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    If only 2 bars turn your joy for the game off, there wasn't that much joy to begin with?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odegon View Post
    F2P players cannot post at the official forums. This is the first result for the "swtor forum" at the google search. 1+1= There will be lots of new faces here.
    I don't doubt that, but I'm not just going to believe someone with no post history because they say it is so. That would be silly. If it was from someone that I'm used to communicating with, I would be more inclined to believe them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittyvicious View Post
    Since this person only has 1 post, can someone confirm this? B/c this is basically buying gold...if that's what you are after, it is much cheaper to do it other ways. Not advocating that, but money for gold in an MMO is pretty craptastic.
    I've seen unlocks on the GTN, ive definatly seen the companion customisation and Hide helms ones, the prices were silly though a 1 million credits

    They're under the Cartel Market drop down on the GTN one of the drop downs is titled "Unlocks"

    EDIT: ahh nvm, i should read the rest of the thread...

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    swtor f2p is just an extended trial lol i gave it a shot the day of the release of the patch and quitted again 20 mins later.
    at least now you can enjoy the stories without having to give em money (the rest was ugly before and is ugly now).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychlon View Post
    If only 2 bars turn your joy for the game off, there wasn't that much joy to begin with?!
    There are plenty of other restrictions that turn peoples joy for the game off, we are focusing on one of the more obvious joy killers, restricting the user interface also reveals their attitude and intentions of the "F2P". The game at the core is good, and that is the reason why people are annoyed at EA for going through with this kind of "F2P" when it clearly isn't even an honest effort in addressing the issues they themselves put forward as reasons to launch F2P.
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    I actually had a Big Mac meal today. 6.50 €.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilbon View Post
    I actually had a Big Mac meal today. 6.50 €.
    McDonalds Fries > SWTOR sub

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    why in the world would you have to pay for ui in the first Place?Greedy ea is greedy.

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    We have so many other threads discussing F2P and it's options/restrictions. Please use those.

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