but Iran as Muslim country ? your problems with islamic countries are more than any other side come to think of it Iran never been in a war with countries other than Muslim (Sunni)
    had throw it there , think of the WOW ban as in the good of the youth with the Economic problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ballistic View Post
    Dude please don't stick this crap to Islam. I live on the other side of the Arabian Gulf in Kuwait and they don't ban any games in the name of Islam.
    Same in Turkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfie1d View Post
    Well I kinda screwed that one up I think, it means something like committing sin is bad, right? They say in WoW the wrongness in committing sin is like not a big deal ( I think I fucked it up even more).
    So basically, it's kind of like.. in WoW you go around killing people/critters and stealing loot, and that is basically the essence of the game - killing things. Since that is the core of the game, it is "okay", and that is sinful? I'm not sure how to say it properly. I guess, there's no negative repercussions for killing things all day long?

    Edit: Nevermind, Sackman cleared it up.

    How would they know what goes on unless they've played, hm, hm? They must be upset about pandas, too?! :x

    Seriously though it IS ridiculous, I wonder how much longer people can deal with the oppression..
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    Quote Originally Posted by troll View Post
    They ban fantasy books yet they believe in one. That's kinda ironic.
    What's funnier is that it's not even an original fantasy book, it's a rewrite of a piece of fiction that already existed.
    "The fact that you don't get it or like it is fine. The fact that you wanna ruin it for everyone else - that's why you're a cocksucker." - Bill Hicks
    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    The playerbase has been desiring this for years and when it's finally here, everyone wants to grab a pitchfork. Ridiculous. This community is disgustingly toxic.
    Please send all PM's with a read receipt, that way both you and I will know I'm not reading them....

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    I... I better just not say anything or I will get an infraction... but lets just say that i find it very stupid.

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    I feel for you dude. I can't imagine what it would be like having to live under constant threat of the whims of what is pretty much a dictatorship with questionable moral laws. I hope you can find a way around it and still enjoy WoW without running the risk of getting into serious trouble with the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ifeanychukwu View Post
    That's really ridiculous... but I can't say that I'm surprised. Either way, change will come. Maybe not in our lifetimes but eventually they will... all things change with time.
    Not a change , they have been the same for the past 1k years . And this is why I hate religion so much (I believe in God and try to act in a good way , but I won't shove my beliefs onto someone else) .
    And I thought that islamic countries couldn't get any worst than they were .

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    Quote Originally Posted by troll View Post
    They ban fantasy books yet they believe in one. That's kinda ironic.
    +1, inb4 you get banned though, moderators are trigged by nothing on this forum, its pathetic. Ill even get banned for critizising it.

    If you have issues with moderation, you are free to contact an administrator via PM or the suggestions forum.
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    that's what happens when a country is full of fucking moslems

    Let's refrain from insulting or generalizing based on people's religious beliefs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfie1d View Post
    Yeah, we can use VPNs but I think it's in violation of some sort with BNet's ToS or something, but regardless, not many people here have access to authenticators. Without one, your sudden IP change results in account lock.
    I honestly think they'll let it slide in this case. It's absolutely insane. I wish you the best of luck in that messed up country.
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    Wow. they do need some sort of change, banning was kinda overboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostbane View Post
    LOL, butthurt atheistic blizzfags.
    I don't think you are serious, well of course you can't be.

    Thank God I am not from Iran though, I would go insane if this happened to me. Well at least for few hours...
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    my people read a bullshit fantasy book named Quran and they ban a game for being fantasy thats.... i dunno what to say

    Please don't discuss or insult religion in these forums. Infracted. -Edge
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    Quote Originally Posted by troll View Post
    They ban fantasy books yet they believe in one. That's kinda ironic.
    Such a statement deems how you are indifferent from the people going the extremes of which you seem to speak of.

    To shed more light on the issue and to inform the OP. The Iran is Shiite and rather forms of minority of the Islamic community/people in the planet, having to credit "Islam" for their actions is not appropriate.

    Regarding Iran, banning of WoW is rather a first world problem as the state those people are far from pleasant and if asked, probably B.Net IP access freedom would be far down their list of human rights they are banned from.

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