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    Quote Originally Posted by gabrield View Post
    You really need a happy pill, I have never seen you post positively.
    Then I guess you should probably read more. Negative points on a failed attempt at being witty. I'm always up for another go though. I don't think your post is really beneficial to this thread in any way, so if you have more just PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seweryn View Post
    Rofl, i know that but this is how the call them, i mean this is how bioware calls them, this is quote from there website, i did this not to confuse people reading this.
    They are desperate,what do you expect?

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    Personally I find it a bit insulting that despite having a CE of the game, they want me to sub to claim some 1000 cartel coins (I stopped playing a while back when it got slow and was going to try F2P till I saw that).

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    I paid 60 dollars for the box and subscribed for 6 months while most other subs were leaving the game. I have no cartel cash waiting for me. It's not that I think I necessarily deserve anything but damn, their goal is to entice people back right?
    Quote Originally Posted by Crissi View Post
    We have a bunch of redneck yahoos that like to set them off in the cul de sac where I live, and 60% of their shit ends up in our yard or on our house. Not infracted
    Quote Originally Posted by zerocarbs View Post
    We have a bunch of obnoxious wetbacks that like to play their mariachi music where I live and nearly all their family ends up parking in our yard. Infracted

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    Quote Originally Posted by duster2 View Post
    There is nothing "complimentary" about SWTOR F2P. Every part of it is to squese out extra money out of former paying custimors - Alienating most of them to never ever look at this title again. Or thats at least why most of the players I know have desided to do already.

    Fact of the matter is that SWTOR is a bad game as an MMO game. And this F2P feature makes it even worse and gives it zero chance to be anything other than impulse buying junk that weak and stupid ppl will fall for. Some games are so desperate that they have no other way to stay afloat. SWTOR is defenetly one of them since the so called "selling" point as end game is the worst part of the game. And before ppl actually reach that most with half a brain will have realised how horrendously unplayerfriendly the game really is.

    Hats off to Bioware to manage to go the next step in killing any hope for the game to recover.
    What did you expect from f2p ? No company would make a 200 million $ cost mmo totaly free.Point of f2p is to hook more subs and bring quiters back to game.

    Things you called as junk are avaible at other mmos too.Ppl spend a lot of time to gather them.

    Swtor isn't a bad mmo , it tops other mmos with its story/questing , original and fine adjusted class design and warzone design.After spending years at wow arenas runnin around pillars they were an breakthrough for me.

    The reasons behind the swtors unsuccess are its crap engine with its terrible performance , bugs , difficulty of implementing useful tools.Other reasons are bugs at release , separating some countries as red zones and other EA patheticneses.

    These reasons disturbed lots of players enough to scare them off and ignore game's good sides.
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