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    How am I supposed to get more honor like this?

    Hey guys, I'm in a pretty big dilemma, and could use some advice, maybe some love too. I got my shaman got 90 and started doing bgs and got 4 piece set, things were going ok. But as of yesterday and today, I've lost 29 bgs in a row, and I'm not lying, do NOT call me a troll. I've almost given up on pvp now, because 29 bgs took me 5 hours, and netted me 2 pvp pieces. At this rate it'll take me over 30 hours to get my last pieces. Am I really expected to sit on my computer and get fucked in my ass all day by horde? Just to get some measly honor gear?

    Yes, I am qqing hard. Call me names, call me anything. I needed to vent out. On a more serious note, what alternatives do I have for honor because I'm gonna stop bgs if I lose any more. If you read this far, thank you, I know it wasn't enjoyable to read. Unless you like to see people cry lol

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    No offence, but 5hrs for 2 bits of gear is pretty good imo. It's not meant to be faceroll. 27 losses? Maybe people should try harder? Probably a bad day. Get over it and soldier on.

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    You could spend 5 hours in a raid and get nothing, You gained 2 pieces. I say get over it, pvp gear doesn't need to be any easier to get.

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    Enduring is the first step of the ''grind'' just saying. No really you just keep going and going

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    You got through 29 bgs in 5 hours? That sounds...really fast. Try doing TB every 2 hours as well and maybe world pvp around the 5.2 questing hubs. Also if you PvE you can convert the jp into honor.

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    Some bad days, some good days. Two pieces in 5 hours is better then I've done. I got one and a half max pieces. If you're really wanting to find a way to help your grind along, doing random dungeons and converting the JPs, or the rare spawns in Krassong drop 250 honor each time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alski View Post
    You could spend 5 hours in a raid and get nothing, You gained 2 pieces. I say get over it, pvp gear doesn't need to be any easier to get.
    To be fair, honor gear ilvl is lower than the ilvl of raid finder gear, let alone normal raids. Therefore, honor gear should be somewhat faster to get than raid gear.
    (Which in the fairness of the speediness of item requisition in this game, in the case of PvP vs. PvE times; should take about the same time to get as JP gear/farming heroic dungeons)
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    Give up and join me in not pvping due to the insane grind required for it! Or just a find a pvp oriented guild that will help you gear up.
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    everyone is pretty much hitting it right on the head. why do you think you should be able to get a full set of PvP gear that fast? 5 hours is nothing. id be lucky to get into 29 BGs in a day unless i was on WoW all day.

    not sure where you got the impression that you could do a few hours of BGs and get more than a couple pieces. outside of farming AV on a double honor weekend its not gonna happen

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    Seriously my bot (i was rly cba to farm honor for 2d toon myself) never had less then 50% win/loss ratio. It's hard to believe someone could loose 29 in a row.

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    27 losses, I call bullshit.

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    Google "Oqueue" from solidice, a wow addon that helps you form premades with a social network of battle net tags.

    You will cry and thank the heavens after installing it.

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    Thanks for the replies, I've cooled off a bit now and won a bg 2 losses later woot. That's interesting to hear 5 hours for 2 pieces being a good speed, and Tol Barad worked out really good, thanks for reminding me. And it's not bullshit solvexx. I'll try out Oqueue.

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    Do dungeons, farm JP, trade for Honor, profit???
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    Do you have crafted pvp pieces? It might help also, at least until you fill everything with honor gear.

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    I feels your pain on this one. It might just be a matching thing, but horde have been more than overpowering alliance in bgs lately.

    Grizzly hills near amberpine lodge, there's an NPC named Scout Captian Carter ( who gives you a quest to kill 10 horde. You'll get some gold, and if you have guild rewards for 10% more honor gain, you'll get 55 honor from this quest. While you're here, head down to Venture Co. Bay and grab the three quests that all yield gold and 55 honor each. This'll total to 220 honor in less than 15 minutes, and you can do this once a day.

    Have you gotten into your local Tol'Barad lately? With the weekly quest you can get up to 800 honor from this zerg-happy bg.

    Wintergrasp is bugged, but that doesn't mean that you can't do the daily honor quests there for 85 honor each plus some HKs from horde there. I usually walk out with 200-400 honor from wintergrasp.

    Premades for bgs are way better for helping you win. If you have friends that'll run with you, or just spam in trade, farm RANDOM and NOT call to arms if you or people in your group don't have tier 1 PvP weapons. Trust me, you'll save yourself grief from the fully gear pre-mades that'll roll your face.

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    you're losing non-stop because 80% to 99% of your team where BOTS. for some unknown reason alliance side has insane amount of bots in bgs.
    I noticed this since last week when i dinged my horde rogue 90.
    When im doing bgs in my horde rogue i can tell you that i have not face a single bg where alliance had more players than bots. Its sad, but im ok with it because its easy points for me to gear up my horde rogue.

    Horde side i have only see 1 or maybe 2 bots. i think its probally because horde has a high number of kids and teenagers that cant afford buying bot licenses and/or are too naive.
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    Shout /2 looking for more. 3-4 players playing together is usually all it takes to secure a win. Spec resto if you haven't, you can never have too much heals.
    "I don't have a complete healing set yet, but I am healing capped and MP5 capped, so I'm good."

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    Shit happens. Just keep playing, your not going to have that bad of a streak ever again unless you try. Gearing up is insanely easy anyways.

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    You have some friends? Call them, PVP with them, way more fun, and less frustrating when you lose (time passes by faster). And how in hezmana did you manage to play 29BG in 5 hours?

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