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    Ret t14 legs and prot

    I was wondering your thoughts about using ret t14 legs for raid tanking? at least for MV. I have been using the heroic from first boss in siege but yesterday scored the ret t14 legs from sha of anger and the stats i lost by replacing the heroic legs with it were negligible and hardly noticed any difference in damage taken in heroics (granted they are a joke) so, for you pro pallies can they work for entry level raiding taking into account my current tank set?

    This is my armory http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Ricc/advanced

    Thanks in advance


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    cant see a problem with using it at first the stats on them are quite nice for prot and ret ^^

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    Absolutely! They are miles better than anything else at the moment, except of course prot tier legs.

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    The ret legs are actually better than the prot legs, ignoring set bonuses anyway.

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    As long as you can get the Helmet, Shoulders, Hands and Chest for Prot; I really don't see why not. Ignoring the fact it's our Tier for an off spec, anything with Expertise/Mastery on it is sick for Paladins.

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    I've got them yesterday on Sha kill aswell and instantly replaced those blue heroic legs.
    I was like "wow, tier14 legs", and then "bah, ret ones", and few seconds later "aw, screw it, they are awesome".

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