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    Glitchy graphics

    Thought I'd sign onto swtor free to see if any old friends were on but the graphics seemed to be glitching for me. Everything on the screen was jumpinmg around in a twitchy manner and if I moved the character he would move at seemingly light speeds but very choppy. Any idea what this is? Other games run fine.

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    update your graphic card software

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    I remember having this problem myself when the game was launched. Sometimes it'd bug out, and sometimes it didn't. I've seen some odd glitches since I resubbed earlier this month too, mostly textures disappearing. Like the floor disappearing and showing a planet down below and having us fight "in space", etc.

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    GPU drivers are up to date. This is the only game that it does this on. I'm not real worried about it because I don't plan on playing but I was hoping to at least be able to get on it and check up with friends. Seems like it is too jittery to even let me do that as the windows bounce around. It sort of looks like everyone is jumping but not really getting off the ground.

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    I still see dead mobs standing up and not falling down, so that's another bug they haven't fixed yet. Doesn't seem to be a high priority, these bug fixes

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    standing dead mobs annoys me as well. I can live with it though as I don't spend much time admiring my kills.

    It does seem there is some graphical glitches here and there though. When I take a taxi on city planets like nar shadaa or coruscant my taxi disappears and my character floats through the air. It doesn't happen all the time though and zooming out a bit corrects it. Guess we will have to wait and see if they fix it.

    edit: No typing while drunk....

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    I've had issues with the speeder on Nar Shaddaa disappearing while I'm flying. My toon would be sitting on air with two blue lights behind her, but no car.

    Was weird

    And the mobs not falling down when dead gets irritating, especially when you didn't see them die and try to attack them.
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    After patch 1.5 a lot of graphics issues have come back for me. Speeders disappearing while I am riding them, mobs dying standing up, my lightsabers glitching and not going away when they are supposed to... nothing huge just slightly disappointing because all these issues had been fixed before 1.5. Also make me sad because there have been a number of people who came back and saw this and were like "game still looks like crap" and that is sad considering how great it looked previously.

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    Yeah, I have all this stuff myself too.

    Basically EA needs to rewrite the whole underlying tech of SWTOR. It's just sad 300 mills buys this craptastic engineering in the US.

    Plus Hero engine dudes need to leave the industry. Burgerflipping awaits them.

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    So it sounds like there's no quick fix idea for me?

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